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A (Vegan) Foodie Tour of Los Angeles


Los Angeles is the land of movie stars, endless sunshine, and juicing. For people who love to eat right, get outside, and have fun, L.A. is nothing less than a sprawling, expansive playground. As a vegan, I spent a weekend dining at the most haute plant-based restaurants and shopping at the chicest cruelty-free boutiques. Here’s what I did on my weekend getaway in the city of angels, from dusk till dawn:

Donut Friend

This vegan donut shop opens at 7AM and is a great way to start off your weekend. I recommend grabbing a small hot coffee and the Polar Berry Club donut. It has a lemon glaze, fresh berries, and freeze dried raspberries on top of a raised donut. The mint leaf was a refreshing garnish and made the presentation beautiful. You can also build your own donut with toppings and fillings. There are dozens of pre-made donuts to choose from and thousands of build-your-own combinations. With outdoor seating, this is a great wakeup call and welcome to the city.

The Juice

Just down the street from Donut Friend on the way to Griffith Observatory is this organic, vegan, cold-pressed juice shop. The Juice is a staple of the Highland Park neighborhood it calls home. It just would be so not-L.A. to not go in. Grab a juice to go or one of their raw snacks for nibbling. The décor is cute and bright and totally made my morning.

A (Vegan) Foodie Tour of Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory

This stunning observatory is the best spot to view the L.A. skyline and the Hollywood sign. Parking is free and available 24/7 to the public. Many people come here to hike and walk around. It’s on the side of a mountain overlooking the city. It’s best to go early in the morning because the L.A. smog settles later in the day and you won’t be able to see the skyline. This was the perfect place to snap a few photos and admire the gorgeous deco architecture of the observatory itself before it got too hot. The winding drive up to the parking lot put me in the perfect vacation mood and I rolled those windows down, sunglasses on, mood tunes set. The lawn in front of the observatory is a great place for a picnic, too, and you can bring food on premises. There are lots of people walking their dogs and enjoying the rocky, Mediterranean dessert feeling terrain. So L.A.!

A (Vegan) Foodie Tour of Los Angeles

Little Pine

Musician and animal rights activist Moby opened this super hip all-vegan 100% organic restaurant to raise money for animal rights. All proceeds go to the nonprofit Mercy for Animals, which makes indulging so very easy. We tried the lemon poppy seed pancakes and the tofu scramble. The pancakes lemon-forward flavor balanced out the rich coconut whipped cream and paired perfectly with the savory and flavorful scramble. Iced tea is a must, and you can also get kombucha by the glass in flavors like rose tea. You will totally feel like an ‘in’ member of Vegan Club after this visit. We recommend the patio for the full experience. Reserve your table a few weeks ahead of time when you book your flight so that you are sure to get a seat. There is consistently a wait.

A (Vegan) Foodie Tour of Los Angeles

After brunch, head west to Venice Beach for some sunshine and a true California experience…

Moon Juice

Venice Beach is where health-conscious yoga-loving fun-in-the-sun culture fully blooms. Park anywhere you can find a spot and walk up and down Rose for the most laid-back experience. We stayed away from the main strip along the beach and over on Rose Avenue. Hit up Moon Juice, another great vegan juice spot. Their pre-bottled juices are so pretty and come in interesting and pastel-hued flavors. Definitely worth a peek.

A (Vegan) Foodie Tour of Los Angeles

Spend the late afternoon hanging out in Venice Beach. When you start to feel peckish head here:

Café Gratitude

Across the street from Moon Juice is Café Gratitude, an all-vegan restaurant. It’s one of three locations by the same name in L.A., but this one is my favorite. It’s closed patio and all-around glass make it a bright, light haven for healthy foodies. They have a made-to-order smoothie station and an expansive bar for sipping a leisurely plant-based beverage. The shops around this location are cute and not overcrowded with tourists so you can relax, blend in, and go with the flow.

A (Vegan) Foodie Tour of Los Angeles

Vegan Scene

This vegan boutique is the only one of its kind in the world, and it’s between the beach and Café Gratitude. Off the main shopping roads, the small but packed shop is a fun place to pop in a snap a cute outfit or even just a new nail polish shade.

