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The Feminist Guide To Keeping Chivalry Alive

How you can do your part to keep him doing his part.


Help him because (contrary to his belief) he does not have super-strength

We’ve all been with that guy who insists on holding our handbags. If you didn’t let him, good. Keep doing that. Unless it becomes fashionable to have a handbag the size of a suitcase (gargantuan scarves indicate that fashion could be headed this direction), then you should never, ever let a guy hold your bag. It’s a kind gesture, but it’s 1) way over the top and ridiculous, and 2) women can’t carry men’s handbags because men don’t carry handbags. (We could, I guess, hold a guy’s wallet. It’d be the same amount of trouble.)

The Feminist Guide To Keeping Chivalry Alive

Stop drooling. It’s really not that hot.

The bottom line: Carry your own damn handbag. The only excuse for not doing so is if both your wrists are broken. Now, if something is really heavy, don’t be a stubborn fool and refuse to let a guy help you. You can’t push that big flat-screen TV to the center of the living room by yourself? Those groceries full of juices and cans are heavy? Let him help. Note the advice here is to “let him help,” not “let him do it.” This requires you to do some of the work.

If you see him struggling to carry a bunch of boxes up six flights of stairs, take initiative and help him. Even if he says “No, I got it” (and he will for wanting to seem macho), help him anyway. Heavy stuff sucks. No one likes dealing with it, so help one another and then reward yourselves with a couple of cold beers.

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Reader Discussion: 78 Comments

  1. Kimberly Shaw

    Chivalry comes naturally. It is the way men are meant to be, just as women are meant to be ladies. It is the way of the world. It opens up to love and leads the way for respect. It creates foundations and builds beauty in lasting relationships.

  2. Ashley Thompson

    Chivalry is not an archaic, medieval concept. It’s something that should be alive and well in our culture today. Our world needs more civility, common sense, kindness, and chivalry. Chivalry is displayed when a man honors a woman… is courteous and polite to her. I would never date a man who wasn’t chivalrous.

  3. Justin Carter

    I love how this article is written, Chivalry is manners. It’s a way to show respect. It’s an entire demeanor and way of living that extends far beyond opening a door for a woman. It extends to how you treat everyone in your life, including other men. 🙂

  4. Rosett Armendariz

    I’ll share this article because a lot of people need to read this. They think that chivalry is just for men. But it’s not.

  5. Ida Reeves

    Gread read! Very interesting topic to talk about since I do hear a lot of complaints about the younger generation that chivalry is dead. I think that they’re missing the point on what chivalry actually is.

  6. Kath Brantley

    Since women can do anything that men can do, let’s not act like we’re not capable. We’re no longer 10 year olds that need constant caring. We can take care of ourselves but it’s good to let others take care of us as well. Balance!

  7. Michelle Lee

    It doesn’t look nice when men bring women’s bags. Let’s not make them look stupid. Nobody wants that.

    • Carla Peters

      I totally agree with that. But you cannot deny holding a purse looks good on dudes.

  8. Kathryn Gibson

    We’re also knights in shining armor. Let’s not forget that. We’re not princesses or queens that men need to serve. We are responsible for all our actions and we should be careful about how we project ourselves.

    • Mildred Davis

      Thank you for commenting this! It’s true!

  9. Monique Malick

    Thanks for this article.

  10. Ashley Wilden

    I have always disagreed about men carrying women’s handbags. I don’t even know why it’s a thing. It’s a little degrading.

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