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Men Answer Your Questions About Love


Think of a great relationship as though it were a great meal: A delicious, meaty (veggie) steak of sexual passion accompanied by a fine, delicate wine of romance and commitment. Both men and women want it all — the perfect, satisfying course. And we need both — steak by itself is dry and unsatisfying; wine will get you tipsy, but it won’t satisfy your hunger. Now, before the metaphor police revoke my license, let me simply push this analogy a little further: men are a little more focused on the meat of the relationship, and women a bit more on the wine. But both sexes want to get up from the table completely satisfied.

Men Answer Your Questions About Love

Need evidence? More than three-fourths of men believe in soul mates. And when we asked our guys to choose between meeting the love of their life or having amazing sex for six months, 92 percent chose falling in love. (The other 8 percent were probably Maxim readers.) Consider what these three men said about the experience of falling in love:

“We need to feel love, loyalty, and chemistry above all else,” says Ian, 31.
“Men also feel the butterflies and giddiness that women do when they’re in love,” says Robert, 26.
“Women don’t realize most guys are in love long before they are willing to admit it to anyone,” says Drew, 30.

So, why then does it always seem like women are leading the relationship toward commitment, and men need to be dragged along like a preschooler to a dental appointment? Because in the early-on strategic game of dating, men need to feel secure in how their girlfriend is feeling first. Consider this: less than half of men say they’re typically the first ones to say “I love you” in a relationship, and more women than men initially broach the subject of taking the relationship to the next level. That points to the notion that what men really want when it comes to love is their girlfriend’s assurance — your permission, really — that it’s okay to let the butterflies out of the cage.

Question: Guys, do you believe you’ve met your soul mate?

  • Yes, I’m with her right now – 53 Percent
  • Yes, but we’re no longer together – 14 Percent
  • Yes, but we were never together as a couple – 9 Percent
  • No – 24 Percent

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  1. Angelo Henderso

    Don’t be too futuristic when dating. Let men handle your relationship. Don’t rush them into things that they are not yet ready, because it may ruin the relationship you are building.

  2. Juli Woods

    To all women out there. Please don’t give us false hope. I’m saying this, on behalf of the men all over the world. Not all men are the same, and not all women are the same.

  3. Lusi Martin

    I agree with those men. I don’t believe that women love us after three weeks of dating. Of course, we are careful too. We are prone in rejection, we don’t want to get hurt all over again.

  4. Honey Smith

    Don’t get straight to the point. Give men some thrill. If you’re easy to get, they may take you for granted. Not all men flirt for a serious relationship. Some of them are just playing.

  5. Anila William

    If women wants to get compliment on how they look, men want that too. A long lasting relationship consists of two person with deep understanding.

  6. Nancy Smith

    I get your family’s point. You are 31, and you need to settle down, or you’ll end up alone. Lol

  7. Quin Meri

    As men, I will stand for our side. It’s hard to tell someone you love her, because we may get rejected at the end. Women don’t know how difficult to us to keep the feelings we tend to expose and tell.

  8. Jenifer Jeni

    Yes, men and women are like steaks and wine. They are compatible with each other. It’s a perfect combination, just ensure that you are choosing the right wine, or steak. Lol

  9. Linda Williams

    Lol. I like how you compare the women to wine and the men to steak. XD Men are like meat! I like it. Lol

  10. Mildred Davis

    Imagine you’re the man in the relationship. What type of feeling do you want to feel? We are just the same, we all have hearts.

  11. Monique Malick

    Just like women, men also needs assurance. Let’s be open minded in here. Men and women are fair when it comes to love. You must treat them like how they treat you in every relationship.

  12. Jodi Thil

    Men tend to be prone in rejections than women because they are the one who approaches first. It’s hard for them to know if the women are into him, or not.

  13. Candis Melton

    Let’s be fair, girls. They should be treated well too. The relationship is about giving and taking. Men are men, but they also need to be cuddled and feel appreciated once in a while like what they are doing to us, girls.

  14. Carol Joyner

    Men do fall in love first, that woman. It’s the sad part of being men. But, men mostly, are the one who cheats or left. That’s the cycle of love.

