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The 10 Best Fashion Apps

Want an easy way to organize your closet or find out what styles are trending? We found the solution!


Kloset Karma

Repeating outfit dilemma is always a battle. Kloset Karma gives your wardrobe major victory from this situation by providing the best fashion app features.

Trade in your almost new clothing and accessories for Karma Points to gain other fashionable additions. Every Karma Point gets you closer to a new favorite outfit or closet makeover. Other fashionistas post their products on Kloset Karma too, so you can totally splurge your points on bags, shoes, jewelry, or clothes without paying anything.

Navigating on the app is also easy. Dashboard and Favorite Finds allow you to organize your favorite products on Kloset Karma. Contact and Map Search provide detailed information about sellers, their products, and available locations for pickup. So let your old outfits go to a good cause, and receive a favorite look too with Kloset Karma.

The 10 Best Fashion Apps

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  1. FashionHunters

    Interesting App to stay organized!

  2. I am not into fashion as such, but these apps look so inviting and helpful. I am surely going to try a few.

  3. I haven’t used any of these except for Polyvore. I love creating outfit sets and planing outfits. Great to see there are other apps I can do that with. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Olivia Peterson

    Oh wow! Thanks Genevieve. Thank you for the tips. I had no idea about most of these apps. They sound like they could really help me out organize my closet.

  5. Emily Wentz

    Thank you for these amazing app recommendations. I am going to have to check them out. I think they will come in handy : )

  6. I’ve never used any fashion apps but I definitely should check out some of these. They surely could help me get more creative! Thanks for the tips and suggestions.

  7. Franny Pimms

    Nice post! Some real cool apps. I’m already a Kloset Karma user. Best fashion & shopping app in my opinion. 🙂

  8. Jae Medina

    Style thief is LITERALLY the most useful fashion app ever!!!! It’s totally the Shazam of fashion! 🙂

    • Kaitlyn Barrett

      It sounds amazing and very helpful but how am I going to stop strangers out on the street and snap pictures of them when I like their outfit? lol

  9. Christina Cavanaugh

    Brilliant apps and great ideas! I’m not the look book model type, but who wouldn’t want a digital copy of their own closet? Getting these apps ASAP!

  10. Bethany Miles

    This post is so helpful! I just keep pinning outfits and accessories on Pinterest but they don’t always turn out to be like the clothes I already have. So I ended up having to buy the clothes I pin. But I don’t need new or more clothes. I Just need to learn to make better use of my wardrobe, and this is where these apps come in. Thanks so much!

  11. Dorothy Harris

    I like the idea of these apps, but I fail at putting outfits together. I’m horribly awful at mixing-matching. Does anybody here know of apps that automatically mix-matches your outfits for you? That’s exactly what I need to be fair.

  12. I keep hearing about Stylebook! But I’m an Android user and couldn’t find it on Google Store. I wish they had an Android version. 🙁

  13. Leah Helms

    Hi. I’ve had Stylebook, Polyvore and Trendstop for over a year but haven’t used Stylebook because I was confused and overwhelmed thatI couldn’t get my pictures to look good enough. Now that your article reminded me of it again, I’ll try and give up on my perfectionist way and give it another try. 🙂

    • Jennifer McSween

      Same here! I’ve also had it on my iPad for a while. I guess we just need to get motivated by the right people. Fashion is all about inspiration afterall. ?

  14. Shannon Bradley

    OMG wow!! I’m thinking that these could help me a whole lot to organize all my wardrobe. I have too many items in my wardrobe that sometimes I just forget some of the stuff I have, and go by months never wearing them!! Thanks so much for this helpful article.

  15. Molly Twain

    Hmmm I think I could use these. Not for keeping track of clothes and planning outfits, because I’m not exactly what you’d call a fashionista but it could help me purge my closet!

  16. Catherine White

    These are very cool! I could have used these app a few years back when I had to get all dressed up for work. Now I work from home so I don’t have that *problem* lol. But I’ll still be checking these out!

  17. Andrea Mitchell

    Wow! Thanks so much for this article! I downloaded Flink a while ago and haven’t done much with it yet. Now that I know how to make use of it I’ll start using it. ?

