How To Relive Your Travel Memories


There is no hangover quite so strong and painful as the days or weeks following a long holiday. Sitting in an office lamenting the lack of hot weather and thinking of brilliant white sandy beaches and restaurants that served seafood and cocktails and… regular life just doesn’t cut it in comparison.

However, there are numerous ways to overcome the winter blues and replace them with ocean blues, by recollecting the adventure and planning the new one. Here are five suggestions to take you back to those brilliant hotspots from before, and start designing the super sunspots of the future.

Share it on social media

Social media is a great on-the-go way of preserving and sharing your memories. It can also be a method for shaping the trip as it goes. Try using hashtags and asking questions about recommended restaurants, great drinking spots, activities and cultural locations. Who knows — maybe one of your friends will be in the same spot at the same time!

How To Relive Your Travel Memories

You can also use Pinterest to gather the knowledge of others and do the heavy lifting of planning beforehand, just by searching for your desired destination and seeing what pops up. I made a Pinterest board and Pinned all the places I’ve traveled to, and when, with a comment or two and my favorite picture from that trip.

For public photo sharing, use Instagram to record and show off your superb images; a private account for your kids will let them record their photographs on-the-go. There are lots of services that will turn your Instagram pics into albums, magnets, posters, etc. with almost no effort from you.

I also like to make private Google Photos albums and share them with friends and family. If you install the Google Photos app on your phone (and Picasa on your computer), you can set it to automatically backup all your photos (you may want to set this to WiFi-only if you’re not on an unlimited roaming mobile data plan), just in case you lose your phone.

How To Relive Your Travel Memories

When I have the time, I make photobook yearbooks and albums of all the places we went. I print them up for myself and my parents — they love them, and it’s a nice way to look back and appreciate the past years. I’ve tried a bunch of services for this and found MyPublisher to produce the best quality photos in their photobooks. Although they have less fun design options (like stickers, etc.), the ones they do have are sophisticated and elegant, which is what I like. And they have lots of sales, so sign up for their newsletter and you can make the photobooks now, and wait for a sale (or a Groupon) to buy. Make sure to save an ‘export’ / backup of the photobook file somewhere safe, and always get ‘super gloss printing’ (it’s worth it). Teenagers should try Shutterfly, as the design options are a bit more youthful and fun.

Turn it into wall art

Once you’ve booked epic trip number two (or maybe more), it’s time to relive other adventures, in giant form. Photobox personalised prints are a great place to start. They can help you make collages, montages or giant scenes and print them on hard-wearing canvas. These can then be used to breathe life into plain rooms at home or revitalise an office.

How To Relive Your Travel Memories

Who remembers digital frames? No-one seems to have them on their shelves anymore, for various reasons (lack of interactivity and picture quality). Sales fell through the floor but the newer models prove the product might be on its way back, such as this 4k Klio version.

Write about it

Writing about your experiences is a great way of reliving them, and preserving memories that might fade away. You could try writing an article about the destination you went to and submitting it to established publications like Urbanette. It’s a great boost to your CV, and a published article is a great momento of your trip (and writing acumen!)

How To Relive Your Travel Memories

It might even push you into learning coding/design, although new web templates allow you to upload and create splendid galleries with little technical knowledge. Remember to always break up text with video, pictures and social media statuses.

Go old-school, in a new way

I know, I know. Who uses paper calendars anymore? My mom, for one. Digital is in nowadays, but there’s something to be said for old-school paper calendars. Not only do photo calendars enable you to plan your year ahead – including that trek through Europe that you’ve always wanted to tackle – but they also let you relive past glories. It’s a year today since you reached that temple in Cambodia and five years since the week in Morocco – awesome times.

How To Relive Your Travel Memories

Don’t want a monthly calendar? Get a cool daily one using 365 of your Instagram photos. Same your favorites and stick them on a cork board.

Make your memories POP

Whatever you make with your photos, make sure to edit them first. And I don’t mean to remove wrinkles or zits. BeFunky will make your photos POP by adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. You can even add filters, text and cool effects. Oh yeah — and you can fix that pesky zit, too.

