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8 Reasons Not To Have Kids


By a conservative estimate, my hubby and I get asked when we’re going to have kids probably once a month. When we first got married, the question was posed more frequently, but now our friends and family have given in to the fact that we put a lot of thought into our life choices and don’t mind being different (I mean, hey, we’re vegan)

8 Reasons Not To Have Kids

When I was in my 20’s, I assumed I was going to have kids someday. That was back before I started questioning everything in life. The more I open my eyes to the realities of the world (like where our food comes from, for example), the more I see that, in reality, things aren’t how they’re marketed to us. It’s not that having kids can’t be a great thing for some people — I’m sure it is. It’s just that, in my mind, I’d had this movie trailer playing in my brain that consisted of Thanksgiving dinners and happy times with family. In reality, most families have serious ups and downs. Having kids is a rollercoaster, no matter how you slice it.

When I got sick, I realized that reducing stress in my life needed to be top priority if I was going to lead a long, healthy life. So I cut back on work, started incorporating stress-relieving habits like taking baths and meditating, and made a list of life’s current and potential stressors. Kids was right at the top of that list. But that’s not the main reason we chose not to have them. Here’s the list we made while we were mulling over the decision:

  1. 8 Reasons Not To Have KidsEarth is overpopulated. It’s hard to hear, I know, but the inconvenient truth is that the world needs (a lot) less people, not more. There’s no such thing as a carbon-neutral, pollution and waste-free person. Unless your kid ends up being Elon Musk, and what are the chances of that?
  2. We want a low-stress life. Stress is a killer. The chemicals your body produces when you feel stress are a major factor in disease, they cause your body to deteriorate, they destroy your gut (which can cause many long term health problems), and they make it so your mood and sleep is all wonky. Plus, being under a lot of stress makes your life pretty unpleasant. I’d rather have the low-stress option of watching a movie with my hubby, reading a book, or going to dinner with friends, rather than dealing with my kid’s daily dramas.
  3. We want to travel. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve felt the itch explore, and have flown off to have an adventure somewhere new at least once a month. I know there are people who say you can travel with kids, but let’s not kid ourselves — it’s not exactly the same as just you and your hubby, is it? #SayNoToDisneyland
  4. We want to protect our relationship. For many (dare I say ‘most’) couples, having kids makes keeping the romance alive much, much harder. Let’s be honest — it’s no secret that having kids puts so much strain on a marriage that many couples either become miserable or divorce. That’s just statistics. Our marriage is super strong, but seriously, why test it like that? Keeping my marriage romantic, low-stress, and happy is my first priority. (I know that some of you will disagree and say that it made your marriage stronger, and more power to ya! You’re the lucky ones!)
  5. We don’t want to be babysitters. Watching kids shows, dealing with other kids and their parents, and shuttling your kids to birthday parties, sports events, and school (not to mention PTA meetings) all sound like things we’d rather avoid. I’d rather be able to work on Urbanette or choose to do what I want, when I want.
  6. We want to live wherever we want. We don’t want the home we choose to live in to be dictated by school districts. Having the luxury of living in different places is a big plus. If we had kids, that would be a lot harder. Once you have kids, it’s a lot harder to quit your job, move to a new place, or a host of other options that effectively disappear once you have the responsibility of raising a family.
  7. We would rather donate to charity. Having kids costs a fortune. It’s estimated that the first 18 years of a kids life costs their parents about $500,000 per child (if you live in a good area — ie. not Idaho Falls or El Paso). And that’s if you send them to public school. We’d rather donate that money to charities, where it can have a huge impact, instead of using it all up on one person.
  8. It’s just a lot of risk. What if our kid were to get paralyzed? Or have addiction problems? Or split personality disorder? Or any number of other things? It’s a big risk, and then you become a lifelong caretaker with no time for anything else. And I’m pretty sure I’d go nuts and hunt down some 19-year-old prick if I found out that my daughter had been raped in college, as about a third of girls are.

