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Size Matters: Style by Size

Fashion is a form of expression and what better way to express yourself than with style designed for your size!


In the past four years I’ve been a size 12, post-baby, then down to a size 4, when baby got active, and now back to my pre-baby size 8-10. Despite this body roller-coaster, I’ve managed to stay stylish at every size thanks to my years as a fashion writer, gaining influence from top designers and trend-setters alike. What I’ve learned is that fashion isn’t one size fits all and that trends don’t always translate well in real life. But, finding pieces that flatter is an exciting challenge worthy of any fashionista. Here are the tips, designer picks and style secrets, according to size:

Size 0-4

Size Matters: Style by Size

Alice + Olivia skirt and crop top

It’s easy to assume that a size 0 or 2 is the ideal where everything flatters but many women with a small frame have just as hard a time as any other size. For example, as a size 0 teenager, I couldn’t find an evening gown to wear to a wedding that didn’t look like I was playing dress-up! Anything with too much fabric and weight can completely overpower a size 0-4. Instead, opt for cocktail length dresses with cut-outs to add dimension and prints to bring attention to your svelte figure.

For everyday wear, skinny jeans and a fun tee will make for an enviably easy look. Keep your accessories light but on-trend with long pendants – too many statement pieces can overpower slender gals.

Size 6-8

Size Matters: Style by Size

Mary Katrantzou street style

There are plenty of options for a size 6-8 in mainstream and high fashion but the trick is to find items that will make you stand out from the crowd. Experiment with color, prints and shapes that a size 0 might not be able to pull off. A bold printed dress can be your go-to piece, accented with equally impressive accessories like an oversized watch. For work or formal occasions that call for a more streamlined look, choose an accent piece, like a printed blouse with a classic pencil skirt or a bright scarf with a shift dress to keep the attention on you and your fab body!

A billowy blouse and skinny ankle jeans make for weekend chic – in a bold color and with added accents like distressed denim.

Size 10-12

Size Matters: Style by Size

Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress

Being a size 10, I know it can be tricky to find pieces that flatter your curves without making you look bigger than you are. Shapeless sheath dresses don’t work, and neither do boxy tees with low-rise jeans. Instead, try wrap dresses, belted shirt dresses, fit and flare styles and high-waisted denim.

Diane von Furstenberg – whose famous wrap dresses will work on every body type – and Donna Karen are among the few top designers that seem to have the curvy silhouette in mind. Pair any of their dresses with your favorite heels for an instant signature style. Top off your whole look with chunky accessories, like an extravagant Alexis Bittar necklace to bring attention to your décolletage.

Size 14+

Size Matters: Style by Size

A classic trench to top off your look

Plus-size style is about flaunting your curves, not hiding them. There’s no print or pattern to avoid (yes, even horizontal stripes!) because looking good isn’t about looking thin, it’s about finding pieces you love. It’s easy to go to your little black dress for all occasions but, instead, try a solid color, like orange or cobalt blue. Have fun with your style and play with textures and shapes, like ruffles and asymmetrical cuts.

Designers like Vince Camuto and Ralph Lauren have fantastic plus-size lines with cocktail dresses, tunics, perfectly fitted pants and denim. Just add a standout coat, like a classic trench, and you have a plus-size look coveted by all sizes.


Fashion is a form of expression and what better way to express yourself than with a great sense of style designed for your size.

After obtaining her Honors B.A. and postgraduate journalism degree, Pegah has written and researched for a variety of magazines and newspapers, with celebrities, fashion and travel being her topics of choice. Now settled in Toronto, she has lived in many corners of the world, including the U.S., Switzerland, and Japan. In her spare time, she divides her love unevenly between her poodle, chocolates and shopping.

Reader Discussion: 15 Comments

  1. Gabby Summers

    of course size matters. Wearing oversized clothes will make you look fat or small. and wearing too tight clothes will just feel uncomfortable and borderline dumb.

  2. Nina Smith

    Being a size 7, I hate designers who only cater size 0. Why can’t we wear cute dresses?

  3. pasty clin

    That was a great article . You had give a great advice. I have somehow avoided learning how to properly dress myself. some of us need to be tought these things outright 🙂

  4. Monika Smith

    Wow! this is very helpful article. great job by writer. love your style on writing article on size matters-style by size. quality of your article is so impressive and inspiring.

  5. Naincy Winget

    i found this article is very interesting. but i think size does not matter! the only thing that matters is how well something suits you and if you feel comfortable and confident in it.

  6. Francis Woods

    I’m just so happy I don’t change body sizes that much. But then again I’m still young!!! 😀

  7. Come on ladies, whatever size you are, you’re all still beautiful and fabulous.

    • Jannie Zoot

      For sure, but do we need to dress like “at our size”? If I have to accept myself, I want to be “allowed” to dress as I want…

    • Francis Woods

      IKR!!! I’ve got girl friends in all shapes and sizes and we still rock! 😀

  8. Courtney Watson

    Really helpful article!!! My size changes and most of the time, I find it very difficult to adjust and find the right fashion pieces for my current size 🙁 I would like to be “fashionable” all the time and I don’t want to be just wearing jeans and shirt.

    This article gives me options! Nice one!

  9. It’s so hard to shop as a woman because most designers don’t provide enough options above a size 6. This article was really helpful though, it gives me hope that when/should my weight fluctuate higher, I won’t be forced into a t-shirt and sweat pants 🙂

  10. Thank you for introducing me to Mary Katrantzou – I *love* her designs! I just bought one of her dresses and I’m going to make sure she’s covered in Marie Claire too. Do you know any more designers who are similar?

    • Pegah

      I’m a huge fan of Mary Katrantzou as well! Her pieces are unique but if you’re looking for a more subtle similar designer Ted Baker also has some great printed pieces!

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