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How to Stay Happy and Healthy After a Breakup

Don’t let some douche get you down. Here are four ways to seize the (happy) days ahead.


When I caught my last boyfriend cheating on me (with a Hooters waitress, no less!), I was crushed. How could he do this? Doesn’t he value my feelings more than a tawdry fling with some tramp? Clearly not. What a dolt. Anyhow, I soon learned that there’s no sense trying to make sense of crazy. Let crazy be crazy and stay far, far away.

I didn’t come to that conclusion quickly though. After that breakup, I stayed indoors for way too long wondering about my own worth in the eyes of men. What a waste of time. Now, I know that enduring a breakup or divorce can obviously be an incredibly emotional and exasperating time. Whether you’ve parted with a partner of several years or several months, it’s likely you’ve been feeling blue and rather uninspired.

How to Stay Happy and Healthy After a Breakup

Though it can hard to accept that one chapter of your life has come to a close, remember that new and exciting times await you. Take control of your story and reinvent yourself post-breakup by revisiting an old hobby, signing up for a language class, or exploring an extreme sport. Whatever your interests, get out there and celebrate them.

To help embrace your newfound freedom, he’s a list of activities that helped me get back out there and seize the day:

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Reader Discussion: 39 Comments

  1. Ariel Myers

    Having a positive mental attitude will help on being healthy after a break-up. Along with exercise and a gallon of french vanilla ice-cream. It may look unhealthy but trust me. Your body needs it to recover.

  2. Jeweli Prater

    Yay! Now I’m booking a trip going to South Korea! Let’s go far away from here. Lol.

  3. Lancy Stanford

    Oh, really? Where can I enroll for a Yoga class? I definitely want to try that one! I gained too much for stress eating.

  4. Just accept the fact that you’re not for each other. It will help you to live a happy life after your break up. Acceptance is the key to moving on.

  5. Marina Josef

    Whoa! I like the idea of gardening. I love flowers, gardening is my stress reliever. You guys should try this one. It’s really helpful.

  6. Luthi Sanders

    Thanks, Urbanette! Can you give me some tips about where to buy or adopt a puppy here in NJ?

  7. Marina Bozek

    This is crap. It doesn’t even make sense. If a person really wants to move on, they will.

  8. Kseniya Tomlin

    Go out, go to a bar to meet some new people. Going out alone is not sad. Believe me, I tried to go out alone, I met wonderful people.

  9. Jesse Wyss

    Oh, I remember when I had my first heartbreak. Dang! It was indeed painful. I felt like, I’m want to die because he left me. Break-ups are really painful ya know.

  10. Jessie Fernande

    It is really hard to start a new life without him. But always remember, you are worth it, you deserve someone better. Breaking up is not the end of the world, it is just a new beginning to start with all by yourself.

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