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Readership Stats & Feedback from Brands


At Urbanette® we are always happy to write about brands that we feel would in some way benefit our readers. Our readers trust our opinions and have been loyal followers for many years – our readers listen.

Nous sommes en train de traduire tous les articles de Urbanette en Français. Des articles seront dédiés à des sujets spécifiquement français. Le magazine sera distribué dans les pays francophones d’Europe.

Readership Stats & Feedback from Brands

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Readership Stats & Feedback from Brands

What we do cover

  • Luxury lifestyle: travel, home, fashion, etc.
  • Organic, healthy and eco lifestyle: beauty, travel, fashion, health, exercise, and food
  • Culture, mostly American, as it relates to women
  • Advice: career/entrepreneurship, travel, health and relationships
  • Interviews with women who have a cause or are entrepreneurs
  • Ongoing events such as Broadway and live entertainment

What we don’t cover

  • Celebrities, other than direct interviews
  • Current events and breaking news
  • Budget shopping or tips
  • One-off events and sports
  • Products for men or children
  • Parenting tips

Readership Stats & Feedback from Brands

Our Editor-in-Chief, Hilary Rowland, with just a few of Urbanette’s many famous readers:


Urbanette has access to an extremely desirable niche of high-income, successful women. Our readers are smart, successful and engaged urban career women; from when they graduate college until they have their first baby, both married (28%) and single or coupled (72%).


Readership Stats & Feedback from Brands

Each month, our 294,000 loyal and highly desirable readers scour our content for ideas on what to buy, where to travel, and how to live the good life

*294k monthly unique readers includes online & print,
not including social media or syndication.

Readership Stats & Feedback from Brands


The typical number of views per article ranges from 40,000 to 210,000 in the first two months. All articles are also shared with hundreds of thousands of followers on our social media (please click for current follower count: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest). Our website,, gets an average of 114,000+ verified (unique IPs) online readers per month [we update this page regularly to keep the numbers current].

Note: Given our high per-article readership numbers, our overall website traffic numbers may be lower than expected. This is because we publish new articles only three times per week, and social posts once per weekday (see more about our posting schedule here). So each article gets a lot of views, but the website overall gets much less than if we were posting many articles per day.

The best of the bunch are also printed in our hard-copy printed issues, which get a minimum of 720,000+ readers per issue. Starting in 2017, we will publish printed magazine “collector” issues three times yearly, distributed at exclusive invite-only events, luxury popup shops, high-end shops and spa/dermatologist/salon waiting rooms, etc. as well as bookstores and shops, etc. We will be also be publishing French-specific print issues, distributed in French-speaking areas of Western Europe.

Readership Stats & Feedback from Brands

Our print “collector” issues are themed so that the readers self-select and are uniquely engaged with the content. 
Themes: Luxury Travel, Beauty & Health, Inspiring Women, Luxury Home Decor, Bridal & Love, Explore NYC & The Hamptons, Career & Money, Dating & Sex Life, etc.

Our print numbers in detail: Our current print circulation varies per themed issue and averages at 60,000 printed copies depending on the issue’s theme. We publish issues in both English and French. Print copies are distributed in: NYC & San Francisco, London, Paris & Lyon, Geneva, Barcelona & Madrid, Brussels, and Amsterdam. As we distribute on a monthly basis to waiting rooms of high-end spas, top-tier hair & nail salons, medi-spa/plastic surgery offices, country & golf clubs, etc, and through top-tier luxury-focused partners, we very conservatively estimate that each print issue is read by at least three people per month, bringing the total to 180k print readers per month / 720k readers per issue.

Read more: Expected Impressions Per Article, Per Social Media Outlet (every article is also blasted out to all our social media).


Readership Stats & Feedback from Brands

Did we contact you?

Readership Stats & Feedback from Brands

We’ve all heard the statistics about what makes PR an invaluable tool: 3% of people (the true ‘influencers‘, like #HilaryRowland) generate 90% of the impact online. Editorial media placements drive 3x more purchases than advertising alone; a typical blog mention takes that number up to 9x *. Urbanette article mentions typically perform 450% better than the ‘average’ blog post (which is already 9x more effective than advertising) at driving sales, due to the fact that our content is trusted, targeted and compelling.

If you have a product that you are promoting, please contact us about a review at with the subject “Product Review”.

Readership Stats & Feedback from Brands


URBANETTE® READERSHIP – Urbanette readers are sophisticated city-dwelling females (78% live in Manhattan, London or LA and/or vacation in The Hamptons) who are age 22-34. Smart, successful and engaged urban career women; from when they graduate college until they have their first baby, both married (28%) and single or coupled (72%). They are highly educated, successful professionals who trust our recommendations.