Go again

The easiest way to reduce the symptoms of travel sickness is to book another trip. Perhaps you’ll visit the same twisting lanes and street food again, or maybe this time you’ll trek jungles or mountains. Devote a morning to researching the possibilities (check out our Destination Guides or Adventure Travel articles), recruit friends and/or family, get out your credit card, and set off on another memorable trip!

What do you do when you want to relive your vacations?
Where do you want to go next?

A writer, artist and designer since she was young enough to put pencil to paper, Hilary spends most of her time in France, but still considers herself a New Yorker, and visits regularly. Hilary spent the past decade living in NYC and has traveled extensively around the world, looking for hot new topics, destinations, and brands to bring to Urbanette readers.


  1. Louise Stone

    Travelling is a journey to self-discovery; it gives you context in learning new things, do fun and unique things that you cannot do in your comfort zone. That’s why it’s important to carry a piece of each place you visit, so that you can revisit and keep those memories alive.

  2. Kimberly Vigil

    Traveling to a different place lets you experience life in a different way. One of the best ways I’ve found to relive the memories of an especially fantastic trip with mu boyfriends is to post shots and images of our travels on social media. Not sure what to post? It doesn’t have to be perfect and awesome just memorable. This article is really helpful and interesting, that’s why I’ve already bookmarked this one. I can’t even tell you how much I love this post, thanks for sharing this.

  3. Elsie Spurlock

    I used to collect postcards and rocks on my travels. I really love this post! tnx.:)

    • I like to collect magnets. My fridge is a giant collage of photos and magnets!

  4. Heather Strobel

    Awesome, I love all the different ideas that everyone has on the different things to collect on their travels. I have a lot of shots in my phone from our trips and i will view them over and over again. I like it when I get gifts from the locals .?
    Maybe, this is mainly what helps me recall the pleasant experiences. I love the calendar and would definitely love to have one, i will display it in my room.

  5. Merry Robinson

    I would tell myself to travel…travel…travel….spend any extra money and travel haha 🙂 . Thanks for the creative ideas Hilary! ❤️

  6. Rosemary Robles

    These are all great ways to relive travel memories, Hilary. I’ve never had the patience for making collages and you’ve got some lovely ideas already. I love taking pictures of our travels and i love to store them in albums. I’m a souvenir hoarder, you will see them everywhere in my house(lol). Thank you for the great ideas.

  7. Helen Dark

    Great advice. I’m going to try that wall art tonight!

  8. Esther Earl Harris

    Really sweet post, Hilary. It’s nice to have a tangible thing to keep and to look back on. I gave my son his own journal because i think it’s an excellent way to keep him writing throughout the Summer. I’m thinking of making a wall art in my son’s room, collages is a timeless craft and it never goes out of style. He will remember our good times together and it will be a keepsake for years to come.

  9. I adore these! I absolutely want a wall of prints ❤️❤️❤️ I’m currently using an app called Field Trip. It’s like Pinterest with the map, but it’s for holidays / vacations and shows you what’s around you. 🙂

  10. Cornelia Green

    These are really unique and creative display ideas. I have so many travel photos sitting on my laptop and mobile phone. I’m always searching here for ideas and advice, i’m always happy to get suggestions and advice from you. Love the idea of the wall art and calendar!they would also make an amazing gift. Great post, Hilary! I am so going to try these.

  11. So in love with your ideas. Can’t wait to try them! On my travels I take a small digital tape recorder. Each day, I record a journal of our activities, what we saw, what we ate, who we met,funny incidents, negetavies, — everything I can remember. When I get home, I download and transcribe it on my computer. The journal helps remind me for captions for photos. It is fun to read later, when looking at the photos. Sometimes, the journal helps in planning the next trip. I also make a computer screen saver of my favorite photos to help remind me. Sometimes when I sit down to computer, I watch for a few minutes. Fun. I keep the screensaver up until the next trip. It certainly does extend the trip. My computer is in a prominent place where I pass it frequently when moving around the house. I would be less likely to plug in a digital frame. Another idea is that I buy a Christmas ornament from the trip. When decorating and enjoying our tree, it is filled with memories of trips. If I cannot find a Christmas ornament, I sometimes get a key ring and make one of that with a bit of ribbon.

