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The 10 Best Fashion Apps

Want an easy way to organize your closet or find out what styles are trending? We found the solution!


Combine a little New York Times and InStyle together to get’s app a hot news source for fashion. Find the latest styles at your fingertips, and news about the greater fashion industry in the same app. (Browse for your favorite evening outfit and witness updates from Fashion Week at the same time…it’s so awesome!)

Our favorite part about the app is the  extensive fashion coverage. From runway shows, model videos, parties, men’s looks, and industry news — it’s all featured. With photos and videos of models on each designer catwalk, it is almost like you have front row seats. Reviews are also included for each runway show, so you can compare Rag & Bone to Elie Saab on your lunch break. Chanel’s ready to wear collection for Fall 2014 is also worth watching. (Witness the runway video covered by that features models “shopping.”)

Knowing the latest fashion news is also possible thanks to’s StyleFile blog. Articles posted throughout the day feature updates about global fashion pop-up shops and collection partnerships.  If you want a fine mix of fashion appreciation, news, and savvy looks, this app is the way to go.

The 10 Best Fashion Apps

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Genevieve Scarano loves to write about culture. In college, she discovered her passion for journalism while writing music articles. Although New York is her first home, she is currently completing her journalism master's at Boston University College of Communication. Her name in French means “women of the people” and when she isn’t writing, you can find her at concerts, running, spending time with her favorite people and exploring cities.

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  1. Brilliant post Genevieve. Thanks for all the suggestions and tips. Will be downloading a few for sure. ?

  2. Speechless over Style Thief!!!!! I SO need this app! You wouldn’t believe how many times I wished I could scan other women’s clothes to find out where they got them from. ? Now it’s all just one snap away! Thanks for sharing this absolute treasure, Gen! ❤️

  3. Andrea Clark

    In time for the new year 😉 Exactly what I need! I’m downloading and trying off one app per week.

  4. Monika Smith

    wonderful! Love this article. i am going to try them all. this is very helpful for my wordrobe. Nice one

  5. Definitely downloading and trying them all. These are really great suggestions and I have been trying to get a wardrobe overhaul and this will definitely help. Great post 😀

  6. AArg! I had to come back and comment. You’ve gotten me totally addicted to Trendstop! :/

  7. The POSE app is a really cool concept. I’m going to try it out. Thanks for the suggestions!!

  8. I use Stylebook all the time. It takes a while to get set up, especially if you have a lot of clothing, but makes packing for trips and figuring out fresh outfits so much easier.

  9. I’ve been meaning to find an app like Style Book! It takes me way too long to go through my closet…

  10. Courtney Watson

    Stylebook is exactly what I needed! Now that I know how to organize it all, I’m off to accumulate some more clothing…

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