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The Feminist Guide To Keeping Chivalry Alive

How you can do your part to keep him doing his part.


Don’t let the door slam in his face

This one seems like common sense to me. It’s not a matter of chivalry, it’s a matter of basic politeness. There’s no need for a guy to run like a maniac to open the door for a woman who’s perfectly capable of opening it herself. Whoever is walking in front, guy or girl, should open the door for the other person and let that person enter first. Common sense, people. No one likes a jerk who doesn’t understand proper door-holding etiquette.

The Feminist Guide To Keeping Chivalry Alive

The moment we let chivalry die is the moment we stop caring about ourselves and others. This can be dangerous because it leads to apathy when it comes to finding love. You aren’t betraying your standard of equality if you let a guy care for you. Equality only fails when you don’t care for him in return. There’s nothing wrong with holding high expectations for a knight-in-shining-armor— just don’t forget to also be a knight-in-shining-armor for him in return.

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Reader Discussion: 74 Comments

  1. Rosett Armendariz

    I’ll share this article because a lot of people need to read this. They think that chivalry is just for men. But it’s not.

  2. Ida Reeves

    Gread read! Very interesting topic to talk about since I do hear a lot of complaints about the younger generation that chivalry is dead. I think that they’re missing the point on what chivalry actually is.

  3. Kath Brantley

    Since women can do anything that men can do, let’s not act like we’re not capable. We’re no longer 10 year olds that need constant caring. We can take care of ourselves but it’s good to let others take care of us as well. Balance!

  4. Michelle Lee

    It doesn’t look nice when men bring women’s bags. Let’s not make them look stupid. Nobody wants that.

  5. Kathryn Gibson

    We’re also knights in shining armor. Let’s not forget that. We’re not princesses or queens that men need to serve. We are responsible for all our actions and we should be careful about how we project ourselves.

    • Mildred Davis

      Thank you for commenting this! It’s true!

  6. Monique Malick

    Thanks for this article.

  7. Ashley Wilden

    I have always disagreed about men carrying women’s handbags. I don’t even know why it’s a thing. It’s a little degrading.

  8. Nessa Queen

    It’s not even about feminism, just respect others!

  9. Desiree Cannes

    I love everything that’s written here. Everyone needs to be appreciated regardless of your gender.

  10. Cassandra Polly

    Don’t be afraid of showing a man that you care. If you don’t show him that you care then why date?

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