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5 Ways to Help Your Man Look His Best


Go Shopping Together

Most men dislike shopping; it’s a fact of life. Next time you’re running errands, casually suggest you make a quick stop at a men’s clothing store. Once you’re both inside pick out a casual yet dressy piece you think would look good on him, like a button up casual shirt, and ask him “just to try it on and see.” Once he gets in the fitting room, you’re halfway through the battle.

5 Ways to Help Your Man Look His Best

Remember to Compliment

Always remember to pay a heartfelt compliment when your significant other wears something you picked out. Every man wants to hear he looks handsome and some loving words might just be the motivation he needs to add some more style to his wardrobe. He’ll feel better about wearing something new when he knows you appreciate the gesture.

Be a Stylish Example

You can’t expect your husband to dress up every now and then if you don’t. Take pride in yourself by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and wearing clothing that is well-suited for your shape. A joint update may sound pretty appealing since it shows your boyfriend or husband that it’s not just about him, but about your presence as a couple.

Most of all remember this: it’s not life-or-death. It’s just fashion. Have fun with it!

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  1. Jesse Wyss

    I “say it with gifts!”

  2. Jessie Fernande

    Most of the time I prefer to give him his sense of fashion independence.

  3. I think it’s very important that as a girlfriend, I’m sensitive. If I observe that my boyfriend have a strong sense of self image in his fashion, then I should not take it away from him…

  4. Lana Wiliam

    This article is helpful, but my tip: Don’t be “pushy” about sharing fashion tips. If he is not into the idea of changing his looks, then accept.

  5. Nataliya Smith

    DON’T BEGIN with a DRASTIC CHANGE!! That would ruin your main purpose of helping him.

  6. Alena Martin

    Thanks for this fantastic article, I can now become his official stylist 😉

  7. Angelo Henderso

    Would you suggest footwear or shoes be included in your attempt to better “his”fashion?!

  8. Selli Coaze

    I think that helping boyfriend with his style DOES NOT mean he becomes my mannequin with no say about he wears.

  9. Nancy Smith

    What we believe as a couple: HIGHER PRICE TAG DOESN’T MEAN GREAT STYLE. We fit rather than price. We just feel better when our clothes “actually” fit.

  10. Cristina Joseff

    Good thing I have a very generous partner, we donate clothes, thus I make him change his wardrobe twice a year 😉

  11. Anila William

    Yeah, most men “dislike shopping” (and that includes my boyfriend), but I was able to make him change his wardrobe and go shopping with me (and we do it once a month now). How did I do it?! I set it as a “date.” I think I made it sound more fun to him 😉

  12. Bela Christo

    Well, I think having my man change his wardrobe entails a lot of tact, patience AND UNDERSTANDING…

  13. Honey Smith

    Helpful advice! As much as possible, I try to stretch my husband’s style and buy him things to try all the time.

  14. Jessi Agusta

    In my opinion, what’s more important is my boyfriend learns “fashion etiquette.” I mean, I would not expect him wearing basketball shorts when attending a formal dinner…

  15. Lusi Martin

    My man hates shopping so I think that he likes it when I buy him clothes, he wears them which makes me happy and proud.

  16. Hena Taylor

    I agree with all these. When my guy finally made the move to wear something I picked out for him, I made sure to encourage and compliment. Simple words like, “Babe, you look hotter in those!” (and I think this works… LOL) ??

  17. Juli Woods

    Thanks for the tips! Admittedly, I have some fashion struggles, I want to somehow transform my man’s style, but it always seemed so intimidating. Once, I bought him a sweater and he hated it, so I haven’t tried since. I should just take him to the store with me! ?

  18. Maria Bruce

    Fantastic! I honestly take personal style VERY SERIOUSLY! These tips are helpful!

  19. Quin Meri

    My issue with boyfriend’s wardrobe is FIT. What I mean is that he’s either wearing clothes that are too small, or he’s swimming in his outfits ? ?

  20. Ana Brose

    I have had 5 boyfriends, at the end of the day, I’m left with this question: what’s more important: favorable fashion style or a compatible lifestyle / personality? I guess you’ll know what I chose (5 boyfriends?!) ? ? ?

  21. Jenifer Jeni

    What if your man is a total minimalist? I mean he doesn’t think clothes are important and only shops when absolutely necessary.

  22. I compliment but I think it helps when other person (like his friends) compliment him too. Remember, it’s not easy to get away with what you’re used to…

  23. My husband had so much baggy clothes when I met him lol! I have been inching in pieces that fit better over time. Luckily he doesn’t like to shop so he’s happy to take my suggestions when I shop for him 😉

  24. Randie Cadiogan

    I used to have a hard time “convincing” my man change / modify his “fashion.” Yeah I understand “individuality” but there are times when I can’t help but notice and ask my man, “why wear this and not…..?!” More often than not, I always have something to say when it comes to his neckties LOL

    Shopping together really helps!

  25. Courtney Watson

    Great advice. It's so difficult to urge a man in a kind way to dress better. The way a man dresses DOES matter, no matter what some may say!

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