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How to Turn Your ‘Walk of Shame’ into a ‘Stride of Pride’

You just woke up, and it’s seven in the morning. You aren’t home. You need to be at work by eight. Here’s how to deal.

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You just woke up, and it’s seven in the morning. You aren’t home. You need to be at work by eight. You definitely do not have the time to commute home and change only to rush back to the street and panic on your way to a meeting. Running home is futile, and making excuses is unprofessional and could inspire gossip at work.

How to Turn Your ‘Walk of Shame’ into a ‘Stride of Pride’

Now, I know it’s called the “Walk Of Shame”, but I want to be clear that you shouldn’t actually be ashamed of anything. That said, if you’re like me, you value your privacy — especially in an office setting, or when you’re meeting with your boss or a client, or worse — gossipy colleagues. After all, nobody wants their colleagues to start rumors about them!

So what should you do? Next time, come prepared.

Here are a few products to help you avoid the morning-after gossip whirlpool, and turn that ‘walk of shame’ into a ‘stride of pride’:

A Bag with Detachable Handles

Nowadays, most bags are designed to be carried in various ways. Shorten the strap and you get a shoulder sling purse, lengthen it and you get a cross-body bag. Take out the strap, replace it with a longer one and hook it on top, you get a backpack. Attach an even shorter strap and you get a wristlet. Some bags even have smaller pouches that can double as clutches or wristlets.

A Reversible Scarf

Forget necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry. They’re often loud and always attract attention, and unless you want to carry your jewelry box with you, you’re better off using just one accessory: a reversible scarf. These usually come with one side in a solid color and the other side adorned with a pattern. Get one that matches seamlessly with the general color scheme of your closet so that you can use it in lots of situations.

How to Turn Your ‘Walk of Shame’ into a ‘Stride of Pride’

A Multifunction / Convertible Dress

Every woman should have a convertible clothing item. A multifunction dress is as versatile as an LBD, but with even more options. You can turn this piece of clothing into a halter top, a strapless number, or even a one-shoulder asymmetric wonder. Seven-way dresses are popular due to their chameleon-like properties, so take advantage and stock up.

A Reversible Skirt

Black one day, navy blue the next; pinstripes for the board meeting, and solid gray for the cocktail party the next day. The beauty of having a reversible skirt is that nobody will ever know that they’re the same item – unless you take them off in front of the same person twice, but that’s another story.

A Pair of Black Pumps

Black pumps are a classic staple – no one would think that you didn’t have time to change. Make sure that your shoes don’t have any fancy or garish embellishments that people will notice, so the fact that you’re wearing the same shoes to work as you did to the bear can fly under the radar.

How to Turn Your ‘Walk of Shame’ into a ‘Stride of Pride’

Foldable Flats

Black or nude is always the safest color, and since these babies are foldable, you can stash them in your bag and use them the next day instead of your heels. They’re also good when you’ve had a rough night partying and need to walk to (or crash at) someone else’s place.

Your Bare Necessities

Remember to bring a phone charger, a dual-purpose makeup remover / moisturizer, makeup essentials, a mini eyelash curler, tampons, hair accessories, a toothbrush, a mini-toothpaste, lip balm, and a pair of fake diamond studs with you everywhere (in a cute little makeup bag, of course). Anything else is unnecessary and excess baggage.

How to Turn Your ‘Walk of Shame’ into a ‘Stride of Pride’

Don’t leave tracks that will lead to your whereabouts the night before.

The next time you pull an all-nighter, whether it’s at a party, a girlfriend’s place, or your man’s flat, make sure you have everything you need so you can go back to work the next day without your colleagues suspecting a thing.

Sarah enlightens us on a daily basis with the newest trends as (and often before) they transpire. She is the consummate globe trotter. Having traveled to over 70 countries, she earns her living writing, blogging and modeling while on the road. In her spare time she gets manicures, suntans on yachts in Greece, shops for even more shoes, and lives in the limelight. She loves photography, elephants, sailboats, bangles and ballet flats.