63% = HH Income above $250,000/yr
17% = HH Income above $150,000/yr
8% = HH Income above $90,000/yr

Top countries: USA, the UK and France (followed by Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain).

Top cities: NYC, London, Paris, Dublin, Geneva and Lyon.

Our Urban Readers:
Shop at luxury retailers: 86%
Drive a prestige luxury car: 61%*
Take domestic spa vacations: 73%
Dine out more than twice per week: 88%
*32% do not own a car but use Uber, a car service/driver or taxis instead. 7% prefer public transit or walking.

Readership Stats & Feedback from BrandsURBANETTE® CONTENT – With 100% unique content, Urbanette’s editorial philosophy is one of positive self-image and empowerment. Urbanette covers all the facets of hip, modern and luxury living. We focus on upscale urban living. Features on luxury travel, home decor, luxury products and electronics, career advice, relationship advice, health, and solutions for modern urban living and luxury lifestyle guides.

URBANETTE® REVIEWS – Geared towards the modern woman, Urbanette has garnered a reputation for straight-forward solutions to urban living and for providing the scoop on what’s hip in fashion, beauty, travel and luxury products. Many companies and advertisers are eager to leverage our superior Google rankings. Based on longevity and popularity, over 90% of articles are ranked #1 in Google for a variety of keywords. As a result, customers searching for specific products or brands typically find our hip, trustworthy and positive review before finding the company’s actual website or any other site or review. Urbanette has built a reputation for giving trustworthy advice and reliable reviews on the hottest and hippest products and destinations.


Readership Stats & Feedback from Brands

Wondering what we’ll write if we don’t like your hotel or product?

We do not publish negative reviews — those wouldn’t benefit our readers, nor would they benefit any party. If there are issues with your product or establishment, we will tell you and ask for your word that you will have them fixed. Your word is good enough for us, and we won’t include those elements in the article. If there are really big, unfixable issues, we’ll decline the article and write you a valuable, confidential report (Hilary also runs Pearls & Pocket Squares – a luxury resort mystery inspection service) with many useful, actionable tips, so that you can dramatically improve your establishment or product. 

Readership Stats & Feedback from Brands


If we have published a review of your product, hotel or brand, and you would like a large cover photo for your press page, or a hard-copy of the magazine, we’d be happy to send that to you please contact us.

Travel PR: Hilary does consider media trips (with her husband who is also a travel writer, all expenses paid, with an itinerary) as long as the focus falls into one of these categories:  luxury (5-star everything), eco (farm to table, eco-friendly boutique hotel, etc.) or novelty/bucket-list (very unusual/notable). Here’s an example of an article that resulted from a media trip.

Up next: (Unsolicited) feedback from brands…

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  1. Hello Team Urbanette,

    I came across your Instagram account when you commented on a recent post on our feed. I am with Baby Hero, a young company that makes 100% organic, ethical and sustainable baby clothes. For every baby product sold, we fund a medical kit that helps a mother survive childbirth and prevents infections in her newborn. We are essentially the “Warby Parker of baby clothing”!

    P.S :: All of us on the team are ex-New Yorkers who now reside in Hong Kong! 🙂


  2. I’ve written a feminist biography on the UK’s most famous adult star, who entered the industry at 15 yrs old. It highlights the sexual entitlement culture and the misconception of empowerment ascribed to women. I would like you to review it. Its called Temptress: The Linsey Dawn Mckenzie Story.
    Visit me on facebook under Vikki Dark or contact my e mail if you will.

  3. Hannah Mayers

    Stopped by to say a big thank you for the fantastic article about my client. They just informed me that they’ve been able to track the sale of about 1650 units in the past three weeks to

    I’ll be sending you information about one of our newest clients on Monday. Please make sure to have a look and let me know what you think.

    Thank you!

  4. Courtney Watson

    I work at the PR firm you dealt with for The Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC. I stopped by again to see if you’d be open to doing reviews of the other hotels in our roster. The Jefferson Hotel article got them a big bump in bookings through your site, and they were really happy about the article. Let’s set up some more trips ASAP.

  5. Dan


    I am sending you a book we would like to be considered for review. Sabrina Rogers-Anderson’s ‘A Fantastic Sex Life…And How to Get It!’ Her book is part of our new franchise updating the Idiot’s Guide genre. After all, who wants Sex For Idiot’s on their coffee table!

    Feel free to check us out or contact me at

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