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How to Shop More Ethically + Weekly Discoveries

Is expensive wine for suckers?, ethical shopping tips, a comedian’s take on love, and more…


We are all part of a global community, and in that spirit we take each Friday to spread the love to others who’ve inspired us. In our Great Discoveries series, we feature the most interesting articles, a must-watch video and the most inspirational quote we discovered this week. Please spread the love and enjoy your day!

How to Shop More Ethically + Weekly Discoveries

A guide to ethical shopping.

Five tips for buying clothes more responsibly. [Via the National Post]

How to Shop More Ethically + Weekly Discoveries

Expensive wine is for suckers.

Interesting video and commentary. [Read at Vox]

U2 performing in disguise in the NYC subway:
How to Shop More Ethically + Weekly Discoveries

Aziz Ansari : Love, Online Dating, Modern Romance and the Internet

The comedian’s hilarious take on it all. [Read at Time]

How to Shop More Ethically + Weekly Discoveries

I Thought I Was Done With the Suburbs—Until I Realized They’re Paradise

One woman who chose to live in the suburbs — voluntarily[Read at Time]

‘Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough!’
-Oprah Winfrey

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Reader Discussion: 36 Comments

  1. No matter how many times I try, online dating just doesn’t work for me because I’m “attracting” the wrong people. There’s one thing to lower your standards, which I’m willing to do, and there’s another thing to date someone 20-50 years over the age maximum you set, which is something that confuses me profusely. I’m 28, yet the top amount of men that contact me are mostly 50 and up. No offense, but as a woman who hasn’t really gone on too many dates, I really don’t want to “pick a jam” just because it’s the only jam available for me. Maybe my type of jam is the type found “only in stores” if you get my drift. So congratulations to those who have found their mates online, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s just another headache for people like me, who gets utterly confused about why I don’t get messages from people who are at least under 35.

  2. I understand Jennifer, and why she prefers the suburbia. I grew up in it so I’m biased, but I’ve lived in a major metropolitan area for five years now and I am still not used to a life where people just don’t know each other. Back home everyone knows everyone, everyone cares about everyone, everyone talks to everyone… so different here, walking down the street through a bunch of nameless faces and pretty much having your core group of people and not really many others. Still not used to all the hustle and bustle. Still not used to not being able to see the stars at night and a general lack of nature. Still not used to not being able to walk around outside in the dark and feel anything resembling safe. Nowhere to go to be alone besides your bedroom. Suburban is where I’m probably going to have to settle on for various reasons, but I don’t see myself living urban happily for very long after I’m out of school.

  3. Loving the video soooo soo soooo much!! met Bono once. What a sound guy. ) in a hospital in Dublin. I met him on a stairs, he was going to see his sick father. We chatted for a small while. Very cool guy.

  4. “Within two years, Tinder… claimed responsibility for two billion matches.” Two billion matches would be 4 billion people. That’s more than half of the world’s population.

  5. I also prefer suburbs to the cities. The sociological reasons are as varied as the people making their residency decisions. Crime, noise, personal safety, a quest for serenity, more green spaces, schools, relocation for employment and the quality of the urban environment factor into those decisions. Personally, I enjoy the convenience, proximity to country life-barn, horses and pastures-family, favorite places and friends. Seattle’s urban life, moreover, varies from that found in New York, Detroit and Toronto. Furthermore, one’s marital and parental status factor into the calculus too. Thus, your castle might be my prison and vice versa. As for me, give me blue skies, lush green pastures, equine friends, the serenity of country, nature, trees, wild flowers and birds singing… 🙂

  6. It says a lot about a celeb when they give fans such up close access and take loads of pics with them like that. Bono is a good person; a great guy.