  12. Great ideas, Hilary! I especially like writing online articles idea. I always intended to write in a journal but never follow through well. Can’t tell you how many half-written travel journals I have piled on my bookshelves! For that the blogging / writing is a great idea to me 🙂

  13. Love all the ideas you spoke of! I continue to follow the social media feeds of my destinations’ tourist boards. Before a recent trip to New Mexico, I started following the Facebook feeds for Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos’ tourism offices. The pages were useful for building ideas for my trip. But I’ve found it even more enjoyable to follow them in the months since. 🙂

  14. Amanda Roberts

    I love the idea of doing a personalied prints wall! We’re currently exploring Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, and totally going to be doing ordering my prints on the way home!

  15. Kimberly Thompson

    Instagram has changed the way I travel – especially where I go in a city. The Foursquare API has the best city recommendations hands down in most places I have been. So I share my travel photos on those apps. 🙂

  16. Catherine White

    I’m a pretty tactile person, so I love scrapbooking my travel adventures when I get home. That being said, I love these ideas! Especially the 1365 days photo calendar idea. I’m going to do this on my trip back from NYC in a week.

  17. Emily Wentz

    Incredible article! Loving all the ideas you shared. Very informative and creative!!!

    When my sisters and I went on holiday to Nashville and New York (our first trip sans parents) I took a travel journal with me – which I now fondly refer to as ‘the memory’ book – which I made sure to write in every evening so I didn’t forget the random details which I like reading back now. I packed a little pencil case with pens, scissors and a glue stick so that I could stick leaflets and receipts (to remember all the food!) in straight away to avoid loosing those things.

    I also like to buy clothes on holiday so whenever I wear them I remember the trip. I also like being able to say, ‘you like my shirt? Oh it’s from New Zealand. My skirt? Nashville’ 😉 hahaha

  18. When we were in India, the movie Aashiqui 2 was HUGE and everywhere we went the soundtrack was playing. One of our lingering memories is of speeding around Jaipur with this 18 year old tuk tuk driver blasting Aashiqui 2. We actually kept listening to the songs after we got home, they were pretty great!

  19. Kylie Johnson

    I love to scrapbook my travel adventures but these are great, too! I especially like the writing or blogging idea. We think we’re going to always remember those little things . . . but we don’t.

  20. Helena Stevens

    Amazing ideas you shared today, Hilary! 🙂

    Every time I travel somewhere new (especially if it’s overseas), I make sure to get a nice perfume to help recapture those fun times and moments! Whenever I use them, it takes me back to the memories of the place I bought them from.

    • Helena Stevens

      Sorry I for the double post, but I forgot to add this to my first comment!

  21. Helena Stevens

    How cool! Love these ideas. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I’d love to ALL of them but I’m horrible at remembering to take photos. 🙁

  22. Jenny Garett

    Great ideas! I will try some of these suggestions with our travel photos!

  23. Andrea Mitchell

    These are such great ideas!!! I wish I had done some of these things when I traveled through Europe! But I did keep a journal that still makes me laugh when I read it these days. I bought a scrapbook and then never did anything with it! lol…oh well…

  24. Sydney Nowak

    Great ideas! I want to try some of them! I’m studying abroad right now and what I do is, I keep sending post cards to my address back home of all the places I go. At first I was buying a lot of the generic panorama type postcards but now I’ve been sending myself slightly more sentimental postcards like postcards of my favorite paintings at museums, the view from my favorite writer’s window, and I even found a postcard that features my favorite sandwich shop from while I’ve been here. I know that when I get home and look at the big pile of postcards it’s going to get teary.

    • Olivia Peterson

      I can’t believe I’m not the only one that’s doing that!!! I try to pick up a greeting card (or several + envelopes) right when I begin a trip. Then I fill the card with great memories and collect little things in the envelope like receipts, brochures, maps, etc. I mail these off before leaving for home. That way I get a nice gift in the mail complete with stamps from where I visited. I’ve been doing this for a few years now but have yet to open the letters. I don’t know what I’m waiting for but I do know it’s going to be good time when I finally open them!

