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Skin Care Solutions By Age

Beauty may know no age, but your skin care should change to suit.


Beauty may know no age, but when it comes to proper skin care, different types of regimen suit different age groups. You can invest in an expensive set of facial creams and toners thinking they can take several years off your looks yet still end up unsatisfied with results. Know the types of skincare products that are best-suited for your age and lifestyle to decrease signs of ageing and eventually bring out your youthful glow.

Skin Care Solutions By Age

Skincare expert Josie Feria, director of spa operations at the Fontainebleau’s Lapis Spa recommends the following facial care solutions by age group:

Women in their 20s

Skin Care Solutions By AgeSkin during your 20s should not manifest signs of ageing yet, unless you’re accustomed to hard partying or smoking. But don’t be fooled. Something lurks beneath, particularly if you go out in the sun a lot or regularly expose your skin to the city smog. The problem beneath surface will arise if you don’t adopt of healthy lifestyle.

Home Care: The best time to prevent the signs of ageing is during your 20s. Practice the simple regimen of applying sunscreen or sunblock with UVB and UVA coverage on your face and all exposed parts of your body before exposing your skin to sunlight.

At this age, tanning beds can also be very tempting, but experts will say that you must avoid them at all costs. In fact, studies show that those who have been subjecting themselves to tanning beds before the age of 35 increase their risk for developing skin care by 75 per cent.

Professional Care: Regular facials will help rid your skin of impurities brought about by pollution, sun exposure and smoke. Working with a professional facialist allows you the opportunity to consult with an expert on the best ways to take care of your skin and develop habits that will prevent damage.

Women in their 30s

Skin Care Solutions By Age

By your mid-30?s you’ll start noticing those tiny wrinkles and fine lines that appear, particularly at the corners of your mouth and eyes. The strategy is to stop these fine age marks from becoming more visible.

Home Care: Face creams high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C does not only help reduce the appearance of age spots but also gets rid of free radicals that can further damage the skin. This also helps rejuvenate cells and promote collagen development.

Professional Care: Certain facial treatments highlight Vitamin C as the main ingredient. Look for services that offer antioxidant vitamin procedures to treat hyperpigmentation and reduce skin damage caused by sun exposure. Treatments that offer both Vitamin C and A will brighten and clarify your skin.

While treatments are recommended for various age groups, the best and still most effective way to prevent ageing is to take care of your body inside and out while you’re still young.

Women in their 40s

At this point, some form of ruddiness and blotchiness will be visible on your skin, because it starts to lose moisture and the youthful glow your skin once enjoyed will unfortunately begin to fade.

Home Care: Extra rich and creamy skin lotions and oils are your best friends at this age. Look for at least two kinds of antioxidants in the ingredients, especially soy, green tea and lycopene. Also look for the likes of petrolatum, hyaluronic acid, shea butter from the list. Slather these on religiously on your skin, particularly on your neck, hands and chest daily.

Skin Care Solutions By AgeProfessional Care: The perfect time for those popular oxygen facials is when you’re 40. Pure oxygen facials introduce antioxidants, vitamins and moisture into the skin, leaving it rehydrated, plumped up and luminous, while age defying oxygen facials infuse 98 per cent oxygen along with anti-ageing serums to give that healthy-looking glow.

Women in their 50s

During this golden age of 50s, expect your skin to be noticeably drier, more sensitive, and thinner, mainly because of the hormonal changes that cause the reduced production of progesterone and estrogen. At this point, skin begins to loses its firmness and starts to sag.

Home Care: Medical-grade extra-rich moisturizers are your most vital allies to slowing the aged look; thus, look for skincare products that are rich in vitamin C and peptides. Healthy lifestyle changes will also help a lot.

Professional Care: If the sagging really requires intervention, microdermabrasion will help reverse the ageing process in a convenient and non-invasive way. With this procedure, the skin is buffed using a smooth wand that infuses fine crystals into the skin’s surface via sandblasting. Undergo a few sessions and you’ll see the fine lines disappear and surface smoothen. Age spots also turn lighter and less visible and your skin is left with that healthy glow.


Skin Care Solutions By Age“Different strokes work for different folks,” as the cliche goes.  The same can also be said of the skin. While these treatments are recommended for various age groups, the best and still the most effective way to prevent ageing is to take care of your body inside and out while you are still young. This way, you will forgo need to subject your skin to all sorts of treatments when the lines and wrinkles start showing themselves. Prevention is still better than cure.

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Rebecca Ariane Givens is Urbanette's Beauty and Health Editor. She is an expert in all things related to beauty, holistic health, organic food, toxins and fitness. She is a part-time model and nutritionist who grew up in Canada and now lives in Brooklyn, with her boyfriend David.

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  1. Melani Kalev

    I love to take care of my skin! I like that you included home care as well as professional care tips. 🙂

  2. Randie Cadiogan

    I wanted to thank you for this wonderful read!! I certainly loved every little bit of it.
    I’ve got you bookmarked to look at new stuff you post…

  3. "Prevention is better than cure."

    Yeah… skincare should start at an early age. We should really prevent the harmful UVA / UVB rays to directly touch our skin. Sunblock really helps.

    And yes, regular washing of the face should be a habit 🙂

  4. It's funny that most people start to worry about skin care when "visible" signs of aging are showing up. We should really start early and I do agree with the tips provided — as simple as sunblock application should be practiced.

    Washing face with mild facial cleanser should also be practiced regularly!

  5. Starting young is a good idea. Most of the products out there help with prevention rather than reversal!

  6. I'm taking mental notes of this. My skin regimen is simple lotion and neutrogena facial scrub and once in a while honey facials.

  7. Joanne Samonte

    Is it safe to get Facials? I wanna go to a spa and try it but I’m scared. ‘Cause I know someone who got a facial and when she stopped, she experienced MASSIVE breakouts on her face. 🙁

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