The Fern Lodge is Heaven, just 3hrs from NYC


When work pressure mounts and stress begins to build, you start thinking about the last vacation you had with your loved ones. You remember that most recent family adventure, full of fun and relaxation. It seems so distant now, sitting behind your desk at the office – an impossibly far-off fantasy. It’s times like these, when you start to forget there’s more to life than worry and work, that’s when you simply have to put your foot down (or rather put them up) and plan your next retreat.

But where do you go? You don’t have unlimited vacation days, and you’ve got to make this down time count. That place you went last time was fun, but the kids are expecting something new and exciting.

The Fern Lodge is Heaven, just 3hrs from NYC

Well, good news. You can cut the search short right now, because we’ve found you the perfect place where unlimited activities and ultimate luxury await. Pack your bags and drive up to The Fern Lodge, one of New York’s finest Adirondack resorts. Its fresh forest breeze, dazzling blue lakes and enchanting mountain vistas will get you in the mood for some well-deserved R&R.

Lakeside Luxury

The Fern Lodge is Heaven, just 3hrs from NYC

At the heart of the magnificent Adirondack Mountains stands The Fern Lodge, an exquisite hotel with a spectacular view of Friends Lake. It’s got all the services and amenities you could need to help you enjoy a weekend (or week) of luxurious living. The Fern Lodge’s beauty will set you free as its cosy atmosphere puts you at ease; it’s truly the paradise of your dreams! There’s no way anyone could reject this glorious lakeside lifestyle (especially when you have private indoor and outdoor hot tubs to enjoy it from). Let the fresh waters of Friends Lake soothe your body and calm your mind. Take a canoe out to the deep blue center, or explore the shores in your kayak. Also, Friends Lake is a plentiful small-mouth bass fishing area. Catch a few, then bring them back to your lodge for a delicious grilled dinner!

The Fern Lodge is Heaven, just 3hrs from NYC

If you’d like, you can drive south and east down to Lake George. That’s right, Lake George – site of the famous Battle of Lake George during the French and Indian War. Take a tour of its historic beaches and enjoy what Thomas Jefferson once claimed was the most beautiful water he ever saw.

 A romantic evening boat tour with complimentary drinks awaits those looking to savor their time on Friends Lake.

Amazing Amenities

The Fern Lodge is Heaven, just 3hrs from NYCIt’s hard to pick a favorite amenity at The Fern Lodge. They have a super cozy movie theater with a huge screen (yes, really!), an old-school popcorn maker, and a ton of great DVDs. They have a ping pong table and a full bar (which is free to use, and has decades old artisan scotch). They have board games, a pool table, canoeing, picnicking, a sauna, an exercise room, fireplaces all over and a ton of sitting areas both indoors and out.

Like to ski? Due to its northern mountain location, The Fern Lodge is great when the winter season approaches and the snow starts to fall. Fear not, though – your lodge is equipped to handle the Adirondack weather. You’ll find a beautifully designed stone fireplace to greet you every day and provide warmth when you need it. It’s a sleep-encouraging atmosphere that inspires wonderful dreams!

The Fern Lodge is Heaven, just 3hrs from NYC

The Fern Lodge is Heaven, just 3hrs from NYCThe Fern Lodge’s five intimate and comfortable guest rooms are full of surprises. Next to your fire place is a sitting area and a table where you can curl up with a cup of espresso and crack a good book. With a refrigerator and wet bars in each guest room, you can enjoy ice cold beer and wine in your in-room soaker tub!

In our bathroom was a huge, custom-made two-person steam shower with smooth rock boulders to sit on. Its waterfall spout washed away any doubts we may have had about the therapeutic benefits of a luxurious bath. We could have spent hours in there!

Since this is a B&B lodge, you’ll be provided with a delicious made-to-order breakfast every morning. Not just your usual coffee and pancakes, breakfast at The Fern Lodge is much more – a real treat for food lovers. They serve an artful spread of delicious organic food that’ll leave you wishing second breakfast was a real thing.

The Fern Lodge is Heaven, just 3hrs from NYC

Explore and Discover

An hour on NY 28 will take you westward to the Adirondack Museum. Here you can explore the long and diverse history of the Adirondack region. The museum features local crafts, mining and logging exhibits, a private rail car, and a campus including 23 buildings and a remarkable rustic hotel.

Next, head over to Lake Placid, your destination for all things Winter Olympics. The Lake Placid tour affords a great view of Whiteface Mountain, the fifth-tallest mountain in New York and site of the 1980 Winter Olympics alpine skiing competition. After the tour, check out the Lake Placid Winter Olympic Museum and its famous “Miracle on Ice” Arena.

The Fern Lodge is Heaven, just 3hrs from NYC

Enjoy the very best at Whiteface Mountain! Get your skis ready and experience the mountain’s Olympic-grade high altitude ski jumps. Be sure to bring those fine goggles of yours so you can take in the beautiful view while you descend. Once you hit the bottom of the mountain again, you’ll probably be tired… and famished. Skip on over to the Village of Lake Placid and treat your tastebuds to an array of fine delicacies.

And all this is in driving distance from The Fern Lodge! I’ll admit I wasn’t a seeing-is-believing-type of person before, but this place is just beyond words. You need to get out there yourself and see the real thing.

A writer, artist and designer since she was young enough to put pencil to paper, Hilary spends most of her time in France, but still considers herself a New Yorker, and visits regularly. Hilary spent the past decade living in NYC and has traveled extensively around the world, looking for hot new topics, destinations, and brands to bring to Urbanette readers.


  1. Looks like the kind of place that would be fun to book-out completely with a group of friends.

  2. The Catskills area of NY is really beautiful…

  3. This place looks absolutely stunning!! I will definitely try to plan a visit next time I'm looking to get away for a bit.

  4. Sarah Evanston

    This is New York?! It looks more like something from out west, maybe Colorado! I can’t believe the serenity this place holds so close the hustle and bustle of NYC! When do you think it would be best to visit? Go in the winter for skiing or take a relaxing summer vacation and hike the wilderness?

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