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5 Ways to Help Your Man Look His Best

Ways to get your man to improve his fashion sense without cramping his style.


Go Shopping Together

Most men dislike shopping; it’s a fact of life. Next time you’re running errands, casually suggest you make a quick stop at a men’s clothing store. Once you’re both inside pick out a casual yet dressy piece you think would look good on him, like a button up casual shirt, and ask him “just to try it on and see.” Once he gets in the fitting room, you’re halfway through the battle.

5 Ways to Help Your Man Look His Best

Remember to Compliment

Always remember to pay a heartfelt compliment when your significant other wears something you picked out. Every man wants to hear he looks handsome and some loving words might just be the motivation he needs to add some more style to his wardrobe. He’ll feel better about wearing something new when he knows you appreciate the gesture.

Be a Stylish Example

You can’t expect your husband to dress up every now and then if you don’t. Take pride in yourself by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and wearing clothing that is well-suited for your shape. A joint update may sound pretty appealing since it shows your boyfriend or husband that it’s not just about him, but about your presence as a couple.

Most of all remember this: it’s not life-or-death. It’s just fashion. Have fun with it!

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Reader Discussion: 44 Comments

  1. Marjory Brooks

    Revamping my man’s wardrobe makes me crazy 😫😵 👥 💘

  2. Maria Rapier

    I can’t even begin to think about my guy — my own wardribe needs so much work!! 😜

  3. I think this sounds like a recipe for frustration. Either love him the way he is or leave it alone.

  4. Arlene Davis

    My guy REALLY needs to tighten up his fashion game. Good advice 😉

  5. Carmen Griffin

    Good luck getting my guy to go from 👕 to 👔 ! I can’t even convince him to lower the toilet seat!

  6. Della Martin

    You should post more personal articles, Hilary. I love reading about your personal experiences.

  7. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    I only have two words: RESPECT and ACCEPT. You can always try and suggest, but if he refuses, you should respect that decision. After all, if you really love that person, you’ll accept whatever fashion style he chooses to follow. 💗 💓 💑

  8. Connie Schmidt

    Positive reinforcement (in the form of compliments) is the most effective.

  9. Esther Devine

    Do you think it’s advisable to shop online for boyfriend’s clothes? I mean, that way it might be easier to return them…

  10. Brittany West

    Great suggestions! I got my bf a new outfit for Valentine’s Day and he loved it, so I’m on the right track already.

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