10 Dos & Don'ts of Online Impressions


10 Dos & Don’ts of Online Impressions

How to win over the right audience – single men!


Gone are the days when you leave an interesting photo on the Internet and nobody cares. Today, people’s opinions matter.  One’s property is someone else’s territory. In a matter of split-seconds, something is “liked” or “unliked”, “followed” or “unfollowed,” and these actions are instruments to an individual’s success or ruin.

From your physical appearance to the way you connect with others on the World Wide Web, the knack to attract an audience is very important. Here’s how to win over the right audience – single men!

10 Dos & Don’ts of Online Impressions

Pay Attention To The Superficial Stuff

Let’s face it. Most people are shallow. They judge you first on your physical appearance, especially if you’re a woman. ‘Good thing pleasing personality isn’t synonymous with classic beauty. We can all look agreeable despite not having Barbie’s image.

10 Dos & Don’ts of Online Impressions

1. DO make eye contact

Leave the mysterious, staring-at-nowhere look of supermodels to the pages of glossy magazines. ‘Truth is, the profile photo of a woman who gazes at her viewers straight in the eye is more attractive. Reference you say? Ask OKCupid, the dating website that conducted a study on which photos appeal more to the opposite sex. They conclude that women with photos looking straight into the camera are most popular. Cliché says it all: the eye is the window to the soul.

2. DO tame your mane

Well, this isn’t necessary, but do know that dating sites have come to a conclusion that men prefer straight hair on women. Disregard this tip if you love your curls and you want people to like you as you are.

Connecting On Facebook

So you want to connect with a dashing bachelor on Facebook? Before clicking on the “add friend” button, here’s some of the important things that your should consider:

1. DON’T flood your account with sexy photos

You’re hot so he’s gonna stare at you like anyone else, but the stalking and gawking doesn’t mean that he’s smitten, or at least impressed by you. Like any potent males in the world, he’s gonna stalk every potential mates around him. Let him check you out, but don’t make it too easy for him. Reduce the wild shots and put on tame stuff that present you in a likable and respectable way.

10 Dos & Don’ts of Online Impressions2. DON’T rant on your walls

Please stop the drama. Don’t post grouchy shoutouts on your wall. Constantly posting negativity and scandalous updates speak a lot about your personality. One word: cheap.

3. Limit users’ access to your social networking sites

Unidentified oversharing can leave you vulnerable to cyber bullying, sexual harassment, and many other crimes that are processed over the internet. Plus, you don’t want to create an unprofessional image to your boss, or give the wrong impression (“oh, she’s just a party girl”) to your potential future boyfriend. Think twice before uploading photos of that naughty bachelorette party. Untag if your friends upload the photo for you.

4. DON’T be “too friendly”

Unless you use the social networking sites to promote a business or a cause, consider minimizing your “friends”, or you’ll end up creating that impression of a “poor soul who has no real social life and spends too much time on Facebook to communicate and be loved”.

5. DO be careful with politics and religion

Are you the intellectual type who likes to discuss political and religious issues online? Then be ready to collect hate comments as you state your opinions. People are sensitive to these touchy subjects. If your opinions contradict theirs, they’ll unlike and unfriend you.

10 Dos & Don’ts of Online Impressions

Connecting On Twitter

If you want to attract lots of followers on Twitter, follow the above considerations. Plus these:

1. DO be tactful

Think twice before posting your tweets. Posting an update at the height of your anger drives you to say things that you might regret saying later. Between you and the person you quarrel with, there are about 500 spectators who follow the drama. And better not spell the striptease club that you’re visiting. Twitter can tract your whereabouts when you broadcast a location.

2. DO link your posts to other sites

Hey, the world doesn’t revolve around you. You’re pretty, witty, and all, but you’ve got to refer other blogs and sites once in a while to prove that “narcissist” is not your middle name.


Last but not the least, Google yourself. To make sure that you leave no traces of your old scandalous images and posts, search yourself online. Locate the embarrassing posts and remove them. Both employers and ordinary acquaintances can background-check you online. To give them a good impression, make sure good feedback comes out on web searches after typing your name.

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Originally from Denver and now living in NYC, Angie has been writing since she was small. She lives in the Flatiron district with her partner Tanya and their mutt Sparky (always adopt!) In her spare time she loves to paint (mostly abstract) and talk to random people on the street to find out what's interesting to them.

Reader Discussion: 13 Comments

  1. Selli Coaze

    I don’t put too much information on my social media. It’s for my safety. You should do that too, especially when you’re outside.

  2. Juli Woods

    Oh, for me, I don’t give a f*ck if they going to love me, or not. It’s my social media anyways.

  3. Caren Sipos

    I don’t care about on how you look at your social media because sometimes, it’s a lie. You can photoshop pictures nowadays, right?

  4. Hena Taylor

    That’s the beauty of technology. You can interact with other people around the world. Isn’t it great?

  5. Lusi Martin

    Haha! Sometimes I’m googling myself, so I know how my profile looks like when being searched.

  6. Jessi Agusta

    I know that we all have our freedom of speech. But posting rants on your social media is an exception because nobody cares on what you post.

  7. Honey Smith

    You can just private your old photos at Facebook. Go to the option where you can select the viewers of the album, and select only me.

  8. Rosetta Armendariz

    I hate women who post sexy photos in their social medias. Not all men are attracted to that. It’s disgusting.

  9. Bela Christo

    Be mysterious, don’t give too much information in your profile. It’s for your privacy and safety too.

  10. Jenifer Jeni

    I agree with the first one. I’m more attracted to a woman who’s profile picture is looking straight at the camera. I feel like she’s staring at me all the time.

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