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Five Weight-Loss Diets That Work

The DL on five popular weight loss trends that give healthy and lasting results.


With so many health fads and diet tricks to try and lose weight and improve overall health, it’s hard to know which ones to try. While some may seem ridiculous and just plain unpleasant (I’m looking at you, oil pulling), they can actually supply you with benefits you never knew were possible.

Five Weight-Loss Diets That Work

Over the years, people have tried all kinds of crazy and harmful diets. Many of the dangerous diets of the past caused serious harm to women’s bodies. But don’t let that scare you off. Just because a health trend sounds silly or tough, doesn’t mean it won’t work wonders. But it’s super important to know which ones are healthy, and which are a dangerous gimmick.

Five Weight-Loss Diets That Work

Read on for our list of the five best diets and trends that will help you lose weight the healthy way. Just to keep it balanced, I not only did a ton of research, but also tried all of the diets, so I could give you the real upsides and downsides. If you try any of them, please let me know in the comments below…

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  1. Andrea Beasley

    I love Oil Pulling! It’s so simple but the added benefits are incredible! I oil pull in the shower if I have one first thing in the morning, if not I’ll do it while I cook breakfast! I’ve also oil pulled after having a couple of drinks the night before and it actually helped my hangover 🙂

  2. Great tips! I wonder, though, is a Jamba Juice for lunch on a fasting day a good option for those in a rush. I don’t even know what the calorie count is on a typical Jamba Juice smoothie, but one would assume that it’s pretty low. I suppose the calorie information can be found somewhere online.

  3. Fantastic! I’ve been hearing about “vegan” diet from my friends and I’m tempted to try it. No, I won’t be doing it to reduce weight… But just the thought that I’d cut ice cream and yogurt, gives me second thoughts… *sigh*

    I think more than physical, this diet requires emotional preparation!

  4. I haven’t tried oil pulling before, but I’ve heard about it. Sounds like there’s a good amount of benefits. I’d like to research more about it! 🙂

  5. Great post, love all of the tips. I have difficulty getting certain vitamins, and because I get in a comfortable rut with food. I don’t necessarily WANT to switch things up once I have found something I like or that works with my workouts.

  6. I have seen some of these teas but found the prices seem to keep going up and up and up. I need to be recommended of some brands that are much more affordable and actually offer free world wide shipping.

  7. Selia Szczepanska

    Great post… hopefully it will inspire a few more people to make the change on a more permanent basis. I think these tips are also great in general for anyone looking to make a change in their lifestyle.

  8. I so want to try this but have found conflicting information on if you already have fillings – will the oil pulling affect the integrity of the filling that you know of? Some online say yes it could pull the filling out? Appreciate any information you may have come across on this!

  9. I’ve tried teatox and the experience was terrible! It caused headaches, vomiting and extreme stomach pain! I stopped right away, I can’t bear the side effects…

  10. Very informative! Thanks for writing both about the pros and cons 🙂

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