  7. I’ve been told that even though working conditions, etc. may not be ethical in other countries, it’s still many people’s main or only source of income. So interfering is really hurting them more than helping them. What do you say about that? Is that true? Or do you feel that doing what’s ethical, even if more people go hungry or starve or whatever, is still the right thing to do? I don’t know a lot about this issue, so I’m trying to understand. However, it does seem like sometimes Americans act without knowing all the very complicated circumstances and details. But then that may be just the media slant, too. I’d love to hear your thoughts so that I can understand better! ?

  8. I grew up in Spielbergian suburbs of the 80s, lived in Los Angeles, and then moved back to the suburbs of the Midwest later on (where I currently reside). So I’ve had a good taste of both worlds. I have and would choose the suburbs above and beyond.

  9. Romance, love, online dating? Married twice, single for 3 years. I enjoy my own company so much now, I’m not sure I wanna share myself with anyone else again.

  10. If this happened to me, I would say, “Lord, I am ready to die now”. I have LOVED U2 since “Boy”, and have never been to a concert, unbelievable… “Okay, Lord; let’s wait until I have seen a (U2) concert; all will be right in the world”. : )

  11. Thank you for this. A friend and I just took some of our kids to the Museum of Tolerance where we saw a video about child slave labor and were challenged to shop more wisely and we were thinking it would be nice to have a list! It’s hard to think such a little thing can make a difference but I think it can. Spend a little more on less stuff and hopefully we can make a difference. It’s a lot about how it changes us even if we can’t see it having an impact.

  12. If you dont have an educated palate, it does not matter what you drink or how much you spend on a bottle of wine. To me, the best bottle of wine is the one you like…

  13. I love Aziz Ansary!! Great stuff. I love the ending with the ‘meeting them in person’. That’s been the challenge for me – getting the guy to get off the computer and out on a date! You gotta take chances, and have the balls to say ‘thank you but we’re not a match’ – as well as be ready to hear that and move on.

  14. I have so many other ways in my life that I strive to be ethical (and believe me there are many) that I so cannot get bogged down with something that is not concrete. If I was in a situation where I knew the item I wanted to buy directly came from an unethical source, then maybe, but its not worth the angst for me.

  15. Suburban dweller here. I prefer the suburbs to inner city for a few reasons. Lower crime rate, cleaner, less crowded, not as loud, the police are much more lenient in the suburbs, less traffic, you arent under 24 hour surveillance.

  16. Love, dating and romance have changed significantly. I used to have a Tinder account and I can prove that “it just takes too long to get to just the first date.” I find it very time consuming. Indeed online dating “had morphed from something fun and exciting into a source of stress and dread.” Though I can’t deny the fact that “online” gives more romantic options to those who are looking for it!

  17. I want to add to this … as a Chef and avid wine enthusiast I have had great, expensive wines such as a Screaming Eagle ’97 Cab Sauv, ’88 Chåteau Mouton Rothschild, Montrachet 2008 Domaine Leflaive Côte de Beaune, Grand Cru. These and types like them are wonderful for sharing with connoisseurs and other professionals that appreciate them, but probably not for beginning wine drinkers. When I serve wine, I consider who I am cooking for, their background/interest in wine and go from there. On average, my clients expect to spend $300 – $500 for a bottle; others want something more rare while still others want a good, reasonably prices wine such as ANY great wine from Sonoma or Napa regions — of which we all know are plentiful to choose from. I will also say that as one that has had to fight to bring our brand to the forefront internationally we use the fact that our coffees are 100 points on a daily basis. We are the only bluxury lifestyle brand in the world that only offers 100 point coffees. As with wine, it all comes down to what people want. It is so subjective; to some a $15 bottle of wine is sufficient, but for others willing to pay thousands of dollars … well, you get the point.

  18. The video of U2 is amazing! I love Bono. Big fan. He is remarkable, all the good he does for people around the world. Fantastic. ❤️❤️

  19. I don’t usually comment when I read (because I read every day, and honestly, I’m a little lazy). However, this post / guide you shared about the Ethical shopping is amazing. Thank you for helping all of US make better choices. 🙂

  20. …and, many of those people were “wine experts”, writers for magazines and blogs. If they couldn’t tell the difference—or just as importantly—agree which were the more expensive wines, than maybe this is really all about the emperor’s new clothes after all.