  1. Oxi Harger

    Thanks! I can now avoid going to work wearing my boyfriend’s sweatpants, and white shirt.

  2. Joss Butler

    Thank God I’m a guy, and no once will notice if I wear the same pants, and top every day because that’s normal to us.

    • steev smith

      I agree, bro!

  3. Joyce McAllister

    I’m going to do this starting tomorrow. I’m late a lot because I always forget to bring extra clothes, and I always ended up staying over at my boyfriend’s house. I already have a bad record at my company because of this.

  4. Helen Boone

    No, I won’t follow this one. I want to train myself to be a responsible person, and this won’t help me to become one.

    • Francis Vest

      I bet you will experience things like this even once in your life. Be ready for that.

  5. Edna Badillo

    Foldable flats are very useful! I have them in my bag because it helps me in my everyday work. I wear heels all the time, and if my feet are tired, the flats are always to the rescue.

  6. Jossen Row

    My girlfriend would love this one. She always rushes going home because she doesn’t have spare clothes in her bag when she’s going to my apartment. I hope it helps her.

  7. Wilma Moore

    I have detachable bags, and I used them most of the time. It can mix and match.

    • Carrie Bleau

      Indeed. It’s fashionable, and useful at the same time.

  8. Evelyn Harris

    I have an officemate like this. I think it is gross going to the office with the same outfit, and without taking a bath.

  9. Cries Moris

    I always bring toothbrush, and extra underwear because that’s for my hygiene. I guess everyone should do that too because you’ll never know when are you not going home.

  10. Luisa Rodriguez

    I like how you help us to solve problems like this, but I think this also encourage the people to be responsible for bringing items to solve their irresponsible behavior.

  11. Ani Hoker

    The advantage of a girl who barely wears makeup is that even though she went straight to the office, they won’t notice it.

  12. Katherine Donnelly

    Thanks, Urbanette! My friends would love this article!

  13. Richard Armendariz

    You don’t need to remind the girls to bring make ups because I’m sure, 101% they wouldn’t forget to bring them. Am I right?

  14. Britni Baynes

    Where can I buy those convertible top? I’ve been looking for them for a long time, and I barely see one that I love. I’m afraid to buy online because I want to see the product first before purchasing.

    • Princes

      Try to go to the mall. Lol

  15. Lancy Stanford

    Then you’re not responsible, right? Because if you are, you won’t miss going to work in the morning because you got a hangover, right?

  16. Marina Josef

    Leave some stuff at your boyfriend’s pad. It’s convenient for you, and I’m sure he’s going to love it too. Maybe you can borrow your friend’s clothes too if you have no choice.

  17. Marina Bozek

    I’ll keep this in my notepad! This always happens to me, and I still forgot to bring stuff!

  18. Robert Patel

    The advantage of being men is that we wear the same pants in a week. It’s not a big deal for us going to work with the same outfit because we’re not picky as the women. As long as we take a bath, and we changed underwears because we sleep with just our boxers on.

  19. WTH! Why would the same outfit? Lol. I always bring the extra top, and of course, underwear so I can still go to work even if I crashed at someone’s place.

    • Jesse Wyss

      Sometimes, you have to experience things like this for you to experience fun.

  20. Jurik Smith

    I don’t want to go to the office like that. Hello? You’re wearing the same clothes you worn yesterday, plus the underwear? I can’t move properly with that.

  21. Selli Coaze

    Damn! Seriously? Are you going to wear the same pants after you got wasted? I don’t think I can wear the same pants after getting wasted.

  22. Hena Taylor

    There’s this time that I forgot that I have a work tomorrow. I woke up an hour before the call time, and my preparation time is 1 hour. I’m at my best friend’s pad, and we both have the hangover. I tried waking her up to drive me to my work, but she’s knocked out. What I did was I borrowed her bicycle, and I drove very fast going straight to our house. I prepared for 20 minutes, and I drove again going to work.

