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Urbanette makes a small commission on the products sold, which goes into a fund that helps women in third-world countries become self-sufficient entrepreneurs. I replace sold out items as quickly as possible, but things tend to sell out fast, so check back regularly! I also did my best to find products that are animal-free (vegan) and therefore sustainability-focused.

Bobo Chic Home Decor: Bohemian Bourgeois Style

Products for a Healthy Home:

Reader Discussion: 10 Comments

  1. Marie Carbell

    I didn’t even know you had this section in Urbanette!! I love the style, that exactly matches my monthly mood :p

  2. Jeni Morgan

    Bobo is so cool — I’d never heard of that before, but I looked it up and it’s so ME!

  3. April Henry

    I ordered the gray pillow with gold writing, but it’s been three days and it hasn’t arrived. Who should I talk to about this? When will it arrive?? I want it to arrive before my dinner party!!

    • You’ll need to check with the store you purchased it from. Nordstrom, I think? ? If you signed up for an account when you made the purchase, then there should be a login where you can track your shipments.

  4. Doreen Morales

    The real manages to make the all-gold thing look great. I want it, but it seems expensive for a pillow!

  5. Hachi Komatsu

    I have a hard time napping. Maybe the nap pillow will help lol

  6. Luisaviaroma pillows. Wow, jungle time. Could go great on my terrace or garden furniture. Haven’t seen these before. Thanks ­čÖé


    The Cavalli pillows are so next level. Love!

  8. Deanna Woods

    I love everything you chose. Like, EVERYTHING!! haha

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