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4 Mexican Festivals for Your Bucket List

Four fun festivals worth visiting Mexico (and dressing up) for.


Carnaval Mexico

Also known as a “celebration of the libido,” Carnaval is the Mexican equivalent of Mardi Gras. If you really want to party, take a trip to Veracruz or Mazatlán the week prior to Ash Wednesday, which is the beginning of a 40-day Lent before Easter. Basically, everyone indulges in the best food, drinks and music right before they abstain for 40 days. Mazatlan’s Carnaval attracts hundreds of thousands of people from Mexico and the U.S., making it the third largest event behind Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro and Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

4 Mexican Festivals for Your Bucket List

Expect parades, parties, vendors, concerts, fireworks, food, drinks and some crazy people-watching. Costumes to be seen in the crowd vary from bright colors and traditional Mexican styles to cross-dressing to parodies of political figures. Much like the New Orleans Mardi Gras, Carnaval festivities go on all night, until they come to a close five days later.

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  1. Carol Joyner

    Take my money and send me to Mexicooo! Let me live there for a year! Huhuhu

  2. Evelyn Harris

    Loving this post! Brings out my inner party animal! I want to see and experience all those 6,000 festivals and the Mexican culture.

  3. Kimberly Holder

    Arriba! Party in Mexico is the best! Everyone should experience our party here maybe once in their lives! Best experience you’ll ever get!

  4. Frances Shapiro

    This is a great article. It shows how great Mexicans celebrate their festivals! And how much they love to party and celebrate! (Well, it’s obvious from their 6000 festivals every year! Hahaha)

  5. Jennifer varner

    I love this article! This is made for every party people around the world!

  6. Cries Moris

    Carnaval in Mexico looks so amazing! I want to experience the Mexican kind of party before I reach my 30’s.

  7. Mary Beyer

    I’ve always wanted to experience any party in Mexico being celebrated in the streets!

  8. Eloisa Clay

    Aside from those festivals, I also like to try Mexican foods though I’m not a fan of spicy foods. Drinking Tequilla that is legitly in Mexico is my goal!

  9. Katherine Donnelly

    It’s amazing how people get united on their independence day. It gives me chills knowing they all celebrate it together at their plaza.

  10. Britni Baynes

    Cool! Aztec Ritual with Catholicism theme of the event that celebrates the day of the dead. I want to experience them. Maybe it’s kinda scary with all the decorations of skulls and stuff but I find it amazing!

  11. Betty Campbell

    Viva Mexico! Your celebrations are awesome! Looking forward to meeting Mexican people once I visited Mexico.

  12. Richard Armendariz

    My girlfriend would love Mexico. She loves tequila, and she loves partying. I’m thinking about bringing her in Mexico as a gift.

  13. Marina Josef

    No, you can’t bring me in their DIA DE LOS MUERTOS. I’d rather locked myself at the hotel than to see those scary faces on the all soul’s day.

  14. Marjory Brooks

    I will tell my friends about these celebrations in Mexico! I know they will love these parties because they are into partying all night.

  15. Yuliya Bruce

    I’ve been to Mexico, and I’ve experienced their beautiful celebration of their feasts. I can say that they have a good taste when it comes to parties.

    • Marina Bozek

      Really? Becuase I’m planning to go to Mexico to experience their celebrations!

  16. I can feel the tequila shots while reading this article.

  17. Joss Butler

    My wife is from Mexico, and thank God, I’m not with those Americans who think that Cinco de Mayo is their independence day. Lol. Perks of having a Mexican wife is she makes delicious tacos.

    • Alena Martin

      I am not one of them too, but I don’t have any relations with Mexican people, I just know it.

  18. Selli Coaze

    This is how they celebrate their independence day???? WOW!!!

  19. Steev Smith

    My wife wanted to go to Mexico, and I don’t want to, but now I guess I’m the one who will insist on going there.

  20. Oxi Harger

    I like how they celebrate their celebrations, very live, and colorful.

