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Thinking About Cheating? 12 Reasons Why You Should

You may not have considered these…


Is it really that bad?

The basic belief that cheating is bad is a result of individuals that can testify to cheating or being cheated on, leaving a wake of negative consequences. This is where personal values come into play. I mean, even a thief would complain if you stole something from him.

Thinking About Cheating? 12 Reasons Why You Should

Debating if cheating is bad or not is no longer the point; cheating without your sweetie knowing you cheated is a heavier subject matter. If you haven’t located your moral compass yet, now may be the time to do it!

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Reader Discussion: 135 Comments

  1. Caring Husband

    I’m alright with it really. This seems like a bit of a circle jerk so you can all try to preemptively prevent men cheating on you. If it makes you feel better, so be it.

  2. Jannie Zoot

    A friend of mine just can’t stop cheating. She broke up with a guy, found a new one and fell crazy in love and then cheated on him twice. I know she’s very unconfident and insecure but geez! That’s not a solution, is it?

  3. Selli Coaze

    Being in a relationship is a “daily choice” and everyday, I choose to be faithful with my partner.

    • Jonathan Freeman

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  4. Hena Taylor

    Cheating can be avoided if open communication will be observed by partners.

  5. Jessi Agusta

    In my opinion, men cheat more often than women because of culture. If society condones infidelity as a value, we may no longer see cheating as a negative behavior.

  6. Lana Urie

    I have never cheated, but been cheated on before. It took me long to recover from it, and to regain my trust in men. I couldn’t get in to a new relationship for 3 years. Now I’m happily married to the nicest man I’ve ever known, and I hope that he won’t fail my trust.

  7. Roberta Bennett

    Cheating is the lowest form of betrayal.

  8. Gwen Keaton

    What bothers me the most is that people still get in relationships when they know they can’t stay faithful. Why do they that? Do they actually start relationships thinking they’ll be faithful during the relationship, or do they know that they’ll mess up and go on cheating as they wish?

    • Irene Morales

      I don’t think anybody would get in a relationship thinking of or planing to cheat.

  9. Leslie Williams

    Faithfulness is the key. 🙂

    • Jae Medina

      The key to an honest and happy life! I wish men could see that too.

  10. Loraine Aguilar

    Cheating is disgusting and very hurtful! Too bad these days loyalty is very hard to find, and almost everyone is capable of cheating. What a sad world we live in. 🙁

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