Ok, so I know that some of you are going to hate me for this list, because it goes against the grain of society and what the public has been sold on: The American Dream. ie. Have kids, get a mortgage, etc. I’m not saying that people have kids solely because society tells them to. I just find it interesting to consider that the American Dream was manufactured by the people in charge (ie. the CEO’s of massive corporations that have hundreds of thousands — or millions — of employees). Those people in charge have access to advertising, the media, politicians, and shaping cultural norms. Their goals are: create harder workers and less turnover. They get that by making their employees feel trapped, so they’ll work harder and be less likely to move, quit, become an entrepreneur, etc. Just some food for thought…

8 Reasons Not To Have Kids

When it boils down, some people really love having kids, and more power to ’em! But in our case, I’m really, really glad that we thoroughly considered all these factors before jumping on the kid bandwagon. My husband and I are sure that this is the right decision for us, but life isn’t a one-size-fits-all, so having kids (as long as you’ve carefully considered the implications) may still be the best choice for your life. But for us, our cats are our furbabies, and the freedom that comes along with being DINK’s (dual income no kids) is one of the main reasons that our lives are so happy and low stress — and will (hopefully) remain that way.

Have you considered all these factors? What are your thoughts about having (or not having) kids?

A writer, artist and designer since she was young enough to put pencil to paper, Hilary spends most of her time in France, but still considers herself a New Yorker, and visits regularly. Hilary spent the past decade living in NYC and has traveled extensively around the world, looking for hot new topics, destinations, and brands to bring to Urbanette readers.


  1. Jenna Forrester

    I do not have kids…. I do not miss anything! My friends with children are so consumed with the life of their children ….and it’s all they can talk about…. no time for anything else and all has to be planed out far in advance. I look at all these families and can only say …. I am OK with my life without children! I love to travel and can go whenever it pleases me. I love all my friends children but I do not have to take them home with me….

  2. I think that the choice to have children or not have them is an incredibly important one for every woman, man, or couple to decide. Some people may enter these decisions lightly- others consider every aspect of this decision. For me and my husband, the decision to have children was long considered, and fueled by a passion to nurture another human in this special way. The relationship I have with my parents is one of the reasons why I wanted to have kids (my parents are incredible people)- they traveled everywhere with us, gave us so much love. I wanted to be able to share that type of love with children who will shape the world to come. I think people who don’t want children should definitely not have any because what’s the point? It’s like me saying, I love cupcakes, and so you should eat them too. But what if you hate cupcakes? The best thing, I think, is that you and your partner are on the same page. Too many times (so many times) I know one partner secretly wants children and does so after years of living with a spouse and saying, oh yes, I never want to have children! But here’s the thing- if you ever decide to change your mind, and you feel you’re too old to give birth, you can always adopt! So I say go for it! Live YOUR life just the way you want to and celebrate and enjoy your freedom to make that choice.

  3. Frederica Pellman

    Bravo Hilary – a tough subject to tackle and it never ceases to amaze me that people get so annoyed if you don’t make the same life choices they do. The word “selfish” comes up a lot from your critics, but one could argue that bringing more children into a severely depleted, overcrowded world is a selfishness of its own. You’re smart enough to have known that not all the responses to this article would be positive, and you have already had to deal with people’s judgment in your personal interactions. I love my two sons, but I have seen my share of unhappy families where pain is inflicted by parent on child and vice versa. It is a deeply personal decision, and one that no one should ever have to defend. There are plenty of lonely, abandoned children who are helped by the Big Brother/Sister organizations. So many ways to express love and caring in this untidy universe of ours. Lets support each other in our decisions even if they are not the ones we think they should make – you have to walk a mile in another person’s moccasins to understand why they do what they do.

    • Thank you so much! That means so much to me — as a friend, and as my hubby’s mom! Huge hugs and love! 💕

  4. Andrea

    I think it’s great when people don’t have kids because I don’t want people having kids when they don’t REALLY want them. I think it’s really sad for the children when people have kids just because that’s “what people do” or they feel some kind of pressure from a spouse or family member or just society. Also, I do agree that overpopulation is an issue. With that said, I didn’t really understand most of your list. Maybe that’s because I have 4 children though and I love it! The ones that had me scratching my head the most were: you don’t want stress, you don’t want to be a babysitter and you want to protect your relationship. You don’t want stress? Life is stressful whether or not you have children. I remember life before kids and I was stressed all the time. Way more stressed then I’ve ever been with children. The list of stressors that every day people have in their lives is very long, so I won’t even attempt to start listing them. Also, research has shown that people with children live longer, so the extra “stress” of having children can’t really be that bad for you. And you don’t want to be a babysitter? Huh? Most people don’t like babysitting other people’s children. I know I don’t. Having your own children is a completely different experience. You don’t feel like you are “babysitting”. You feel like you are hanging out/taking care of the love of your life, because you are. And you want to protect your relationship? That one just made me sad. Typically, marriages are strengthened by the experience of raising children together. If having children causes a couple to break up, then it was never strong in the first place. Expensive? Sure, having children is very experience, but it’s totally worth it. And risky? I’ll give you that one. It is very risky having children, but again totally worth it. In general, I think having children makes life way more fun and exciting. But to each their own.

