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Men Who Prefer Big Boobs

Being into big boobs may have a lot more to do with insecurity than you think.


As a very small-breasted woman, I’ve always felt inferior to the curvy and well-endowed girls whose bodies just scream va-va voom. Although after reading some facts about men who prefer big breasts, I don’t think I want to compete for their affection anymore. Read on…

Men Who Prefer Big Boobs

According to a University of Westminster study, men’s attitudes toward women influence their ideas about ideal breast size. In the experiment, they found that men who strongly preferred larger breasts were shown to be more sexist, objectify women more and harbored more hostility toward women. Of course not all men who like big breasts are sexist, but according to studies, there is certainly a correlation.

Men Who Prefer Big BoobsSome possible causes of this connection? Big breasts are an outward sign of femininity and a primal indicator of fertility. Men who want to appear more “macho” might choose to favor busty, voluptuous women in order to say “I’m manly, see? I like the clearly feminine, sexually favorable girls.” Perhaps they make rude remarks about small-busts because it’s an easy way for self-doubting men to assert their masculinity—much like sexism and misogyny.

In fact, being into big boobs may have a lot more to do with insecurity than you think.

According to an article in Psychology Today, poorer men like big breasts while more financially sound men prefer smaller ones. Perhaps the insecurity of lacking funds forces men to feel the need to flex their patriarchal muscles and go for the women who resemble sex symbols. Or perhaps they find the maternal aspect of large breasts comforting.

The article suggests that maybe the ape-brain of men facing resource insecurity find solace in a busty woman because breast size “acts as a signal of fat reserves, which in turn advertises access to resources.” Interesting. Unfortunately, the only money they’ll find in boobs is the kind in a stripper’s bra.

To be fair, men who like tiny-chested girls might be equally as sexist. An article in Men’s Health claims that men who like small breasts also prefer their women to be submissive. Dr. Stuart Fischoff suggests, “you may get the psychological hint that she’s not trying to compete with other women who have larger breasts, therefore she’ll be loyal to you.” Maybe they prefer a less outwardly feminine woman because they view competing for her affection as intimidating.

Men Who Prefer Big Boobs

Your breasts are great whether they’re peaches or watermelons, and the right man won’t care either way

Whether you prefer the Pam Anderson look or the Kate Moss, you can’t help what tickles your fancy—which is fine. As long as you don’t put down the opposite for not satisfying your visual needs, the men out there should feel free to worship whatever breasts they want. Or, better yet, worship the woman and love whatever breasts she happens to have!

Despite basically being the chair of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, I don’t need the approval of men to appreciate my body; after all, it’s looking like I’m all set to find a wealthy man who’s attracted to me. But then again, maybe his wealth shouldn’t matter. And maybe the size of my boobs shouldn’t either.

Do you think men who like big breasts are sexist? Let us know in the comments!

Reader Discussion: 7 Comments

  1. Eugene

    Big boobs is better for future child. Just evolution and men instincts.

  2. Tongoman

    I love busty women and lately, I ended up hating myself because I ignore small titted women who always show interest in me, I chase big boobed girls which sometimes are not good. I ignore their bad behaviour and only focus on their huge tits!

  3. Courtney Watson

    The media influences our choice and preference… ALWAYS… 🙁

  4. Ken Kline

    So, if you like big breast you are sexist, if you like small breast you are sexist… you aren't going to stop this bullshit until all men are eunochs…

  5. Jen Spillane

    Interesting. Before reading this article, I had never thought about the psychological implications of breast size preferences. It does seem like the jury is out on a lot of the conclusions…I'd be curious to read more.

  6. I agree, media always portrays the ideal woman as busty with a thin waist, and sadly most men go for this. But there are men out there who don't care about. A real man who loves you wouldn't care about your bra size.

  7. Definitely the media contributes to male's preferences about chest size. There are TONS of big breasted women on magazines all the time…which definitely gives the wrong image about how men should view a women's body. Men should love us whether we are A's or C's…it really shouldn't matter because who we are on the inside and not outside counts.

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