Sunroom DIY Ideas


How to Create an At-Home Sanctuary

4 fun DIY ideas to help you make the most out of the space you have.


Whether I was living in a city, or the country, I’ve always tried to live in a house. There’s just something about apartments that make me feel boxed-in. A house in the city is the perfect balance for me. My last house had a sunroom. It was my favorite room. That sunshiny extension of my home where I could spend time with company or enjoy a morning cup of coffee. This house doesn’t have one, but I’m thinking of adding one. After all, it’s not like I have to knock any walls down to add it, and a quick Google search showed me a dizzying array of options for both DIY or ready-made sunrooms. The question is: what will I do with the room once it’s built?? So many options!

How to Create an At-Home Sanctuary

If, like me, you’re a free spirit with passion and big dreams who’d like to add a sunroom to your home, here are four ideas I had for turning your sunroom (or any room!) into a personal sanctuary:

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Reader Discussion: 6 Comments

  1. Jen Spillane

    I love these ideas! The mason jar herb garden is so cool, and is totally doable even in a NYC apartment. I like the idea of a gadget-free room and dream catching nook!

  2. Hannah Mayers

    Mmmm…. I would love to turn my room into that dream-catching nook! Now, I’m thinking how can I express my dreams….

  3. Courtney Watson

    These are really wonderful ideas! I would like to try the “Love Nest” idea 🙂

  4. I love the first idea! I adore quiet nooks to sit or read by myself and enjoy a bit of solitude. If I ever have the space, that's definitely what I'd use it for.

  5. I wish I had a sun room to try these ideas. I personally favor the dream-catching nook idea. I would have probably find a way to have an indoor canopy with beautiful wall decal of flowers, mirrors and stars. I would possible use light pastel colors similar to the image to make it cute. Hopefully in the future when I become a home owner I can endure in the sweet goodness of having a sun room. I also love the Love nest idea. I actually like the other two as well! Maybe there's a way to combine a little bit of everything?

  6. Ansley Barrington

    I love interior design. The "dream catching nook" is an especially cute idea. You could probably turn the space into all 3 ideas at one point or another! Yoga studio by day, love nest by night 😉

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