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3 Unique & Lesser-Known American Ski Destinations

Three destinations that offer skiers and boarders some seriously unique activities on the side.


For Hippies Who Love To Ski

The town of Mount Shasta sits 10,000 feet below the summit of the Mount Shasta stratovolcano, in California. This ski destination is open almost all year, with thick snowpack adhering into the summer months. In the spring, you can ski off the volcano’s summit for an 8,000-foot descent.

3 Unique & Lesser-Known American Ski Destinations

You can ski and snowboard Mount Shasta for most of the year

It is perfectly made for backcountry skiing because it doesn’t have the dangerous crevasses that typical mountains have. The town has ski shops that rent backcountry gear, and there are guides and other resources to help backcountry skiers.

Mount Shasta is the destination for you if you love backcountry skiing all year round and a bit of mysticism and other-worldly power on your vacations.

3 Unique & Lesser-Known American Ski Destinations

A bunny hill on Mount Shasta

Mt. Shasta Board & Ski Park boasts 425 skiable acres, with 32 trails, 1390 vertical feet, 3 triple chairs and one surface lift, a massive bowl, 20% beginner, 55% intermediate, 25% advanced. Night skiing on 14 trails have become a must-do at the ski park, as Mount Shasta is one of the few ski resorts in California with night skiing. Thursdays through Saturdays, skiers and riders can hit the slopes from 3 to 9 pm for $20.

3 Unique & Lesser-Known American Ski Destinations

Try night skiing on the lit trails for $20.

This video will give you a taste of what the mountain is like for skiers and boarders:

Rising to a height of 14,179 feet, Mount Shasta dominates the landscape of Northern California. The area has long been a destination resort rejuvenation, with its pristine glacial waters, natural mineral springs, pure mountain air and unsurpassed scenery. Adding to the abundant natural healthful opportunities available here are the large number of alternative health and wellness practitioners who offer a wide variety of healing modalities for mind, body, and spirit health.

This volcanic mountain is also known for its spectacular sunsets and stunning cloud formations.

3 Unique & Lesser-Known American Ski Destinations

Winter sunrise on Mount Shasta

If you’re looking for something interesting to do on your rest day, Mount Shasta has a new-age feel, and there’s pretty much always something interesting going on. It is known for its crystal spinning, UFO sightings, meditation and chant groups and rumors about a spiritually advanced race living inside the mountain. In fact, there are over 100 New-Age religious groups and sects that have come to the mountain.

3 Unique & Lesser-Known American Ski Destinations

Harness the energy of this spiritual mountain using crystals

Some locals believe that this volcanic mountain holds a sacred source of mystical power. The mountain is considered to be one of the seven sacred mountains of the world, and draws hundreds of spiritual tourists yearly on sacred journeys, pilgrimages, vision quests, healing retreats.

3 Unique & Lesser-Known American Ski Destinations

Mount Shasta is known for incredible cloud formations, including circular ringed clouds over the summit

Tip: Find entertainment via live music at Slider’s Bar (in the ski park) and a couple other venues in town.

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  1. Kayla Aquisha

    The Zermatt Resort looks very promising and relaxing. I love cabin-style houses! They look and feel very homey.

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    These are very interesting places to go to for your next ski trip. Really lots of fun stuff to do and you’ll never get bored even for a minute. Plus, you’ll have a good place to sleep in at night!

  3. Janea Allisson

    Heber Valley was one of the best places I’ve ever been to. I didn’t think I’d like it at first because I don’t like skiing in general, but it was really worth it.

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    Very informative article. Makes it easy for us travelers to find better places to go to.😍

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    Red River sounds like a very family-oriented place to go to. My children love interacting with animals! They’d be really happy to go here. Thank you for posting this!

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    Thank you for this list. Our next ski trip will be great the second time around. (We’re just new to enjoying ski trips and this is a good addition to our itinerary!)

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    I’m very interested in going to Red River. I love those ‘throwback’ looking places. It’s a nice escape from the busy city life.

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    The Blue Bar inn seems like a great place to stay. I’ll look up this place for more reviews.

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    Stunning places!

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