    • Hena Taylor

      Agree! I would love to try it.

  21. Henriett Bond

    Oh, my girlfriend is afraid of mascots, and anything especially in November. I would love to bring her there. HAHAHA

  22. Florence Frederick

    DIA DE LOS MUERTOS is like a Halloween Party? I like their face paints!!!

    • Bela Christo

      Halloween party for adults too. 😀

  23. Cristina Joseff

    Really? They have 6000 celebrations per year? What a happy country!

  24. Ana Brose

    Mexicans have a lot of celebrations a year!!!!! I am amazed by that!!!

  25. Artur Piterson

    My ex-girlfriend is from Mexico, and she invited me one time to experience on of their feasts, but I already forget what do they called it because I was just 18 that time.

  26. Joyce McAllister

    So they don’t have Halloween party on the 31st? I’m just curious.

  27. Helen Boone

    Dia De Los Muertos looks like their early Halloween! Looks creepy but fun with all the face paint and stuff. Do they do trick or treats? hahaha

  28. Isabela Quagliato

    Every one is your friend once you party here in Mexico. Hola Amigos! Hola Amigas! Let’s party!

  29. Veola Sancho

    WTH?? 6000 PARTIES A YEAR?!!!!!! How many feast do we celebrate in NYC? It’s incomparable to NYC!!! Mexico is a whack!

  30. Mildred Davis

    I went to Mexico for already three times, but I never experienced their feasts. I guess I should google about this, and go there exactly on the day of their celebration. It looks fun!

  31. Blanche Martina

    The Independence day in Mexico is September 16, but they are celebrating it starting on the 15th of September.

  32. Robert Patel

    I told my girlfriend about the libido party in Mexico, and I’m excited about that trip because she wanted to go there. Lol. Of course, who wouldn’t get excited with that, huh? Hahaha

  33. Candis Melton

    Mexico has a lot to give when it comes to history and tradition. Mexicans are one of the best people I knew because I have friends that are Mexican, and I have nothing against them.

  34. Olive Williams

    We’re going to Mexico in two weeks, and what kind of celebration do they have there? Specifically in the Mexico City? Do they have any events, or what?

    • Francis Vest

      I think they have because every day they have 15 celebrations. Just google it.

  35. Wilma Moore

    It’s like like a Halloween party but is being celebrated exactly on the day of November 1, and 2.

  36. Dawn Katz

    I didn’t know that they had these thousands of celebrations every year. Traveling in Mexico without prior plans could be still great because you can encounter lots of festivals.

  37. Paul Daiz

    They have this the wild party before the Lenten Season? Man, I can live in this place forever.

  38. Ani Hoker

    The French soldiers are very cooperative in the Cinco de Mayo. Attending Celebration like this one will not just entertain you, but help you educate as well, especially in the history of Mexico.

  39. Cinco De Mayo is familiar to me, but I didn’t know that it is a memorial, and not a celebration for their independence day. Thank you for enlighten me up with this one.

  40. George Sumanta

    The Carnaval Mexico as the third largest festival besides in Rio and New Orleans? That is amazing. I would like to experience that and then celebrate the Lenten season. That would be awesome since we’ll be able to celebrate two occasions in one great place!

  41. Lancy Stanford

    I could live in Mexico for a month, and just get drunk the whole vacation. They have these parties???? Cmon! Who wouldn’t want to go on that parties? But I guess it’s going to be hard for us, Americans, and Mexicans to blend up because of Pres. Trump is going to build a border wall.

  42. Luthi Sanders

    Mexican are also known for their tacos, right? 15 parties every day are great because you have too much holiday a year. Lol

  43. Jesse Wyss

    5,000 to 6,000 celebration per year? Wow! I can live to Mexico, and party all night!

    • Jeni Morgan

      Yes, you read it right.

  44. Lana Wiliam

    Cinco de Mayo sounds familiar to me. Now I know it’s a celebration in Mexico! it’s kinda fun that they’re still showing their tradition in those festivals because other countries are forgetting their own.