  23. Paul Daiz

    We always ensure that when my girlfriend hangs out in my place, she has her clothes. We agreed that she has to left her clothes to my place so she could have spare clothes to wear whenever she’s here.

  24. The reason why I always bring extra clothes whenever I go. We can’t tell what’s going to happen when you hang out with friends or have a date, so better be ready.

  25. Monaliza

    I’d rather be late than to wear the same clothes at the office. Its kind of disgusting, plus your co-workers will tease you, and I hate attention.

  26. Bela Christo

    Cmon, if you know that you have things to do tomorrow, be a responsible person, and go home. I’m pretty sure you have your rest days, and you can do them during that times, not when you have work to do the next day.

    • Jessi Agusta

      You can’t please people to be a responsible one, so better leave their business, and mind your own.

  27. Cristina Joseff

    OMG! HAHAHA! I tried going straight to work after having a successful date. We went to his apartment, and I didn’t expect that we’re going to have more fun, and I won’t be able to go home that time. I seriously went to the office wearing his sweat pants, and shirt. HAHAHA!

  28. Maria Bruce

    This article is not encouraging us not to go home, but it’s helping us to be more prepared in times of trouble lol. I know the feeling of going to the office, and your co-worker notices that you wear the same outfit yesterday. Lol

  29. Ana Brose

    Great tips! Now I can go to the office without them noticing that I didn’t sleep at home last night. Hahaha!

  30. Jeni Morgan

    The lesson in this article is that you should be responsible next time. Going out, and having fun is not bad, but you must be responsible for your actions.

  31. Doreen Morales

    I’m not sure if the “walk of shame” still exists. Mature and confident people explore their sexuality and are not concerned with shame.

    • Ofelia Ruley

      I agree with you. If it exists, for the inexperienced, immature or better yet, the curious.

    • OMG guys! You make SUCH good points!! I modified the article a bit to make it more empowering. Thank you so much for bringing this up!

  32. Hachi Komatsu

    It confuses me why women are criticized for wearing the same eyeliner, dress and high heels as the night before on the way home from an exciting night out. I mean, considering the era we’re in now…

    • I agree! But I’d rather be realistic about office environments, rather than assume others will think it’s fine. Perception is everything, right?

  33. Zoraida Martin

    Great post! For some reasons, being “liberal” and proud of one’s sexuality, manifested in the form staying over at someone’s house after a night out on the town is something to be ashamed of.

  34. Lily

    Thanks! Walk of Shame can be disorienting and sooo uncomfortable. And to note, is often accompanied by a serious hangover.

  35. Rosalia Russell

    I own and am proud of my sexuality, so I always take the WALK OF “NO” SHAME!

  36. Karen Abeyta

    At this day, do we still call it walk of shame?! Perhaps, we already call it “walk of fame.”

  37. Maxine Ford

    Avoid walk of shame tips?! Seriously?! I would have appreciate your site if you write articles about career for women.

  38. Lisa Bryson

    😡😡😡 Casual hookups… one night stand… why do women always suffer shame and judgment while applauding sexual prolificacy in men

    • Joan Morales

      Yeah, women always suffer or riddled with guilt after an exciting night. It’s only our fault *sigh*

  39. Eloise Ferris

    Now I’m googling reversible scarves. Great tips!

    • I have several and I totally love them. I linked to one in this article… check it out!

  40. April Henry

    Wonderful tips and I’ll definitely remember to bring these 😂 I wonder how I can make smudged make up work for me 🤔

  41. Thanks for the tips 🙂 I’m only young once and I’m making the most of the years I’m still flexible.

  42. Isabela Quagliato

    Walk of shame… I’ve done that and I’ve been called “slutty…” But hell, who cares? It’s 21st century and I can do whatever I want

    • I’m still working on the “who cares” part, but I hope I can be 100% confident someday soon… meditation and mantras are helping.

