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Thinking About Cheating? 12 Reasons Why You Should


To cheat or not to cheat?  Insert cliché: “That is the question!”  But is that really the question?  Now there’s another $64 thousand dollar question on the table – Is it bad to cheat even if I think my boyfriend won’t find out? Let’s find out…. just leave your ego at the door.

It makes me feel good about myself – for a moment

Cheaters are usually insecure.  Insecurity is a common theme in all our lives, and to seek relief from those insecurities is desirable, even if just for a moment.

Thinking About Cheating? 12 Reasons Why You Should

Temporarily masking these insecurities requires ego-boosting actions, and cheating is a temporary quick-fix to satiate feelings of inadequacy.  The cheater can gain satisfaction, like a temporary high, but risks feeling even worse after the act of cheating than they did before cheating.

They have bypassed dealing with the real issues and added a heap of guilt to the pile.  A vicious cycle spins now because, without dealing with the underlying issues, the cheater may then feel the need to keep cheating in order to continue gratifying those feelings of inadequacy.  Thus, cheating becomes a regularity, and the underlying personal insecurities have yet to be dealt with.

Personal inadequacies are legitimate, but must be resolved with self-confrontation.  What is the number one answer?  The survey says…get therapy!

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  1. This article is on point. I, myself, think that cheating is a “sin” in relationships. And we all know that people who cheat have a problem about their self-confidence. Or that they are actually trying to prove something. But if you’re cheating because you’re not happy, then why even stay?

  2. Hannah Mayers

    Fantastic article! I was cheated on in college and ever since I’ve wondered why he did it. This really helps explain it. Bottom line: now I realize that it wasn’t really about me at all. It was 100% about him.

  3. Courtney Watson

    In my mind, there’s absolutely zero excuse for cheating. I have girlfriends who do it, and they think they’ll get away with it, but they almost never do. It always comes out and someone (usually both of them) get hurt — badly. Not worth it!

    • Francis Woods

      I totally agree! For the quick fun, you’re signing up for a LOT of stress and unhappiness later. Not worth it – at all!

  4. Cheating shouldn’t be tolerated or even encouraged. I’ve known some people who actually encourage their friends to cheat on their partners, just for fun, at times and sometimes to make them feel good if their partner isn’t paying attention, just like the Blame Game mentioned in this article.
    If you are not happy with your current relation, just step out of it instead of justifying your reasons to cheat. Why burden yourself with unnecessary guilt, when you can simply sort things out with your partner and discuss whatever issues there are between you two?
    May be you cheat because you don’t respect your partner anymore, but for God’s sake at least have some self respect.

    In short – Cheating, totally unacceptable.

  5. Oh yes! Cheating will just make things worse!

  6. Cheating is not the best way to handle problems in a relationship, it just leads to more anguish and conflict. I love the way you demonstrated the psychological and emotional reasons of cheating in your article, it's interesting to see how people cheat because of their own insecurities.

  7. Jen Garcia

    What do people get out of cheating?! Hmmmm… stress?! headaches?! 😉

    My personal belief is that, if you’re cheating, of course you don’t want to get caught (and even if you get caught) you’ll think of excuses, alibis and reasons which of course can cause headaches and most definitely, STRESS! And I know that just the thought of getting caught sometimes make you feel nervous and cause terrible sweat, I have seen a lot of people undergone this… 😉

    Most cheaters that I know thought that cheating is a “form of revenge” that can make them happy, fulfilled and contented. Hah! Very shallow and nonsense belief!

  8. Cheating is just not acceptable in any relationship. Although others may get a thrill, is it worth your relationship? I think sharing a bond with someone is a very special thing and shouldn't be broken. Thanks for this article. Maybe after people will start to realize why they shouldn't cheat.

  9. Love this article! People often do things far too impulsively, or rationalize things to themselves and don't think about the cost-benefit analysis… I can't imagine anyone would cheat after reading this…

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