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New York City

3 Steps to Getting Past the Velvet Rope

Three proven ways to get into any venue.


3 Steps to Getting Past the Velvet RopeMy years of experience in attending events in the nation’s top markets have taught me a thing or two about how to avoid being permanently stuck on the wrong side of the velvet rope. And while there may be more to life than exclusive parties (I say may be — I haven’t cracked that puzzle yet!),  nobody likes to be denied something they really, really want (like a glass of champagne at the bar in the VIP lounge with Justin Timberlake).

Without further ado, here is a crash course on iron-clad door etiquette that will help you get in your venue of choice with minimal problems.

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Mick is a guy’s-guy and is still somehow connected in an uncanny way to all things female and fashionable. He brings a unique perspective to everything from laptop reviews to fashionable home decor. In his spare time, he gives image consulting advice on products, accessories, fashion, decor (and the occasional dating tip) to his Hollywood celebrity client list. He loves his cherry red Mini Cooper and his chocolate lab, Rick.

Reader Discussion: 3 Comments

  1. Hannah Meyers

    Gosh Mick, these are very useful. I can put my stalker skills to use 😀

  2. ….or get your agent to call for you. If you’re a model it’s so easy to get in anywhere. Too easy – it gets boring!!

  3. I must say, those are some pretty cool tips. Never really barged into any such event, but would surely love to give it a try. 😉
    Also, will have to be prepared if I fail to carry out the super cool attitude and finally end up stuttering in front of the doorman… hehehe!!
    It must be such fun though.

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