  43. Michelle Lee

    Are you going to do a follow-up article on the topic? Suggestion: Write beauty or make up tips like “avoiding raccoon eyes” the day after a night of fun 😉

    • Veola Sancho

      I agree! Additional topic, skipping the messy bedhead!

  44. Kathryn Gibson

    Well, looking at it on thhe brighter side, I’d call it as “walk of fame…” LOL

  45. Osana Smith

    Can anybody explain to me why going home after an exciting and adventurous night out a walk of shame? To me, walk of shame would imply that I did something wrong.

    • Blanche Martina

      IKR, what’s wrong with enjoying a night out?!

  46. Olive Williams

    Can’t help but share this “walk of shame” social experiment by Daily Mail UK:

    • Patricia Montague

      See how judgemental our society is?!

  47. Sherry Manust

    Don’t get me wrong, but I think, as a magazine who promotes women empowerment, you should have written an article like “how to avoid layoff walk of shame” rather than “casual hookups walk of shame.” Just a thought….

    • Hmmm…. That’s a good point! But doesn’t privacy matter, especially in the workplace?

  48. Breanna King

    Haha! I will share this article with my friend. She needs this on because she parties most of the time, and went to work stinks. Hahaha

  49. Kelly Gonzales

    Reasons why I have clothes on my bestfriend’s house and my boyfriend’s. Hahaha

  50. My roomate will love this article! She’s into parties and always rushing in the morning for work.

  51. Dawn Katz

    Nah. I think I’ll just bring a spare dress than to have a convertible clothes.

  52. Michael Smith

    Cmon, guys, go home, and you can avoid that shameful walk at your office.

  53. Kimberly Holder

    I reading this and sharing with my friends, I can sense I’m gonna see them with larger bags!

  54. George Sumanta

    Imagine this happening to you and there was traffic, and there were no cabs! HAHAHA!

    • Eloisa Clay

      Ugh! I hate it. This is the worst thing that could happen

  55. Jeweli Prater

    Another tip, you can wear a black dress, and add a button-down top as a cover. You can remove the top later for the party. I always do it 😉

  56. Zerin Martin

    You need to sacrifice that small bag of yours for you to have this stuff with you all the time and be prepared for parties or events… not sure all this junk would fit in the little bag you linked to / recommended!

  57. Luthi Sanders

    I hate when this happened to me! Struggle is real!

  58. Patricia Young

    Cheers to us who got drunk and woke up in someone else’s room! Hahaha

  59. I always bring a pouch with underwear, toothpaste, toothbrush, and tampons. It’s not because I always crash at someone’s place, but it’s for my hygiene.

  60. Jurik

    This is why I have a small pouch in my bag where there some necessities inside aside from my make-up kit. There are underwears and a dress.

  61. Kseniya Tomlin

    Of course, tampons is a must bring for everyday! It’s hard not to have a spare one in your bag.

  62. Jessie Fernande

    Well, I can’t be this prepared when the party is unexpected.

  63. Lana Wiliam

    Well, don’t forget your charger or powerbank!

  64. I remember happening this to my bestfriend! I couldn’t forget her face when she was rushing to get off to her work by morning. Hahaha

  65. Angelo Henderso

    No one should ever left home without a tampon. It’s the most important thing in the world!

    • So true. You only need to get stuck somewhere without one once, to never let it happen again. The WORST! LOL

  66. Alexis Young

    You can avoid it by being a responsible person. I know they are ways, but being responsible is the best thing you should do,

  67. Barbara Taylor

    I can imagine the stress from waking up the morning after getting drunk.

  68. Arlene Davis

    The classic black pumps are made to save the day. Hahaha

    • Nataliya Smith

      Yeah. I call them my savior pumps!

  69. Carmen Griffin

    I’m gonna share this with my girls! since we always end up crashing at either one of our apartments and rushing off by morning for work.