    • Thanks so much for the perspective! You’re lucky that you have such a great family. I know that my brother and I caused my parents a ton of stress (although my mom still says it was worth it), so I’m just pulling from my limited experience. It’s great to hear other opinions though! xox

      • Andrea

        Thanks! I am lucky. Kids are definitely stressful, I think it just depends if you want that kind of stress in your life. I will also add that both me and my husband are homebodies. So, neither of us mind being home a lot. I think for people that like to travel and be out and about all the time, having kids would be a lot more difficult. I can see how those adventurous souls would not want to have children. 💕

        • I’m both, but I would go crazy if I couldn’t travel at least once a month. Been like that since I was a teenager. Sounds like we’re both creating the ideal setup for our respective lives! I think it’s all about knowing yourself, your lifestyle, etc. then deciding based on a realistic look at that. 😉

  5. Jossen Row

    We decided not to have kids, but I guess my wife’s decision will change later on. I know that someday, she’ll tell me that she wants a child, and I’m willing to give it to her. For now, we will just enjoy married life, with no stress, just pure happiness.

  6. Zerin Martin

    You have no kids and you’re both earning money? How rich you are, Hilary? Lol! I agree with your points — I’d rather have no kids that to be under constant stress because of them.

  7. Luthi Sanders

    Why would you compute the cost of living of your soon-to-be-child? I just don’t get the point why would you compare your child to everything? It’s a selfish act for me, because you could give someone a good life, but I won’t judge you because of this. To each their own, I guess.

  8. Marina Bozek

    If you’re going to ask me, I’d rather live like this. Today’s generation is getting wilder each day, and I don’t want my future children to be like them. I’d hate to parent a bunch of teenagers who got pregnant in their teens, and took drugs. I’d rather live with cats than to raise children like this.

  9. Kseniya Tomlin

    This is the first time that I encountered something like this. A woman who doesn’t want to have kid, and only thinks about her own happiness. I know that it is your choice, but I’m just a little bit disappointed about this.

  10. Joss Butler

    My wife and I decided not to have kids, YET. We are both happy with ourselves now, and having babies is not our priority. Having a baby needs a plan because raising a child in today’s generation is not easy.

  11. Jesse Wyss

    If you’re in your 20’s, it’s normal to think that it’s not the right time to have babies. Your mid 20’s you graduated from the University and are just starting to achieve your dreams. I think the best age to have a baby is in your 30’s where you are financially stable, and tired of your old life. Maybe you’ll change your mind as you get older.

  12. Sarah T.

    That’s being selfish, Hilary. It’s a practical move, but selfish too. What’s wrong with having a child? You give life to an angel, and for you, it’s some kind of a hurdle on your happiness in life?

  13. Yuliya Bruce

    I know someone who has the same perception as you. Having children is not part of her dream. She just wanted to be successful in her career, and settle down with the man he loves. It makes logical sense, but then, what’s logical about life??

  14. Robert Patel

    I always tell my girlfriend that I want to have kids, and she’s the one who doesn’t want one. She said that it will ruin her dreams, but for me, that is my dream. I just don’t get the point why there are people who don’t want to have kids.

  15. Lana Wiliam

    Well, I also consider that. Having a family, and children are not my thing now. I would love to grow and succeed in my career before I settle down. At this point, I just enjoy being single, and happy.

  16. Alena Martin

    I have the same perspective as Hilary. I love kids, but I hate the fact that I have to raise them, and stress myself about the stupid things they’ll do. Pets are better, and if I change my mind I can adopt a kid that nobody wants, and save a life.

  17. Nataliya Smith

    Great piece with excellent points! Thanks for opening up with your readers about this sensitive topic. Mad respect to you and Michael. There’s nothing wrong with choosing the life with no kids. If that is the life that you want, then go for it. It is your life, and not ours. Hilary inspires us in different ways, we should accept her on free will.

