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8 Tips to Get You a Great Date – Tonight!

8 sexy tips. Working out not required.


I have a challenge for you. Get a date – tonight! No, not just sex. We’re talking about a good, wholesome date that leads to a meaningful conversation and relationship. That date when you feel like you are with someone special enough to get into something deeper.

If you are cynical about love, take this challenge as entertainment and a test of your attractiveness. If you are desperate to get a date anyway, don’t fret. It’s never too late.

Science writer Kayt Sukel, author of “DIRTY MINDS: How Our Brains Influence Love, Sex, and Relationships”, offers a few “scientific” tips for finding love.

8 Tips to Get You a Great Date – Tonight!

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Reader Discussion: 11 Comments

  1. Andy Robertson

    Hi there! I especially like the “Be natural”. When I met a girl on a website, we first met in a New York cafe, I tried to show my coolness, played the role of Superman. And then I said to myself, “take it easy and people will draw to you”, relaxed, smiling girl, and we realized that we had found each other.

  2. Jen Spillane

    I especially like the idea that it's better to be more natural than made up because that's when you'll be able to relax and enjoy. One of my favorite yoga teachers likes to talk about how for the first year of a relationship, you generally get that person's representative. After a year, you get the real person. All of these tips seem to be about that, too-getting from your representative to your real self. In other words, an effective way to live one's life as well as attract a man!

  3. yep for sure 🙂

  4. Quick remedy to #singlesproblem… lol!

  5. Randie Cadiogan

    LOL… Interesting article especially that part on flushing the pill. 🙂

  6. GV

    overananlyzing ruins everything! just enjoy the moment.

  7. Doug

    I Expect FRIENDZONES get unlocked on valentines day. especially when two people are really REALLY drunk. 

    • prettygirlrock234

      hahahahha! that’s so funny!

  8. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Although I don’t have a date, I’m still pretty excited! I’m spending it with my single ladies. :)))

  9. Olie

    I’m quite confused about your tip about the make-up part. Cause I’ve read in Cosmo before that what women thought of as the “natural look” (with no make-up on) isn’t exactly attractive to men because men are less perceptive of detail. 
    What men think is the “natural look”, means, having to actually apply little bit of eyeliner, blush, and lipstick. So the dilemma here is – should I go for the girls’ perception of the “natural look” or the guys’ perception of it on Vday?

    • Maggie Easter

      Go for what makes you comfortable. There are women who feel most beautiful when they put on heavy makeup. If it doesn’t make you fidgety, there is no problem with that. Tip 3 talks about comfort.

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