  25. Ashley Moore

    I am so terrible about doing anything with my photos, great suggestions! (-:

  26. Shannon Bradley

    Those personalised prints idea is to die for! SO cute! For what it’s worth I always take too many photos, of everything! Like breakfast food and dirt on street. 😀

  27. Anna Kaplan

    Love these!! I was a scrapbooker too. Scrapbooking is so much time and money. With online journals and blogs being free it just doesn’t measure up. I’m so glad you posted this today because I’m leaving for Florida tomorrow and I LOVE your calendar idea. Now I need to pick one out. Exciting!

  28. Betty O'Leary

    My house is full of photo albums and scrapbooks that none of us bother to take a look anymore. So I lost interest in keeping travel memories. But your article gave me the will to go back to it again, but in a more modern way! Thank you.

  29. Julia MacLean

    What a great article, Hilary! It brings out not only the best ways to keep the warm fuzzies of travel, but also teaches lots of new cool things like BeFunky and personalised prints 🙂

  30. Celine Carter

    You never run out of superb idead, do you? 😉 Splendid article. Love all the ideas! Thank you so much for the links too. I’m checking them all out to decide which one is best for me.

  31. Thank you for this. This is a lovely article! The photobox personalised prints sounds spectacular! I can’t wait to try it.

  32. Wonderful article! I’ve come across so many new ideas here that never once crossed my mind although me and my family travel quite a lot because of my husband’s job!

    We collect souvenirs but have a rule that souvenirs have to be useful. Books, pencils, sun hats, second-language DVDs, cooking utensils, hair accessories, t-shirts and hoodies and food items are allowed. It keeps useless clutter down and you’re reminded of your trips as you go about your daily life. our one exception is snow globes. my daughter has a growing collection, but we try to find small ones that won’t explode in the luggage.

  33. Hazel Collins

    I used to bring a journal, but due to the rapid change of technology, my physical diary got replaced by a more efficient and modern way of journaling: Blogging. I use blogging to share my opinions, express thoughts, daily activities, travel, and experiences in life… thru blogging I can say what I want to say and get heard by other people. When writing a blog, write a topic that makes you happy and comfortable like posting your travel destinations, what are the good places in there and what you did there. I think blogging is really a great way to revisit and relive your travel memories.

  34. Lucretia Asher

    Geniunely love your ideas! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

    Me and the hubby have been back six months and actually this week is the anniversary of our departure, so very topical for me! We are also not big on souvenirs. I blogged while we were away and actually we have a lot of video footage to go through still. I also kept a journal, so between that and the blog it’s nice to go back to read.

    I think for us the biggest way to keep them alive is FOOD. reminiscing about meals, thinking and talking about the foods we had abroad that we can’t get here. It’s painful! Ha.

    • Samantha Anthony

      I love the concept of food to keep memories alive! We eat Asian food a lot here in Boston and it does remind me of feasts I have had overseas. I will have to work that into conversations with the kids as well 🙂

      I took so much video footage on one of my trips and I have never watched any of it, so I gave up on that. I hope you have greater success with yours!!

  35. How I wish you published this articled just 3 days ago!! The other day my computer decided to die on me, and now there’s no way to recover the HDD. Worst part is, all my photos, and videos are on that harddisc. I wish I had a back up, or at least printed them 🙁

  36. Franny Pimms

    I love all the ideas you talk about here. The photo wall – I’ll definitely do it! The 365 days Instagram photo calender – considering to get it, but my account is private so I don’t know if it’s possible? As an addition to that I’m a scrapbooker. That’s how I’ve been reliving my travels. 🙂

  37. Monica Conover

    I’m thinking of starting a travel photography account on Instagram. I was told that it’s a silly idea, and I should post them on my personal account. But your post encourage me to do what I want. I’ll create an account tonight. Thank you for the beautiful ideas.

