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3 Unique & Lesser-Known American Ski Destinations

Three destinations that offer skiers and boarders some seriously unique activities on the side.


If you’re into winter sports, then I’m assuming you’ve heard of Vail, Park City, Whistler, Aspen, and Breckenridge. These destinations are so well-known, in fact, that a vacation to any of these favorites means standing elbow to elbow with thousands of other skiers to wait in line for the lift. Although they are certainly deserving of their notoriety, sometimes it’s more fun to take the road ski-lift less traveled.

3 Unique & Lesser-Known American Ski Destinations

Have a unique experience –and come home with some fun stories– by visiting one of these offbeat destinations.

Here are three of America’s most interesting and lesser-known ski destinations that offer skiers and boarders a more quaint, eclectic experience — with some unique activities on the side:

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Reader Discussion: 45 Comments

  1. Kimberly Shaw

    Skiing or snowboarding vacations are the best family trips. They include lots of activity, eating, playing, and once you’re there you’re set. Kids can sled, build snowmen, ski, ride, or just enjoy a fire in the condo. Most ski resorts have great kid programs and good babysitting facilities. It’s a heckuva lot better than waiting in long lines at Disneyland!

  2. Kayla Aquisha

    The Zermatt Resort looks very promising and relaxing. I love cabin-style houses! They look and feel very homey.

  3. Mark Haven

    These are very interesting places to go to for your next ski trip. Really lots of fun stuff to do and you’ll never get bored even for a minute. Plus, you’ll have a good place to sleep in at night!

  4. Janea Allisson

    Heber Valley was one of the best places I’ve ever been to. I didn’t think I’d like it at first because I don’t like skiing in general, but it was really worth it.

  5. Cassie Grey

    Very informative article. Makes it easy for us travelers to find better places to go to.😍

  6. Tricia Marie

    Red River sounds like a very family-oriented place to go to. My children love interacting with animals! They’d be really happy to go here. Thank you for posting this!

  7. Annie Johnson

    Thank you for this list. Our next ski trip will be great the second time around. (We’re just new to enjoying ski trips and this is a good addition to our itinerary!)

  8. Jaiden Rey

    I’m very interested in going to Red River. I love those ‘throwback’ looking places. It’s a nice escape from the busy city life.

  9. Cassandra Polly

    The Blue Bar inn seems like a great place to stay. I’ll look up this place for more reviews.

  10. Ashley Wilden

    Stunning places!

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