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Urbanette makes a referral commission on the products sold, which goes into a fund that helps women in third-world countries become self-sufficient entrepreneurs.

I replace sold out items as quickly as possible, but things tend to sell out fast, so check back regularly! I also did my best to find products that are animal-free (vegan) and therefore sustainability-focused. I hope you ? the selection as much as I do!

Reader Discussion: 26 Comments

  1. Jenifer Jeni

    I’m obsessed with your picks / style!! Please add more.
    Maybe do a weekly pick??
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  2. Great curation! I love that you show a bunch of options in different price ranges ?

  3. Genie Mackenzie

    This new section on Urbanette is going to make my credit cards explode!

  4. Della Martin

    Is it bad that I want to buy everything? 😉

  5. Maxine Ford

    I put Neat’s Vegan Protein in my morning shake on the regular

  6. Deanna Woods

    I’m totally buying the wayfair truck hammocks for my dad. He’s gonna LOVE it!

  7. April Henry

    Oooh. The Net-A-Porter mask looks very 50 shades. Hot!

  8. Yanir Whaley

    Those Lysse leggings are my go to. Like ev day

  9. The McQueen scarf is so lovely. I wish he was still around… 🙁

  10. I like the Gucci belt but I’m not sure I can pull it off.

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