A (Vegan) Foodie Tour of Los Angeles

Read on for the place you absolutely must go for dinner, and more…

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As the CEO of Unicorn Goods, the world’s largest ethical vegan catalog, Cayla is passionate about helping people live a cruelty-free lifestyle. She is a serial social entrepreneur motivated to make the world a better place. In past lives, she launched a print magazine for Nashville’s creative class, the South’s first certified organic restaurant, and a creative coworking space.


  1. Joel Bonpensiero

    Incredible post! Very useful and helpful for the vegan travelers whose road will cross Los Angeles. Never been to Los Angeles before, and won’t be making my way there until mid summer 2017, but all the things I read in your article makes me wish I lived there! Thank you so much for sharing your delightful Los Angeles experience!

  2. Daisy Clarke

    LA is literally #GOALS !! Endless vegan food options, all the vegan fashion brands, even the night life can be vegan if you want it to be. I just really need to move there. Working hard for it!

  3. I love that it’s so easy to find organic and vegan food in Los Angeles because most of the population is health conscious. ?

  4. Lana Urie

    Amazing!!! What wouldn’t I give to be in Los Angeles right now… There should have been a disclaimer at the top of the article: DO NOT READ IF HUNGRY! Lol

    • Hahaha very true! Even if you’re not hungry, you will get hungry! Because Cayla seriously picked some heavenly deliciousness for this article. ?

  5. Diana Hewitt

    Wonderful piece, Cayla! Absolutely love it. I’ve been to Vegan Scene last summer. Such a cute store!!

  6. Kim Hartford

    What a neat and useful article! All the locations are beautifully described, loving the pictures that you used too! Keep up the great work!

  7. Loraine Aguilar

    Wow Cayla! Oh my god!! I’m gonna be in Los Angeles next week and this read has made the wait so much harder. Here in Muskegon we have like 2 good vegan restaurants. I fear I might not know what to eat when I see all the endless options Los Angeles vegan scene has to offer!

  8. Jennifer McSween

    I prefer renting a car to Uber. I’ll sign up ZipCar for my next trip. Just looked it up and I saw they have fairly reasonable prices, and the fact that you can pick eco-friendly hybrid cars is just so cool!

  9. Ingrid Winston

    Loving these tips and the locations you’re talking about in the article. Brough back some memories. Back when I used to live in LA, The Juice and Donut Friend were my first stop in the morning on my way to work.

  10. Julia MacLean

    Wow! I suppose you can say Los Angeles is the ultimate Vegan Heaven!

  11. Gerry Carlton

    Moving to Los Angeles soon, and I couldn’t be more excited. Especially after this article. Can’t wait to dig into the LA vegan scene and visit all these places one by one!

  12. Elin Hanks

    Great post! Really enjoyed it. Probably could’ve enjoyed it more if I could taste the food through the computer screen but oh well, I guess you can’t have it all. ??

  13. Betty O'Leary

    What do you mean with Vegan Scene is the only one of it’s kind in the world? Surely there are other vegan vegan boutiques and shops in the world. What makes it so unique? Could you please give more information. Thank you! 🙂

  14. Winona Miller

    I love this list, and you’ve included some of my favorite places, but you’ve missed the most delicious vegan cupcakes at Lark! Of course there are plenty of vegan cupcakes in LA, but trust me, Lark’s vegan cupcakes are the BEST!

  15. Sabrina Grattidge

    Whooaaaa!!!! So many options. I’m not used to that… lol I can’t wait to go to Los Angeles and taste all the vegan delicious goodness! ?

  16. Evelyn Sandler

    I love the fact that it’s so easy to find vegan food, and vegan brands in L.A. while it’s certainly more difficult find in most other cities.

  17. Lovely piece. Thanks for the tips and information, but I need to mention one thing: ZipCar is cool and all, until you need to use it for a one way trip… It always has to be returned to the point where you picked it from. So I wouldn’t suggest it for one way trips.

  18. Shelley Donalds

    Oh my god. I’m totally craving for a vegan donut right now ??

  19. Monica Collins

    Couldn’t help but to check all the links you shared. All of these places have amazing menus. Yummy!

  20. Pamela Sanabria

    Loved reading this! Los Angeles really has a vegan scene that is off the charts. Café Gratitude, Planet Raw, KindKreme and M.A.K.E. are my favorite places to eat!

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