  18. Jurik Smith

    Yeah, I also find attending those PTA meetings, and baby sitters annoying. But watching your kids during practice, their play, school events in which your child participates in, is something you’ll feel proud when that moment happens. Just sayin’

  19. Angelo Henderso

    I find it sad that you don’t want to have kids. 🙁 But I guess it’s what will make you and your husband happy. Good for you, guys!

  20. Selli Coaze

    I say this with love in my heart for you, I wish there was a way for people to say “hey we don’t want kids!” And not have to insult all of us who have them. Some of your points are valid and some are just naive and not true. There are many ways around most of what you say are your reasons not to. I wish you had stayed to your feelings and been brave enough to just say we don’t want that! No need for over population (my kids and their generation may be the ones who solve many problems) and no need to say I bought into what was manufactured and “sold” to me. That is spoken only by someone who hasn’t had a child. We travel all over the world with our kids. In fact they have three citizenships. We watch what we want. We also give to charities, I take many baths and workout daily… I could go on. It, again, should come down to “we don’t want kids.” Good! Great! Get on with it.

    • Thanks for the thoughts! I didn’t mean to insult people who choose to have kids. I was just trying to thoroughly explain my thinking on the subject. I respect everyone’s decision. I understand why kids work out great for some people! ❤

  21. Juli Woods

    More people should think about this stop. It helps not to make the population bigger, lessen the waste and pollution. The Earth might even say thank you if this happens

  22. Hena Taylor

    I’m agreeing with this. Not because I don’t like kids, but because once you get married, all you do has now limitations. What more when you had kids, right? Just saying

  23. Lusi Martin

    It’s never wrong to live with your furbabies! They are the next best thing that has ever been created in this universe! ❤❤

  24. Jessi A

    You’ll never mind spending thousands of money for your kids, you won’t regret every cent because it’s for them. And you’ll be happy giving every piece that you have just to give them their wants and needs.

  25. Honey Smith

    This is one good topic that is perfect to be talked about by couples. Something they could be deciding in the near future. Good post, Hillary!

  26. Sharon Payson

    I really think that you’ll change your mind once you got pregnant and heard your baby’s heart beat. I was like you before, but then I had my son. It really changed my whole life. It was like he’s the one who gave my life a better purpose.

  27. Arlene Davis

    Well, I have to agree that it’s really hard to raise a kid. Everyone would agree on that. But all of those stress will be gone once your child hugs and kisses you, or when they say “I love you”. Those are all priceless moments that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. This I can guarantee you this with my life. 😉

  28. Andrea Jones

    When you have your partner, and you want this kind of situation, you have to talk to your partner and they should be open minded and have to understand you and your perspective in order for him to understand this. That way, you can come up with a decision that you’re both happy with.

    • Melissa Hart

      Well, coming from a very ‘family oriented / kids as normal continuation life’ society, I never personally thought of having/not having kids. We got married and then, totally unplanned, got our son.

      18 months forward, I can tell you that yes, my life, relationship and personality changed (not 180 degrees yet), and I am putting in a huge physical and emotional investment to keep a healthy happy child. I understand and totally agree with all Hilary’s points, and kids = massive full time job (minimum).

      Is it worth it? Absolutely. Do I want a second child? Not so sure! Will I be disappointed if we get the 2nd? Absolutely not! Will I be disappointed if we don’t? I am guessing yes, probably, but not today…in the future.

  29. Carmen Griffin

    This is one good topic! I love it how you and your husband are open about this. You’re lucky to have a husband that has an open mind as you and open to different kinds of changes that can have a big impact with the both of your lives. 😀

  30. Okay, this is a major decision for both sides and it’s great that you and your husband had agreed to it. It’s also a good thing that you’ve shared this. A lot of married couples may have this argument and you may have helped them 🙂

  31. Zoraida Martin

    Wow. This is a good mindset you have with you and your husband. it’s a good thing that you both agreed to something like these that is a big decision to make as being a married couple. Thumbs up for you and your husband! Great team.

  32. Della Martin

    I would like to have kids someday but not right now. I just want to focus on myself and my own family. And I still have a lot of goals I want to achieve on my own before I have kids

  33. Rosalia Russell

    This is what independent women’s mindset. Girl power! You’re not only thinking about yourself but for the benefit of the society around you.

  34. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    I think many people forget that having kids is a lifetime commitment. So if you can’t commit, better opt not to have one, it’s a decision one should not regret or apologize for! Nice article, Hilary!