  70. Ohmygosh! I love this post. Hahaha! It was last week when this happened to me. My co-workers made fun of me. So this is so helpful! Thank you.

  71. Mia Robinson

    I will never forget my experience at the office. I forgot that I have some work tomorrow, and I got wasted. I didn’t take a bath or change my undies because I’m already late for my work. Hahaha!

  72. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    Wow! An advice for those party-goers. Haha. It’s really good, I can say. You can also use this for packing light when you travel overnight.

    • Della Martin

      Yeah, I thought about that too!

  73. Connie Schmidt

    Well, imo, you can just bring another pair of clothes with you, like a dress or an over-alls.

  74. Esther Devine

    The wonders of scarves and a LBD! You can survive your day with those two, trust me! I’ve been through it thousands of time!

  75. Brittany West

    i always have a toothbrush/toothpaste, mouthwash, make up remover, facial wash, and make up in my pouch. Never left home without it.

  76. Deanna Woods

    Owning convertable clothes is helpful. I’m so thankful for whoever inveted that!

  77. You need to sacrifice your small bag so you can party all night and have something to spare for your work tomorrow.

    • Margarette Carter

      Sad but you have to 🙁

      • All of this stuff fits in a medium sized bag which can be super versatile. Giant bags are not great for partying..

  78. Lissa Green

    Just remembering the pain of hangovers is making me start to feel sick!

  79. Juli Woods

    This happened to me before! I WIL NEVER FORGET ABOUT IT! It was Wednesday when my friends and I decided to go to this newly opened bar that is near to our workplace. I got too much drink and ended up to my friend’s place. She was still hangover so I didn’t bother waking her up and I’m so late for work. I ended up wearing the same clothes I wore before. I could say the best yet worst day of my life! Hahahaha

    • Genie Mackenzie

      Hahaha. Tough night! Lucky you weren’t too hangover from that night to be able to go to work.

  80. Lusi Martin

    Whether I’ll attend a party after work or not, I always have a pair of flip flops or foldable flats in my bag. It’s hard not to have them when you’re working in heels.

  81. Honey Smith

    You can never go wrong with black pumps! It’s perfect for work and for parties. No one can notice you wearing the same shoes all over again because of the design.

  82. Nixon

    Rather than wearing something that is convertible, why not bring another dress? Because what if you spill something on your clothes.

    • So that you can carry a smaller, lighter bag. You can always spot wash that spot on the dress and hang it overnight to dry…

  83. Andrea Brown

    OMG! My friend needs this one. She always borrows my clothes whenever she crashes in my house, and she never returns them.

  84. Anila William

    Wow. Hahaha! I so love this post! It’s really helpful for me.

  85. Nancy Smith

    This is a cool advice for people who always love to party during workdays.

  86. Brett Lee

    This is why my girlfriend has a few clothes here in my pad for emergencies

    • Quin Meri

      I agree with you! My gf also have some spare clothes in my place

  87. Jenifer Jeni

    Haha! This is perfect for me since my friends have been mocking me every time I go to work wearing the same clothes I wore the day before.

  88. I had fun reading this article!!! Multi-function dress, tops and reversible skirts help! One thing I learned is that WE NEED TO BE READY… always… everyday! LOL

  89. Francis Woods

    Foldable flats are a godsend, even if you're not doing a walk of shame. I personally can't stand wearing heels for that long, so those are also perfect for when your feet need a break. Also make up remover is great thing to always have because no one wants to wake up looking like Courtney Love.

  90. Jen Spillane

    I wonder where I could find a convertible dress? I really like the one featured.

  91. Courtney Watson

    I love this article so much! It made me laugh! Probably because I can relate?! Hmmm….

    Due to my “walk of shame” experience (which is an experience to remember by the way), I  nowadays make sure to wear (or at least bring multifunction dress) 🙂

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