  45. Jurik Smith

    6000 festivals in a year is totally a blessing for a traveler whom can stay for a year in Mexico to experience this kind of adventure. Every day is not the same since there were thousands of festivals. There is always something to celebrate, different occasion.

  46. Still thinking if people there could remember ALL of their festivals! 6000 festivals in a year is a lot, really a lot

  47. Juli Woods

    Come on, let’s celebrate! Colorful and festive mood…

  48. Jessi Agusta


  49. Brett Lee

    40 days in Mexico. What can you suggest for a hotel and places to eat? I plan on bringing my family there for an ultimate vacation for Lenten season.

  50. Edna Badillo

    Wow! 5,000 to 6,000 festivals in a year?! That’s like more 15 or more per day!

  51. Anila William

    I just learned wonderful things about Mexican culture and celebrations.

  52. Maria Bruce

    Why is one win so important?! #CincodeMayo

  53. Jenifer Jeni

    Can’t understand the need to celebrate Cinco de Mayo…

  54. Jackie Lewis

    I was unaware how many festivals Mexico had annually–6000 is so many! The fact they are all so unique and deeply ingrained into the culture is amazing.Thank you for giving times, dates, and other festivals that are similar. It will be interesting to visit these festivals and then going to see the differences by visiting another festival.

  55. Jessica Carlson

    I’m a huge fan for traveling. I believe it is the only way that I can live a thousand lives in this one lifetime. I am always on the lookout for travel tips and ideas. Haven’t been to Mexico yet, but I agree that the best way to enjoy and appreciate a new place is not just to see it’s physical beauty, but to get to interact with the people and see their culture. That would surely afford us new perspectives in life and greater appreciation to other peoples and cultures.

    Mexico just made it in my Bucket List. Thank you.

  56. Lyn Donovan

    You know, I just watched the movie “The Book of Life” and it features Cinco de Mayo, Dia de los Muertos, and other colorful customs there. This article shows real pictures of the festivals and they loo beautiful!
    I wonder what it would be like to witness them personally… XD

    • I love the Book of Life! My 4 year old son also likes it. It was a revelation to learn so much about my culture through a children’s movie! A must watch. In hi-def with surround sound if possible!

  57. Vienne Montgomery

    Most people primarily associate Mexico with their food. However, there is a lot more to that. These kinds of articles should be written and of course, should be read by a lot of people, too, so that everyone would be aware of Mexico’s rich culture and tradition. Will definitely share this one to my friends in social media. Sharing is caring, am I right? 😀

    PS Hillary Rowland always knows what to write and feature!

  58. I didn’t realize how dynamic Mexico is. It’s funny how we take cinco de mayo so seriously in the US when it’s really just an excuse for people to get drunk. I like the idea of heading down to Mexico for the day of the dead. Would be so cool/creepy!

    • Vienne Montgomery

      Agreed! It would be really cool to travel there!

  59. Courtney Watson

    Great article! This just proves that Mexico has a rich and colorful history and culture 🙂 Would love to pay a visit early next year!

  60. I’ve learned something new today — that Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico’s Independence day celebration. This is a great read! Indeed, Mexico is an interesting place to visit!

  61. Sandra Brown

    Am I right to think that “Dia De Los Muertos” is comparable or similar to Halloween celebrations of other parts of the world?!

  62. I read somewhere that “Cinco de Mayo” has been forgotten or no longer celebrated. But it’s great to know that it’s not really forgotten and that Mexicans still commemorate the event 🙂 I love attending colorful festivals and I’m adding these to my bucket list. Nice!

  63. Mmm… Looking forward to attending Carnaval Mexico! I enjoy Mardi Gras and if this festivity is much like it, then I’m sure this is a “must-NOT-miss” festival!

  64. Wow! Wonderfully written article! You’ve just given me “more reasons” to re-visit Mexico. With beaches and tequila aside, I’m sure I’m going to have an exciting vacation 🙂

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