  35. Karen Abeyta

    It’s impressive how carefully you consider everything in your life, Hilary! More people should think the way you do!

  36. Connie Schmidt

    WOW! What a powerful article! It’s really admirable how you put yourself out there and write about being sick, not having kids, being vegan, and all these things that some people have stigma around. You’re brave! I could never do that!

  37. Brett Lee

    I’m 29, single, and a workaholic. I figure I’d better stick to cats – no one calls the cops if you leave them alone for 24h.

  38. Esther Devine

    But I’m afraid methods to control pregnancy have serious health effects…

  39. Joan Morales

    Let me share a good saying I recently read: “I’d rather regret not having kids, than regret having them and risk ruining two people’s lives instead of one.”

    • Maxine Ford


  40. Brittany West

    I learned to not consider the society in every decision I make, including the choice not to have kids. The society can be annoying, if you don’t have children, you’re constantly pressured into having one. Now, if you have one, then the pressure is to have a second one. If you have two of the same sex, try for the other sex. But if you have three….then stop already!

  41. Lisa Bryson

    Unlike any other major decision in life: career, home or car purchase, university education or even marriage, parenting is not something you can easily quit or change.

  42. Courtney Watson

    Don’t you worry about what you’ll be missing??

    • Meghan D

      I can’t think of anything more unfair than having a child for the sole purpose of finding out what I’m missing.

      I can, however, imagine what I’d miss if I’d taken a different path: the tranquility of my morning coffee, interrupted only by the singing of the birds and the roar of the neighborhood leaf blowers; the late dinners that allow my husband to stay at the office until 8 P.M. while I catch up with long-distance friends and leisurely prepare a hodgepodge of a meal. I’d even miss the perverse pleasure I take in answering “no” whenever someone asks, “Do you have children?”

  43. Ari Compte

    “Dr. Ashburn-Nardo believes that the married people who chose not to have children were viewed harshly because they were violating an expectation that is so strong, it is almost a cultural imperative: You must have children! Couples who violate that norm suffer backlash for doing so.” –> Aren’t you afraid of alienating your readers?

  44. Francis Woods

    Sometimes I think that “I just don’t want to” isn’t enough of a reason to explain the lack of progeny. Then I think, why the hell should the reason matter to anyone other than myself? And I am content with that. I don’t want kids because I just don’t. I shouldn’t have to explain my reasoning, or even have a reason at all: my body, my choice.

  45. Liz Tucker

    Love your honesty. It’s sad and frustrating that anyone feels like they need to justify their own personal decisions about their family. Having (or not having) children is no one else’s business. Children will leave the nest eventually and if you’ve created a life solely around them, you will be lonely regardless. The topic of children is such a sensitive topic, but kudos to you for being so brave.

  46. Bela Christo

    I remember reading a study conducted by University of Pennsylvania. The study found out that “young women today, less likely plan to have or adopt kids than their forbears because their engagement in friendship networks and professional networks is a kind of substitute for the need to create a family of one’s own.”

    • Maddi Lemmon

      I googled the study you mentioned because it caught my interest. I’d like to find out if the study discussed a U-shaped relationship between social liberalism and fertility. I’d like to know if fewer couples will choose to have children if they are given more options because society gets more liberal. And I wonder if more couples will choose to have kids if social liberalism becomes more accepted because couples will be better matched, burdens are shared equally and having children will be less burdensome…

  47. Anila William

    I respect and adore you, Hilary. You’ve just proven that not having kids isn’t a pathology or an accident of fate, but a choice.

  48. Cristina Joseff

    YES! We can be better global citizens. I do think it would be best if we give our world a “breather.” We do not need 7 BILLION people on earth, our population can diminish to a billion and then go for sustainable living.

    • Considering overpopulation around the globe, the decision NOT TO ADD more human spawn to this world should be seen as noble.

  49. Nancy Smith

    I and hubby opted to have kids. My thought reading your article is that social networks seem to fade in the elderly and it might be well worth considering. I mean those without “true” family seem to struggle much more during older years…

    • Ofelia Ruley

      Having children is not a guarantee that you will have someone to care for you in your old age. They may live far away and will likely have their OWN obligations that take priority over you, like starting their own families.

  50. Maria Bruce

    Your article reminded me of a book I read years ago, “A Baby? … Maybe: A Guide to Making the Most Fateful Decision of Your Life” by Elizabeth Whelan.