  15. Carrie Bleau

    It’s hard to find a guy who will do everything to you. I don’t believe to the 92 percent of men wants to fall in love rather than sex. But I believe that they are still men who will actually choose love over sex.

  16. Rosetta Armendariz

    Thank God, someone speaks up for us, men. We do fall in love too because we have feelings too. I like surprises and cuddles too. Relationship to me is not just about sex, and fantasies, a relationship is about loving the right girl and making her happy.

  17. Wilma Moore

    I like this one. I like how men answer these set of question. I hope they are honest with their answers because I am amazed by their answers.

  18. Evelyn Harris

    Women are insensitive. We always give hints to them that we like them, but the thing is, we don’t know if they are being friendly or not.

  19. Robert Patel

    Thank you, Urbanette for making posts about us, men. Most women don’t understand what we are feeling. Not all men are the same. More power to you, guys!

  20. Most women are looking for the right guy. They didn’t notice that the guy that they are looking for is being friend zoned by them too.

  21. Ani Hoker

    Men have feelings too. They are humans too, remember. They have heart and soul.

  22. Katherine Donnelly

    Their wives/girlfriend are lucky. I don’t believe that 92% of men are serious when it comes to a relationship. It’s hard to find a guy who will love you unconditionally.

  23. Britni Baynes

    Don’t rush the guy. It may scare him and you’ll regret rushing him. If you are happy with your relationship, go with the flow. If you feel that it won’t work, talk to him in a nice way. Don’t rush things.

  24. Lancy Stanford

    Yes! I totally agree with this one. I know that we, a woman should be the one to decide if we’re letting the relationship to level up, or not. But men also need to cooperate with that. Let us know if you deserve to be in our lives, or not.

  25. Marina Josef

    Why do women need to give hints? It’s your job to find out if we like you or not. Lol. That’s how we know if you are the right man, or not.

  26. Marina Bozek

    Wow! 92%? That was….. a joke. hahaha! I don’t think men feels the same way. It’s a lie haha!

  27. Jesse Wyss

    I can’t believe that men fall in love. I know that they have a heart too, but they are most likely to cheat first. 92 percent is just unbelievable. Lol

  28. Yuliya Bruce

    🤔 Now I’m thinking…

  29. Alena Martin

    I think every woman should read this and strive to understand.

  30. Paul Daiz

    You’ve managed to reflect what I yearn for in my masculine heart. Thank you.

  31. Jurik Smith

    Awesome article! I believe this is an eye opener paticularly for strong-minded women!

  32. Selli Coaze

    “This certainly makes sense. Thanks for providing answers to questions I can’t ask my man.

    Sometimes we think we’re girlfriend material and perfect for him & his needs, but we end up losing him.”

  33. Hena Taylor

    It’s nice you write about this stuff. It’s basic, but women usually don’t understand these things.

  34. Jessi Agusta

    Bookmarked! This article is very informative, refreshing and amazing! I’m going to share this with my girlfriends 😍💞💓

  35. Bela Christo

    Would you affirm or negate this idea: men like women who are hard to get?!

  36. Courtney Watson

    This is a really good article! It is a fun read because men don’t usually talk about what they think and how they feel. I enjoyed reading this one 🙂

  37. I agree, it's nice to encourage women to take an equal part in the risk-taking of a new relationship 🙂

  38. Jen Spillane

    I love that this article makes the point that women need to be vulnerable too. It's not easy for us, but it's not easy for the men either!

  39. I think this is a very interesting article. I’m tired of hearing of women giving other women advice on love. Although women know what we want, sometimes its good to get a male’s perspective on things. As women we tend to overthink how our men feel about certain situations.

  40. Arabella Clarington

    Men are totally stereotyped as shallow and incapable of love, but that's just an inaccurate representation resulting from gender roles. Men can be hopeless romantics too, and they usually are! Society teaches them that they aren't allowed to be sappy, so they hide it.

  41. Gabrielle Williams

    In truth, there’s no step-by-step instruction in making men fall in love. In my opinion, if you meet someone you have a connection with, then that’s it… You have to be very lucky though, to never have to manipulate things or change yourself in order to make someone fall for you.

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