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3 Unique & Lesser-Known American Ski Destinations

Three destinations that offer skiers and boarders some seriously unique activities on the side.


If you’re into winter sports, then I’m assuming you’ve heard of Vail, Park City, Whistler, Aspen, and Breckenridge. These destinations are so well-known, in fact, that a vacation to any of these favorites means standing elbow to elbow with thousands of other skiers to wait in line for the lift. Although they are certainly deserving of their notoriety, sometimes it’s more fun to take the road ski-lift less traveled.

3 Unique & Lesser-Known American Ski Destinations

Have a unique experience –and come home with some fun stories– by visiting one of these offbeat destinations.

Here are three of America’s most interesting and lesser-known ski destinations that offer skiers and boarders a more quaint, eclectic experience — with some unique activities on the side:

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Reader Discussion: 232 Comments

  1. All of them are just fantastic ! Thanks for sharing .. have a nice day ,..

  2. Karen Perry

    Is skiing that fun? Im afraid I will slip. Never tried that in my entire life.

    • Bonnie Wood

      Yes its undeniably fun! Try taking lesson to lessen your fear! Conquer that girl!

  3. Michelle Edwards

    Can’t think of a place for our family get away. Thank god I found Urbanette. I think we can enjoy skiing at Mt. Shasta its nearer to our place us also.

  4. Jessica Garcia

    Never been to these three Destinations that you featured. I miss skiing and snowboarding but can’t do that as of now because I’m pregnant I’ll try to go to one of these place next year together with my family…

  5. Norma Ward

    Winter or Summer Red River is still the best hang out plce for me and my cousins. Many activities to choose from.

    • Paula Smith

      Yah been last week miss RED RIVER already…☹️

  6. Lori Long

    GIVE ME A BREAK! It’s freaking cold! I don’t enjoy skiing that much. Maybe it’s better to just enjoy the view have a spa and eat good food. Thanks anyway.

    • Marilyn Taylor

      It’s totally fun! You are missing a one of a kind experience.

  7. Amy Simmons

    You gave me an option for our wedding anniversary. We both love skiing and I think our kids will enjoy ice skating. It’s gonna be exciting!

  8. Ruby Collins

    Snow boarding in RED RIVER are the best for me. Gonna visit this weekend again.

  9. Mildred Davis

    It’s hard to choose! I want to visit all of them!?

    • Deborah Hughes

      Choose Heber Valley you will enjoy there! I promise! Been there last month. I just can’t believe how accommodating the people are and such a perfect place for relaxation.

  10. Sara Sanders


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