Relationship Advice: 5 Love-Saving Tips


Project Romance: 5 Secrets to Having It All

These 5 love-saving tips will light up your romance and help you find more balance.


“Having it all” can be a pretty tall order to fill — loving marriage, fulfilling career, stylish home, well-behaved children, flat abs, homemade dinners. Yes, comparing real life to the perfect pictures on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook can be incredibly discouraging, especially when your kids are running rampant and dinner is plain-jane grilled cheese. Again.

Project Romance: 5 Secrets to Having It All

Fortunately, the secret to balancing all of these important aspects of your life is knowing when to step back and invest in romance. Romance is often the first aspect to get sacrificed, but if you can keep the romance alive then smiling through life’s annoyances and balancing work with soccer practice will feel a whole lot easier.

Psychology Today claims that happy couples have 20 positive daily interactions for every negative one. Intrigued? Follow these five tips to carve out a little more time for romance and watch as your life’s balance melts into place:

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Reader Discussion: 83 Comments

  1. Carmen Griffin

    This is what I need to read! I’m experiencing emotional stress at the moment *sigh*

  2. Della Martin

    I’d like to add: develop small and consistent habits with your partner 😉

    • Elsa Gomez

      yeah, like doing chores together or cooking dinner at home. it creates bonding time and at the same time having fun.

  3. Agree with making time for small luxuries 👍👌

  4. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    Very helpful! Sometimes it’s hard to maintain connection amid intense schedules!

  5. Connie Schmidt

    I couldn’t agree less with everything you’ve written here. Thanks so much!

  6. Esther Devine

    Yeah, it’s hard to handle multiple desires — career success and relationships!

  7. Jurik

    Time management is an important element 😊💖

  8. Brittany West

    When I’m with my special someone, I make sure work doesn’t distract my attention.

  9. Deanna Woods

    Thanks for the tips. I most of the time struggle juggling career, ambition and relationship…

  10. Genie Mackenzie

    Boyfriend and I make it a habit to schedule a date night every Thursday (and it CAN’T BE RESCHEDULED). This way, we find quality time together to look forward to…

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