  38. Lana Urie

    What a life saver you are Hilary! My Photoshop has run out of trial (and it was toooo complicated for me, anyhow!). I was desperately looking for a better photo editor, and you mention BeFunky!! I’m even more thrilled that it’s an online app, so I won’t have to download. My god! I LOVE YOU!!!! ?❤️?

  39. Collen Frasier

    Once again you’ve amazed me, Hilary! ? So many great ideas, each of them are simple and easy to do! And you make it even easier by sharing links to the places where we can get them done. A “thank you” can’t even express my gratefullness. I was wondering what to do with my honeymoon pictures. Can you imagine the excitement I’m feeling right now? I can’t wait to relive my honeymoon daily with this 365 day photo calender! <3

  40. Awesome ideas! I’m going to write an entry about my travel to Greece, and submit it to Urbanette! Hope it catches your interest. 🙂

  41. A light and fun read! I’m creating and reliving my travel memories in giant form!

  42. Danielle Wilson

    The calender idea is fascinating! I had no idea you could have Instagram your photos turned into a calender. I’m going to check out the Social Print Studio to see what other cool stuff they have to offer 🙂

  43. Facebook is my “go-to” when it comes to reliving my travel memories. You might call me an “addict” because I share and post immediately after capturing my photos! *wink*

  44. Carolyn Donovan

    Great article! You just shared innovative ways of reliving travel memories! Go Again is my favorite advice, but I think this is the most expensive way 😉

  45. I admire the way your brain works. How creative are all these ideas!!! I’ll try some of these for the photos. And I’m thinking of making a Vlog for my videos. I’m an avid traveler, so I’ve experienced some type of fantastical sightings no photograph can ever do justice. So I have been filming videos lately, more than I’ve taken photos 🙂

    • I agree! Hilary is just soooo creative and she never fails to give and share with her readers and followers new ideas to try! Another fantastic article!

  46. Hannah Mayers

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to travel much over the holidays! But I already have travel plans for the summer! Nice article! You caught me there, I go old school in a new way… LOL

  47. Courtney Watson

    I’m longing on going to a beach! I’m just tooooooo excited for summer 🙂 I used to have digital frames. But now I prefer storage through my social media accounts. I also keep copies on Google Photos!

  48. Lin Del Rey

    What nice ways to preserve / relive travel memories 🙂 Even a technphobe like me is impressed with these ideas <3

  49. Gabby Williams

    Preserving memories is just so important to me! And it’s funny realizing how cameras using “negatives” with the fear of not having all your photos on print have evolved into digital cameras and digital photos. I really don’t share much on my social media accounts but I make sure to relive my family’s travel and adventure through photo book. I also make sure to maintain copies of our digital photos on two storage, I maintain a back up.

    After all, the happiness on my children’s faces captured on photos are priceless and should be kept forever!

  50. Your “Go Again” advice made me smile 😉 My career as a model gives me a privilege to do a lot of travel and of course, as much as possible, I’d like to explore the city or country of destination — hitting two birds with one stone. But most of the time, my work schedule is just fully booked and I can’t do a “side trip.” So what I do is visit the place again the soonest possible time!

  51. Francis Woods

    Okay, okay!!! I need to breathe! This article brought me excitement! Thanks for sharing Shutterfly! Checking it now and I’m loving the site’s templates!

  52. Honestly, I want to have a printed account of the trips and places I’ve visited. I would really want to have a photo book, though I haven’t done it yet because that requires me choosing photos to be part of the photo book which I’m really having a hard time!

    The wall art suggestion is really a good idea! Now, here I go again… need to choose photos to be part of this wall art…

  53. I love travelling and I certainly love showing the world how fun my travel was! I usually share on my social media accounts — Facebook, Instagram, Google photos, Pinterest, you name it, I have it 😉

    • Marina Henderson

      Amen sister! Same here 😉 haha

      The new trend is live vlogging while you’re on vacay. I’ll give it a try. Just letting you know in case you may be interested too 🙂

  54. Indeed, technology drastically changed the way we relive our trip memories! For my part, I write about my trips on a blog (admittedly, I used to do this on a personal diary… LOL). And I do this a day or two after my trip so that the excitement is shared as well and hopefully felt by my readers…

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