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The Feminist Guide To Keeping Chivalry Alive

How you can do your part to keep him doing his part.


Now before you freak out and think I’m a grumpy old lady with out-dated values who lives without internet– hear me out. I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum– guys who shoot me the booty text at 3 a.m. and guys who refuse, and I mean refuse, to let me pay for dinner. I found both situations annoying.

The Feminist Guide To Keeping Chivalry AliveIn today’s hook-up lifestyle, both genders are struggling to declare what they want from the opposite sex. For the progressive woman, it can be hard to reconcile your independent spirit with your desire to be treated well. So what do you do? Do you ditch chivalry completely and scream feminist theories into the ear of every poor guy who opens the door for you?

If you’re only interested in having recreational sex for the rest of your life, then go ahead, scare men away with your talk of “feminism.” If you don’t want that— if you want to find a meaningful relationship with a guy who appreciates you for more than your skills in bed— there is an alternative. Chivalry and equality can work together.

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Reader Discussion: 3 Comments

  1. I definitely agree with you! Relationships ARE NOT and SHOULD NOT be one side giving. Come on, we live in a modern world after all…. 🙂

  2. I really like this perspective on balancing chivalry and equality. Great article!! 🙂

  3. I like the idea of a owman showing that she can take care of herself as well treat her man out. It shows that we do things together. I scratch your back and you scrath mine. No relationship should based only one side giving,it should work both ways.

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