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3 Incredible Races to Attend While on Vacation

Have a fling in Antigua, check out nude racers in San Fran, and other great ways to spend your vacation time.


As a kid growing up in Los Angeles, I couldn’t wait for the first days of summer when my parents would fly my sister and I out to Long Island to watch the Belmont Stakes horse races. It not only got us out of the heat of the city, but it also gave us a chance to pretend to be a bit more grown up for the day. Dad would make dollar bets for us, and we would usually pick the horses with the prettiest name. Sometimes we won, but mostly we loved the electricity in the air, screaming along with thousands of other race fans.

3 Incredible Races to Attend While on Vacation

Grab your suitcase and get ready for some fun!

From that time on, I’ve been hooked on racing. As I’ve traveled the world, I’ve expanded my horizons with my sister, seeing the sights, but also catching some of the best races the world has to offer.

If you are a racing buff and enjoy seeing the sights with your significant other, while on vacation, there are plenty of destinations where you can get your racing fix while experiencing all of the other wonderful things a region has to offer. Consider the following four incredible races and their superb settings:

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  1. I can personally recommend the Monaco Grand Prix… but only if you have hookups because watching from crowded bleachers sucks. You must find a friend with a yacht 😉

  2. Great list of activities to try! I think Antigua Sailing is really exciting!

  3. These all look like such fun vacation spots! Thanks for the tips 🙂

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