  18. I’ve been looking for closet organizing apps for a while but I wasn’t sure which one to get, cause the reviews on app pages were confusing. -I’m very picky!- Your article really helped me decide which ones to get. Thank you Genevieve! ?

  19. Sabrina Grattidge

    Amazing apps! Stylebook is a total keeper. It’s a paid app ($3.99 on App Store) but it’s definitely worth it. I really love it so far. 🙂

  20. Great app recommendations with outstanding reviews! They all look so good, useful and easy to work with. I’ll be sure to try them all!

  21. Julia MacLean

    Great article! Very helpful and informative especially for the fashion lovers like myself who aren’t tech-genius haha xo

  22. Daisy Clarke

    To start off this is an amazing article that has some great content and all the explanations and descriptions were made so well that you figure out the apps before you even download them. I’ll take your suggestions to give it a try. Thanks a lot Genevieve. ?

  23. These are perfect for fashionistas who want to express their inner passion! Thanks so much for this VERY useful article. I was looking for a place to post my lookbooks other than Instagram. These will do! ?

  24. These seem like very cool apps. But what I need is an app that will give me outfit suggestions or clothes to buy based on my taste and style. I’m wondering if any of the apps you listed can do that?

  25. Dana Rosatti

    Incredible apps for helping you keep track of of your outfits, but I’m not sure about shopping online / mobile for clothes. I’ve had nightmare worthy misunfortunates with clothes shopping online!!

  26. Irene Morales

    Kind of want to get one of these apps, but I’m running low on space on my phone. Which of these would you reckon is the best and worth getting? Thanks.

  27. Helena Stevens

    I’ve been looking for an app that would help me organize my wardrobe and plan outfit faster. Thanks for these recommendations. I’m sure some of them will do the job perfectly! ??

  28. Melissa Princeton

    Gotta love technology! Far as I see these apps have so much to offer. What’s not to love!!! Thank you for sharing Genevieve. 🙂

  29. Lin Del Rey

    These are interesting! I’m going to download and check them ASAP! I need an extreme wardrobe make over. Lost a lot of weight, so I’m in urgent need of lovely new clothes. 🙂

  30. I love these! Looks like I just found myself a new hobby through you ? Thanks!

  31. I don’t think my wardrobe needs TLC but I’m in love with fashion and I can’t NOT shop haha I’m sure most of you feel what I’m saying?! ?? These apps are so made for me BUT I noticed they’re all on iPhone screenshots. Are they also available for Android?

    • I was wondering too, but almost every app is available for every platform these days. What a time to be alive, isn’t it? haha 🙂

      • True! Already found the ones I wanted. Thanks for the reply and sorry for the silly question. Oops. ?

  32. Love this! Huge fan of Kloset Karma and Polyvore. Been buying so many top quality stuff for cheap on Polyvore. I highly recommend too!

  33. Brilliant post Genevieve. Thanks for all the suggestions and tips. Will be downloading a few for sure. ?

  34. Speechless over Style Thief!!!!! I SO need this app! You wouldn’t believe how many times I wished I could scan other women’s clothes to find out where they got them from. ? Now it’s all just one snap away! Thanks for sharing this absolute treasure, Gen! ❤️

  35. Andrea Clark

    In time for the new year 😉 Exactly what I need! I’m downloading and trying off one app per week.

  36. Monika Smith

    wonderful! Love this article. i am going to try them all. this is very helpful for my wordrobe. Nice one

  37. Definitely downloading and trying them all. These are really great suggestions and I have been trying to get a wardrobe overhaul and this will definitely help. Great post 😀

  38. AArg! I had to come back and comment. You’ve gotten me totally addicted to Trendstop! :/

  39. The POSE app is a really cool concept. I’m going to try it out. Thanks for the suggestions!!

  40. I use Stylebook all the time. It takes a while to get set up, especially if you have a lot of clothing, but makes packing for trips and figuring out fresh outfits so much easier.

  41. I’ve been meaning to find an app like Style Book! It takes me way too long to go through my closet…

  42. Courtney Watson

    Stylebook is exactly what I needed! Now that I know how to organize it all, I’m off to accumulate some more clothing…

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