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Lots of readers have been asking me to curate collections of products that I wear or use on a regular basis. Your wish is my command! Urbanette makes a small commission on the products sold, which goes into a fund that helps women in third-world countries become self-sufficient entrepreneurs.

I replace sold out items as quickly as possible, but things tend to sell out fast, so check back regularly!Ā I also did my best to find products that are animal-free (vegan) and therefore sustainability-focused.

What I wear on vacation in warm climates:

Products that are great for road trips:

Reader Discussion: 8 Comments

  1. Ani Hoker

    There’s something about the smyson notebook that I can’t shake. It’s so enticing!

  2. George Sumanta

    I bought the Ted Baker card set for my Dad. He loves that kind of stuff for road trips….

  3. The self portrait dress is so formal yet sexy. It’s like modern ’50’s.

  4. Lancy Stanford

    I want the Milly bag. It’ll make me think of the beach everytime I wear it!

  5. Luthi Sanders

    The Rose babo lipstick is hot

  6. JULI

    The Kenzo kittie bag is Hilarious. I’m gonna buy that one for my sis šŸ™‚

  7. Jesse Wyss

    The Hershel bag would be great for my trips to Equinox šŸ™‚

  8. Lana Wiliam

    The Ted Baker luggage is really cute. Like super cute. I might buy it but never use it in airports.

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