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How to Stay Happy and Healthy After a Breakup

Don’t let some douche get you down. Here are five ways to seize the (happy) days ahead.


When I caught my last boyfriend cheating on me (with a Hooters waitress, no less!), I was crushed. How could he do this? Doesn’t he value my feelings more than a tawdry fling with some tramp? Clearly not. What a dolt. Anyhow, I soon learned that there’s no sense trying to make sense of crazy. Let crazy be crazy and stay far, far away.

How to Stay Happy and Healthy After a Breakup

I didn’t come to that conclusion quickly though. After that breakup, I stayed indoors for way too long wondering about my own worth in the eyes of men. What a waste of time. Now, I know that enduring a breakup or divorce can obviously be an incredibly emotional and exasperating time. Whether you’ve parted with a partner of several years or several months, it’s likely you’ve been feeling blue and rather uninspired.

Though it can hard to accept that one chapter of your life has come to a close, remember that new and exciting times await you. Take control of your story and reinvent yourself post-breakup by revisiting an old hobby, signing up for a language class, or exploring an extreme sport. Whatever your interests, get out there and celebrate them.

To help embrace your newfound freedom, he’s a list of activities that helped me get back out there and seize the day:

How to Stay Happy and Healthy After a Breakup

Embrace Your Inner Wanderlust

Now that you have the opportunity to create your own itinerary, it’s time you embrace your inner wanderlust. Whether you plan to travel solo, or you’ve corralled the ladies for an adventurous road trip. Whip out that travel bucket list you’ve been neglecting and get ready to start crossing off some destinations. Another way to see the sites while also saving money is to embark on a solo cruise. The coordinated stops of cruise lines offer a wide variety of ambiances and experiences — from exploration to romance, rest and relaxation. Ask yourself what you’re hoping to achieve by traveling, be it enrichment, education or just simply adventure.

How to Stay Happy and Healthy After a Breakup

Foster Your Friendships

Beat the loneliness and fill that hole you feel by spending time with your best friends. There are plenty of scientific studies showing that being around close friends not only makes people happy, but is the key to living a long and healthy life. And who better than your bestie to tell you that he wasn’t worth your time in the first place? Deep down you always knew you were too good for him — why not surround yourself with others who agree with you?

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Reader Discussion: 124 Comments

  1. Cry your eyes out if you feel like it. Crying can actually be therapeutic when you’re upset. It can reduce feeling of stress, anxiety and anger. So go ahead, grab some tissues, and wail your heart out if it helps. 😭 😭

    • Karen Royer

      There’s no easy way to explain the emotional side effects of a breakup, just like there’s no easy way to actually go through a breakup in the first place.

  2. Lynn Saunders

    I learned a lot from this article. I just broke up with my boyfriend for 4 yrs. I still need to acknowledge the pain and hurt. When you let yourself grieve, you give to yourself the gift of tenderness.

    • Colleen Mcbride

      Moving on cannot be rushed, previous stages must be walked through but it’s nice to put icing on the cake when you’re ready. You’ll know when you are.

  3. People have different ways of coping, you can get as much advice as you can from different people but it is up to you if you’re going to listen to it or not.

  4. Hattie Simpson

    You can also switch up your routine… Try a different coffee shop, grocery store or route to work.

  5. Kelley Patton

    When I go through a breakup, I always end up feeling sad and alone, as if I’m missing an important part of myself.

    • Roxanne Chambers

      Losing a significant relationship in life is never easy, especially after you and your former partner walked a journey together.

  6. Wilma Williams

    Just let it out. Don’t pretend you’re fine. Denying or minimizing your emotions -like telling yourself , ” I’m really fine” or ” It’s no big deal”- will actually make them worse in the long run. You have to process how you’re feeling so you can move past it.

  7. Stop checking/ stalking on their social media accounts. You don’t need to torture yourself by watching their every move. Doing so keeps yuo stuck in the past.

  8. Sandy Green

    For you to stay happy and healthy after a breakup, you must stop stalking. Remember this, what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

    • Myrtle Bailey

      It’s really hard to stay happy and healthy after a breakup. 😭


    If you wanna be happy again after a breakup, try spending more time with your loved ones. Your family won’t be around forever, for this reason use your loneliness as a motivation to value your loved ones.

  10. Shirley Haynes

    After a bad breakup, people go one way or the other. They binge eat or don’t eat at all. (I’m in the latter group, thankfully.) If you want to stay healthy, focus on bettering yourself.

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