  51. Phoebe

    I don’t want to have children simply because I don’t want to have children. When I take a moment to be still and listen to my heart, there is no desire to have children. When I think about my future, there are no children in it, just me and my husband. For me, it’s something that doesn’t come into my heart or mind at any time.

    Along with the decision to not have children comes a whole set of questions and statements. The most common, in my experience, are, “You’ll never know real love,” and, “Don’t worry, I said the same thing. You’ll change your mind,” and, on the more aggressive end of the scale, “That’s selfish. Grow up. You’re going to be lonely when you’re old, have you thought about that?”

    I just want to say this…. when I speak to someone with a child, I never say to them, “You’ll never know real freedom,” or “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll change your mind one day,” or “How selfish, don’t you know the planet is overpopulated?” I don’t say those things because they’re rude.

    Another common question is, “How old are you?” When you give them an answer, the person uses that number to run some figures on how long you have until you’re physically unable to fall pregnant, before insisting, “You’re young, you’ve still got plenty of time to change your mind.” And that’s the thing that gets me, it’s always up for discussion. Having a child isn’t a decision for other people to weigh in on, it’s an individual one.

  52. Steev Smith

    I was just like this before. I don’t want to babysit a child, and I don’t want to ruin my plans. I married my wife and told her that having kids was not in my plans, but she refused to it. I have no choice, but to give it to her. Now, I understand the importance of children at home.

  53. Amanda Wilson

    When I was a child, I also see myself getting married at the age of mid 20’s. That’s what everyone’s dream, right? I am in my mid 20’s, and I am single, and I have no plans in getting married because I want to focus on my career first. It’s not a bad idea to pursue your career, rather than to settle down.

  54. This was my decision at first. I was an only child and I grew up with my Dad since my Mom had her second family. My Dad was strict and I grew up boyish. I didn’t like kids. But then I met this guy and something happened. I thought I was pregnant but when we went to see a doctor, and I diagnosed as infertile and will never have a baby. I was supposed to be happy since I don’t like kids. But I felt hurt. Some part of me felt something was lost. So, be careful what you wish for.

  55. Hachi Komatsu

    I grew up as an only child. Having children around irritates me. I guess that’s why I never thought of having kids.

  56. Deanna Woods

    This was something that I would like to think about in my future. I guess I had too much independence in my blood that’s why I don’t see having kids in my future.

  57. Eloise Ferris

    I hope that someday, you’ll realize how important is the role of kids. They give you stress most of the time, but you’ll get used to it. Having children at home is a blessing, and a total package of stress, and happiness.

    • Jaime

      Why do you think its important to have kids even if your gut says its not right for you? Lives can be fulfilled in so many ways. Does misery love company that much

  58. Genie Mackenzie

    Seriously? You don’t want to have kids? It breaks my heart, knowing that you’re not into raising children. I always admire you, Hilary, and I understand your perspective when it comes to raising kids.

  59. April Henry

    If this is the kind of life you wanted, then we should accept your decision is very different from others, but I understand your point here. Kids nowadays are getting wilder by each generation, and raising kids would take a risk.

  60. Ana Brose

    Me and husband had a talk about this and we’re both open about this situation. I showed him this article and he was happy about it! We should not be selfish and think about ourselves, we should be open about how big of a helo we can be if we think about this.

  61. Jenifer Jeni

    I also would like to do this when I had my spouse. Since not having a child would also have a great help not only to our society but also to our environment. The charity is also a good idea. And if when the time comes, and we want a child, we can just adopt.

  62. My situation now, I would rather have a child than to have a husband. Like in the movie How To Be Single. It’s better to have someone that you know will never ever leave you no matter what happens.

  63. Quin Meri

    My husband and I also didn’t want kids for now. Because we really want to achieve our goals and dreams first. But of course, we would like to have at least one child that could be our happiness when we grow old and had retired.

  64. Jeni Morgan

    Maybe you’ll change your mind when you got pregnant and saw your baby! A lot of parents changed their mind once they saw their child after giving birth. You can never know, Hilary 🙂

    • Jaime

      Dear God. The you will change your mind. Its such a double standard. What if someone said that you would change your mind after you announced you were pregnant. Such nerve from parents. I cant deal.

  65. Paul Daiz

    Me and my wife had thought about this! But when a baby comes, of course, we’ll be happy to accept it. It’s a little angel that had come to us.

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