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7 Ridiculously Extravagant Accessories

There’s a limit to what we’re willing to pay to be ‘cool’–and I think we found it!


At Urbanette Magazine, we have a lot of love for fashion. There’s nothing quite like spending your lunch money on a Hèrmes scarf, or a pair of super-cute designer jeans. We’re sure you know the feeling. I mean, you may not be able to eat for a week, or you may need to forgo the cab for the bus, but damn, those jeans look amazing – how could you not splurge? You’ve earned it, right?

Well, like most women, we love to splurge, but we certainly have our limitations on what we’re willing to pay to be “cool.” But not everyone has those same limitations. In fact, for the same amount of money it might cost you to feed and clothe a small village, any of these extravagant accessories could be yours…

#6. Mr. Kennedy Gold Shoelaces for $19,000.

7 Ridiculously Extravagant AccessoriesThat’s no mistake – Mr Kennedy’s 24K gold shoelaces can be yours for just $19,000 – which is great, if, and only if, you can then afford to buy a pair of shoes to go with them. I mean, you could put them on your $30 Chucks, but wouldn’t that make them slightly “less special”?  As it is, these shoelaces are limited to 10 units, and are allegedly hand-made in Colombia, where it took approximately 120 hours to perfect a set. As legend has it, if you decide to actual purchase this rarity, they will be delivered to your doorstep by security. That way, you’ll only get jumped for your laces after the package has been safely delivered. Oh, and if those gold laces are a little too steep, Mr. Kennedy $3,000 Silver Shoelaces is an offered alternative.

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Mick is a guy’s-guy and is still somehow connected in an uncanny way to all things female and fashionable. He brings a unique perspective to everything from laptop reviews to fashionable home decor. In his spare time, he gives image consulting advice on products, accessories, fashion, decor (and the occasional dating tip) to his Hollywood celebrity client list. He loves his cherry red Mini Cooper and his chocolate lab, Rick.

Reader Discussion: 8 Comments

  1. I stopped at the Golden Fucking Shoelaces. Who is dumb enough to buy that? What has happened to their heads and they thought that having a golden shoelace will say they’re rich? They’re rich sure, and dumb!

  2. Isn’t it a bit weird to make gold shoe laces without an actual gold pair of shoes to go with it?

  3. Hannah Meyers

    Now that phone will definitely get you kidnapped. 😛

  4. Courtney Watson

    Seriously, $19,000 for shoelaces?!!!!

  5. I love the humor in this article! These are really ridiculous products, it's funny what's produced for such high prices sometimes.

  6. Great article, sense of humor, and passion about the subject. So for the price of one of these items, we can help so many people in need. I can't believe how simple material things can be worth such obnoxious amounts! Treating yourself is one thing, but people really need to think about what they buy.

  7. I wouldn't buy any of this even I could afford this! No one should so much money on just a diaper bag. All these items are unnecessary and overly priced. I understand that at this much bling to any item would gain attention. But no one would care unless you bring it up yourself and explain that you wasted thousands on a flip-flop or bedazzled old looking phone.

  8. Eula

    i would love to add the million dollar fancy bras here. you can’t go out in lingerie all the time you know. i’d rather buy car or a house than spend them on impractical underwear

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