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4 Mexican Festivals for Your Bucket List

Four fun festivals worth visiting Mexico (and dressing up) for.


Dia de los Muertos

This holiday combines indigenous rituals with Catholicism to honor and celebrate the lives of the dead instead of mourning them, which would be an insult to their memories. Although this holiday is celebrated throughout Mexico and most of Latin America, Janitzio, a small island in Patzcuaro Lake, is one of the most famous places to visit for a truly elaborate celebration.

4 Mexican Festivals for Your Bucket List

On the days of November 1 and 2, the town is full of processions, folk dances, music and traditional food. One of the most awe-inspiring moments is when the fishermen in the city go out on the lake with torches to pay respect to the dead.

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  1. Carol Joyner

    Take my money and send me to Mexicooo! Let me live there for a year! Huhuhu

  2. Evelyn Harris

    Loving this post! Brings out my inner party animal! I want to see and experience all those 6,000 festivals and the Mexican culture.

  3. Kimberly Holder

    Arriba! Party in Mexico is the best! Everyone should experience our party here maybe once in their lives! Best experience you’ll ever get!

  4. Frances Shapiro

    This is a great article. It shows how great Mexicans celebrate their festivals! And how much they love to party and celebrate! (Well, it’s obvious from their 6000 festivals every year! Hahaha)

  5. Jennifer varner

    I love this article! This is made for every party people around the world!

  6. Cries Moris

    Carnaval in Mexico looks so amazing! I want to experience the Mexican kind of party before I reach my 30’s.

  7. Mary Beyer

    I’ve always wanted to experience any party in Mexico being celebrated in the streets!

  8. Eloisa Clay

    Aside from those festivals, I also like to try Mexican foods though I’m not a fan of spicy foods. Drinking Tequilla that is legitly in Mexico is my goal!

  9. Katherine Donnelly

    It’s amazing how people get united on their independence day. It gives me chills knowing they all celebrate it together at their plaza.

  10. Britni Baynes

    Cool! Aztec Ritual with Catholicism theme of the event that celebrates the day of the dead. I want to experience them. Maybe it’s kinda scary with all the decorations of skulls and stuff but I find it amazing!

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