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Mesmerizing Manila: Hub of the Philippines


In the northern Philippines, tucked away on the east shore of Manila Bay, is an urban haven that mixes the old with the new. It’s is a city whose rich past informs an even richer present. Considered a “global city,” Manila is a center for the arts, science, commerce and tourism – a beautiful metropolis with a vibrant culture and, to my immense relief, some good brew down at the pub.

Mesmerizing Manila: Hub of the Philippines

Manila, or Maynila as the locals call it, is an enormous, ethnically diverse urban center. One of sixteen cities that comprise the National Capital Region called Metropolitan Manila, this isn’t just any old town. Aside from being the capital of the Philippines, it’s also the seat of national government and home to the busiest port in the country and the oldest university in Asia. And did I mention Manila’s the most densely populated city on the planet? Well, it is.

Here are four things that make this city absolutely incredible:

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  1. Jurik Smith

    I never tried their local beers, but I heard so much about it. The Philippines has one of the best beer in the world. I will travel to the Philippines just to drink beer. Hahahaha 🍻

  2. Selli Coaze

    Just a little trivia. Intramuros is a survivor from the world war II. Same structures, same place. How historical is that place? I know how you feel, I want to go there too. 😔

  3. Hena Taylor

    I love their local foods, especially the adobo, and singing. I hope you featured that too. I love your food there!

  4. Jessi Agusta

    I love everything about the Philippines! I just hate the traffic, but everything is awesome.

  5. Paul Daiz

    I was amazed at how they use the Jeepney. Filipinos are very smart. One day, I will drive a Jeepney. Lol

  6. Bela Christo

    I agree with you. The Filipinos are known for their hospitality. I have Filipino friends, and they are the best. We are planning to visit their country on our vacation. See you soon Manila! ❤ ✈

  7. Cristina Joseff

    My husband wants to visit the Philippines because of its beaches. I never know that the Philippines has something more to offer than their beautiful beaches.

  8. Robert Patel

    The cost of living in the Philippines is cheaper than here in NYC. That is what I like about that place, imagine you can buy a bottle of beer for $.50 cents. I can get wasted for just $5.

  9. Maria Bruce

    That is the trait that I love the most with the Filipinos. They’re hospitable even if they barely know the people.

  10. Ana Brose

    Traveling is more fun if you have someone who can accompany you. There are a lot of Filipinos here in America, if you have a Filipino friend, you can ask them to travel with you. They are much willing to help you for that.

  11. Jeni Morgan

    I’ve been to Manila when I went to Boracay. But I had no chance to explore the place. I didn’t know it is that beautiful. 😟

  12. Michelle Lee

    I always wanted to visit the Philippines. A friend of mine told me that Filipinos are hospitable, and the Philippines has the best beaches.

  13. Kathryn Gibson

    Hmmm…I would love to visit their cathedrals! Wow, Philippines adopt a lot of cultures.

  14. Blanche Martina

    My Filipino friend is inviting me there. This article makes me think if I should go there, or not. Lol.

  15. Osana Smith

    The only thing that I hated when I visited the Philippines is that you have to leave and go back to your hometown.

  16. Patricia Montague

    Yes, it is true. The nightlife in Manila is wild. I’ve been to different bars when I was in Manila. I was able to go home around 7 in the morning.

  17. Olive Williams

    My favorite part of visiting Manila is that we drink alcohol outside a house while singing at the karaoke. Their local beers are the best!

  18. Sherry Manust

    I have been to the Philippines last 2015. Visiting the Philippines is one of the best vacation I ever had.

  19. Kelly Gonzales

    Chinese people are doing a good business in the Philippines. I love how the Philippines adopted those culture. They do love Mcdonalds just like us.

  20. Dawn Katz

    I agree! Kapeng Barako didn’t let me sleep when I tried that! I want to try that again, do we have that here?

  21. Kimberly Holder

    What the? Jasmine flower ice cream? Is that legal? Lol. I won’t try that one. Eating flowers is not my thing. Lol

  22. Eloisa Clay

    How’s the rate of hotels in Manila? I’m having a business trip in Manila this coming June, and I need a place to stay.

  23. George Sumanta

    I want to try the Kapeng Barako!!!! OMG! I love coffee!!!!!! Do we have here in NYC?

  24. Jeweli Prater

    Oh, I would love to try the jeepney. I heard the Philippines is a beautiful country.

  25. Zerin Martin

    Asia is amazing! They have beautiful countries there. Asia is on my list, and Philippines is the top country that I will go to visit this year.

  26. Luthi Sanders

    I want to try their local beers, especially the below zero degrees. Filipinos are known for their hospitality, that is why I love Filipinos.

  27. Rosetta Armendariz

    I have a business trip in the Philippines, any idea where to book an accommodation? I have no idea about the Philippines.

  28. Kseniya Tomlin

    I have a Filipino friend, and she is always telling me that the Philippines is a wonderful place to visit, especially during the summer. She lives in Manila, and graduated from the oldest University in Asia.

  29. Jessie Fernande

    I love their history! It is fascinating. I also love how they adopt our culture.

  30. Lana Wiliam

    Manila is very populated. There are a lot of informal settlers there. If you want to visit the Philippines, visit their provinces, it is better than Manila.

  31. Nataliya Smith

    I’ve heard a lot about the Philippines. There are good and bad, but the Philippines is a great country.

  32. Angelo Henderso

    Jeepney! OMG! One of my dreams is to ride a jeepney. I’m planning to visit the Philippines on my vacation.

  33. Juli Woods

    No offense meant, but Philippines has the worst traffic I’ve encountered. Some of the drivers are stupid, how can they manage to drive, and have a license?

  34. Caren Sipos

    Did I read beer? I love beer! I love nightlife! I think I want to live in Manila. Is that a bigger jeep? It’s cool you know.

  35. Lusi Martin

    Wow! I want to visit the Philippines. I heard so much about their culture and history. Aside from that, their beaches are breathtaking too.

  36. Honey Smith

    The Philippines is a beautiful country. I’ve been to the Philippines for a vacation. I like everything about the Philippines except the traffic.

  37. Anila William

    I googled the Philippines, and I was surprised. They have a lot of beaches! I hope you post that side of the Philippines!

  38. Nancy Smith

    Oh, Manila. I’ve heard so much about Manila. I had friends who are Filipino, and they are amazing people.

  39. Quin Meri

    I like coffee! What’s Kapeng Barako like? I want to try that one.

  40. Jenifer Jeni

    Is it just me? Or does the Philippines is similar to Vietnam?

  41. Joanne Samonte

    Kapeng Barako is definitely a Philippine pride!!! Aside from the interesting facts already presented by the author, I would like to add that Manila is also a shopping hub 🙂 It has various malls, and note, these are really big malls, that you can visit!

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