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Travel Tips for Frequent Travelers

Some very useful, time-saving and happiness-increasing travel tips.


As I write this, I’m crammed into a tiny economy seat on a sold-out American Airlines flight because yesterday’s flight got cancelled and everything was pretty much sold out. As many frequent travelers know, and I’ve certainly been reminded over the years, there are huge differences between airlines, first class cabins, and airplanes.

Travel Tips for Frequent Travelers

Below are my preferences and tips, based on my experiences so far:

  • I bring my Travel Berkey wherever I travel so I can avoid the hassle of needing to buy overpriced water and all those nasty plastic toxins. Plus, it’s eco-friendly.
  • Four Sigma organic coffee packets are great for travel because you just mix them with hot water and presto — the perfect cup of delicious coffee. #JustSayNoToCrapCoffee
  • Non-toxic sanitizing wipes are oh-so-necessary for germophobes like me. I use them to clean the tray table on the airplane, wipe down the doorknobs and toilet in my hotel room, and keep from getting sick by wiping my hands after being in public spaces.
  • You probably already do this, but the Audible app or a Kindle are a lifesaver on trips where you don’t have access to watch movies.
  • I use this infrared neck warming wrap to help me relax and sleep. It’s light and compact, and it keeps my neck from getting stiff.
  • Here’s a list of my best packing hacks and tips.
  • While still at home on fast wifi, pre-download Audible books and music tracks onto your phone (Spotify allows for this). I make sure to download tracks to help me sleep, white noise, and meditation tracks.
  • I make sure to familiarize myself with the latest travel scams ahead of time.
  • I never check bags. I find that I can fit more than I wear in two weeks into a carry-on (get one with 4 wheels), and it saves me time at the airport (not to mention removes the risk of lost baggage, which is noooo fun). I also pre-print my boarding pass so I can go straight to the gate. This sometimes saves me as much as an hour in lines at the airport!
  • If you have a really long layover, you can get access to airport lounges with certain credit cards. Plan this in advance so you know where to go and what is needed to get in.
  • Remember to buy and bring extra batteries for your camera (so you don’t end up lugging your dead camera around and miss some great photo ops) and extra converter — or three.
  • When flying, I always request a vegan meal ahead of time. It’s usually healthier and lighter, so I feel better when I deplane. I always skip the booze as this makes it harder to get into deep-sleep mode. (Swiss Air has the best veggie meals because they’re made by Hiltl, the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe.)

Travel Tips for Frequent Travelers

Air Travel Tips:

Get Global Entry & TSA Pre: If you fly a lot, these will shave precious minutes off the time you have to spend in the airport. For $100 per 5 years (or, if you’ve got a Platinum AMEX, it’s $0), Global Entry allows you to skip customs on the US side (you use a quick touch-screen kiosk instead). Global Entry members are automatically eligible for TSA Pre at no additional fee, which  lets you get through security much faster (no more taking your laptop out and your shoes off!)

A note for New Yorkers: I got conditionally approved for Global Entry within a couple of weeks, but when I had to do my interview, the one Global Entry Manhattan location listed on the Global Entry website was booked up for three months. Butttt… I did some digging and found out that you can be interviewed at Newark or JFK within a couple of days. Call 718-553-1237 for JFK and 973-565-8000 ext 8135 for Newark, and have your Global Entry number handy.

Travel Tips for Frequent Travelers

Don’t get stuck in a seat with no legroom, no screen for movies, and no electrical outlets, like this one!

Route Happy is my favorite way to book flights. The site aggregates other user’s reviews, flight length, seat size, plane age, amenities, Wi-Fi, etc, then rates available flights by a happiness score. Brilliant! Double-check your choice on Seat Guru, which will tell you what the plane you’re considering booking a flight on will be like, and what seats you should choose.

The next time your flight gets cancelled or delayed, let AirHelp get you $$ compensation. The form takes 3 minutes to set up, they can get you up to $800, and they take a 25% commission. Also check out, which only takes 15% commission and says they can get you up to 600 Euros.

Travel Tips for Frequent Travelers

Travel Tips for Frequent Travelers

My favorite airlines (I wish they flew more places):

1. Virgin: Their Economy Plus class is nicer than American Airline’s first class. Brand new swanky planes with personal TV’s in every seat (the interactive kind, where you can actually choose what you want to watch, and when), fun lighting, great service and good food that you can order through the TV on demand.

2. JetBlue Mint: A great new (relatively affordable) first-class service in new and clean planes, with lay-flat beds, single suites, nicer terminals, less delays, personal TVs and more.

3. Porter: If you’re flying to Toronto, Porter will fly you right into the city-center island airport, so you’ll skip the drive to downtown. The airline has a great lounge (with free drinks and snacks) that’s even better than the lounges that other airlines make you pay to enter. The downside is that they only fly to a few Canadian destinations and the planes are small and getting on the older side.

4. La Compagnie: A great airline that is all first class style lay-flat seats. They only fly between NYC and Paris, but they have frequent sales and their sale pricing for two tickets is the best value out there.

What have your airline experiences been like? Please share your tips! 🙂

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  1. Patti Luna

    I don’t like flying. It is the most boring thing I’ve ever had to do. After takeoff, I’m either asleep or fidgeting in my seat from restlessness. It almost makes me want turbulence. A little excitement.

  2. I understand you have to go online and put your TSA number when you are booking your flight, That is the reason it did not work. You didn’t follow the directions properly.

  3. Don’t waste money on this bull shit system to rip you. Yesterday I printed my boarding pass on my return air ticket and guess what? The TSA pre symbol was not there. I had to remove everything from belt to shoes despite wasting 80$ on a useless system.

  4. QUIN

    I just walked to the TSA pre-enrollment center on Monday, waited for like 10 minutes and today I got my KTN in my email.

  5. Terry Daye

    Hilary!! Do you think it is worth to have a global entry for the non-regular traveler? Does global entry work for the domestic traveler?

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    I work for an international PR company and I have to travel a lot. These tips are really amazing. Thank you!!

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    I’m leaving for California tomorrow so I’ve just been reading this travel tips online.

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