  21. This is a fascinating article about the views of Aziz Ansary. What is it, exactly, that makes two people come together? I like their characterization, and actual research, of the “old days”. In the old days, there was the neighborhood. But when I was growing up, more people left for college. It would be interesting to know the statistic for those who left a neighborhood and dated in a different locale. This increased their exposure to possibilities.

  22. I love eating out AND trying new food AND wine! I must agree with that article about wine, it’s hard to tell the difference. Yes, the nature of wine is scientific and complex.

    I’m not an expert so I can’t tell which is better based on price and what the experts say, but I can always share my preference 🙂

  23. Awesome video! I walk though GC every day. Sucks I missed that one. Huge U2 fan Always wanted to see them live at a concert, never got a chance to. 🙁

  24. You’re always one step ahead! My husband and I were discussing ethical shopping last week and felt somewhat daunted at the task of trying to find ethical alternatives and work out, which stores we need to say goodbye to. The ethical shopping list is a great resource, so thanks!

  25. It’s not that expensive wine isn’t good, it’s that price is a better predicter of enjoyment than flavor. People who were given the exact same wine in two different bottles consistently fooled themselves into thinking it was better when it cost more. Regardless, as they point out, if a person enjoys an expensive wine and finds it worth its price, then it is. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a fool..

    • The fool is the person who can’t recognize flawed logic in those articles and the completely unscientific, flawed framework of every cited “study”. I taste with people who can consistently identify quality and general price range of wines in double blind tastings. That fact alone completely debunks every one of these stupid articles that people really want to believe because they don’t understand wine.

  26. It’s not that expensive wine isn’t good, it’s that price is a better predicter of enjoyment than flavor. People who were given the exact same wine in two different bottles consistently fooled themselves into thinking it was better when it cost more. Regardless, as they point out, if a person enjoys an expensive wine and finds it worth its price, then it is. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a fool.

  27. I’m with Jennifer Moses on the suburbs subjects. Not only for all the reasons she mentioned, but also that the land in suburbs tends to be less expensive, so people who love there can afford bigger homes. But they are still close enough to the city to commute. Meanwhile, many city centers mostly have apartments where there is not enough space to raise a family. And there is also more poverty in many cities, which leads to worse schools and more crime. So, suburbs are offen preferred because they are seen as better places to raise children.

  28. Gosh! Urbanette is amazing! Thinking that you compile amazing articles every Friday?! Wish I have the same research skills.

    I wish the ethical guide to shopping article is a generic one and not just focused on buying clothes.

  29. Thank you. Just, thank you. I have felt so overwhelmed by the whole ethical shopping thing. I always appreciate so much how you are able to clearly and simply articulate things so that I can wrap my mind around them. I felt myself taking a big breath of relief as I read this. So yes, thank you!

  30. Thanks for sharing guide to ethical shopping! This is what I need! Consumers definitely need to mindful of buying habits 😉

  31. It’s a good Friday! I particularly liked the article about wine. Well-done research, very informative! Will share these with friends or better yet do the experiment on them too (esp those who are claiming they’re wine experts) and see if they can tell the difference — three red wines at different prices to see if they could tell the difference. LOL!

  32. I pass by that subway a couple of times and I cannot believe I missed U2! I would’ve fainted 😀

  33. Man, I can’t believe U2 performed in the subway and I missed it. That would’ve been incredible. Too bad for all those commuters who didn’t have time to stop and watch. I’d happily be late to a shoot for that! (uhm, joking, not joking!)

  34. The suburbs?? PLEASE KILL ME!!!!

  35. I just love Jimmy Fallon. He just so darn likable. It’s great how he gets people outside of their “normal” roles, just having fun and enjoying themselves. Such a rarity these days…. Happy Friday!

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