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Party Wines for Bachelorette Parties

Fun and sassy wines, perfect for parties.


With such a vast array of vinos available to consumers, sometimes it’s hard to know what wine to get, especially if you are not a savvy wine connoisseur.   So this little review is not meant to be an in depth report, but a fun, entertaining way to add a bit more personality to your party.

Tongue-in-Cheek: Mad Housewife

Party Wines for Bachelorette PartiesFor all you ladies who are pros at being mommies and keeping house, Mad Housewife is the wine for you!  When you need that moment to regroup and relax, you can choose from chardonnay, cabernet, merlot, or sweet pink and white wines.  Mad Housewife is derived from the state of California, and contains 13.5% alcohol, so a glass or two should have you feeling better in no time!  Mad Housewife stands behind its wine 100% and will replace your bottle if a bad one happens to be purchased.  Having won numerous awards, and in addition to a great guarantee, Mad Housewife can be found most likely at your local grocery store for under $10.  Invite your fellow neighborhood housewives over to relax on the couch and enjoy a glass before the husband and kids get home.

Office Parties: Working Girl

Party Wines for Bachelorette Parties

For our other group of working girls, out pounding pavement day to day, Olympic Cellars Working Girl Wine will soothe your souls (and soles!) at the end of the work day.  In this 4-series wine, two reds, a white and a rose are available for your choosing.  Made for women by women (working women to be exact!), Working Girl wines are made from delicious Washington grapes and promises to go down smoothly!  Easily paired with a variety of foods, you can be assured that this wine is affordable (under $20) to serve for an evening meal for two or a group of your closest friends.  Make purchases online and enjoy the fun of exploring the website by participating in online blogs, signing up for the site’s wine club and finding local events to attend.  You’re a working girl, you deserve to have some fun, so enjoy!

 Sexy: Flirt

Party Wines for Bachelorette PartiesNow for all you single ladies – calling all single ladies!  If you are single, it is prime time to get your flirt on!  If you enjoy socializing and find it easy to build immediate rapport with the opposite sex, Flirt wine may be the wine for you.  For a single’s mixer, show off a bottle of Flirt and reinforce your innocence with playful banter, while letting others recognize your harmless, playful side.  This combination of red wines will leave you feeling naughty but nice with its blend of Syrah, Tempranillo, and Zinfandel; it’s fun too because there are hints of tastes of juicy plum and cherry, so it’s not so serious.  Made in California, you can find a retail store nearest you that carries Flirt on Flirt’s website.  With an array of stores carrying the product, the price will vary.  So if you are feeling provocative, remember to be playful and Flirt!

Bold & Sassy: Bitch

Party Wines for Bachelorette PartiesSome ladies are a bit tougher and find it entertaining to remind others we can certainly hold our own as women.  Some would call that type of attitude bitchy or brassy, but hey, sometimes you have to be a Bitch!  Also around $10, Bitch wine is delicious with sassy flavors of raspberry and dark cherry.  As an Australian import, Bitch wine is wildly popular and a sassy, fun touch to any party.  The wine bottle itself is decorative enough to be the topic of conversation all night.  Don’t worry about the expense either; this wine is under $20.  If you are confident and enjoy being bold, and don’t mind being a bitch, this is your signature wine!

 All Girl: Girly Girl

Party Wines for Bachelorette PartiesFor the ultimate girly-girl, the most appropriate wine I found is Girly Girl!  The true girly-girl enjoys shopping, adventure, being pampered, and staying healthy.  This series of wine offers a chardonnay, pinot gris, merlot, and cabernet sauvignon.  The company behind these wines recognizes that women just need to have fun and enjoy time with other women.  My favorite aspect of this wine, beyond its catchy name and fun, cutesy labels is that Girly Girl donates portions of its proceeds to fund breast cancer research.  These wines are $20 or less and can be ordered online or found at your local wine distributor.  Have fun drinking wine and help support causes for women with Girly Girl!

Classic: Little Black Dress

Party Wines for Bachelorette PartiesLast but not least, the girl who loves all that is classic – clothes, wine, décor – cannot be forgotten!  For the ladies who love timeless tangibles, Little Black Dress wine is for you!  This series of wines offers a nice selection reds and whites, including a pinot grigio, pinot noir, chardonnay, merlot, and cabernet sauvignon.  Little Black Dress wines run about $10 as well, and can be found at your local wine store.  The coolest thing about this company behind this classy wine, is not just it’s pretty, feminine label, but they believe and support that responsible drinking is always in style!  You will send a classy message about your personality as a woman and as person who supports responsible drinking with Little Black Dress wines.

Party Wines for Bachelorette Parties

For your next get-together, mix it up with some of these sassy wines.  You and your friends just might learn something about each other and will definitely have some laughs in the process!  Not only will you learn about your friends, but you’ll probably discover just what kind of wine you really enjoy; as a result you might end up learning what your personality type is based on the wine you choose instead of the other way around!  Have fun!

On a side note: While these wines are fun for parties, Urbanette Magazine recommends limiting your consumption of non-organic or bio-dynamic wines, for health reasons. When possible, drink wines that are GMO and pesticide-free.

What’s your favorite type of wine?

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