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Sticking With It: Companies That Are Worth Your Time

How to know when to jump ships, and when to stick it out.


Ambitious people are always keeping an eye out for the next best thing for their careers. My first job involved fetching coffee and dry cleaning for the boss. It was terrible. But I stuck it out; did my time; moved up.

Sticking With It: Companies That Are Worth Your Time

Wondering if it’s worth sticking it out?

Many people jump around from job to job in the first few years of their work lives because it seems there is always something better on the horizon. Anything is better than entry level, right? But there are benefits to just staying put. Now, there’s another young intern fetching coffee and dry cleaning. I’m still at the company, but now, I’m doing bigger and better things.

What are the benefits of sticking with your current company? If you’re weighing your options between moving on or staying put, here are some of the best companies to grow with — ones who look out for and care about their employees.

Sticking With It: Companies That Are Worth Your Time

Why Stay?

Some companies, like Lifelock, offer benefits that are more than worth your time. Benefits such as dental, medical, a 401k and life insurance might just be worth putting in your time. When you hop jobs, generally recognized as repeatedly changing jobs within two years or less, you’re killing any potential career you could have had with that company. Think about the assumed message a long history of job hopping tells your next employer: your job was more difficult than you wanted it to be, your job was boring, you can’t get along with others, or you’re just hopping to a new job for the money.

When it comes to companies who make it worth their employees’ time to stick around for the long haul, the following industry leaders top the list:

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Originally from Denver and now living in NYC, Angie has been writing since she was small. She lives in the Flatiron district with her partner Tanya and their mutt Sparky (always adopt!) In her spare time she loves to paint (mostly abstract) and talk to random people on the street to find out what’s interesting to them.

Reader Discussion: 4 Comments

  1. …or just find a career path where you’re your own boss, then you know the effort you put in is worth your time.

  2. When I was just starting, I was also switching from one job to another. It’s like job hopping and eventually, some employers didn’t want to hire me because they saw I didn’t stay in a company for long. So when the next job came, I stayed in it and I’m still here. Sure, I did start from the beginning level but I also worked my way up and here I am. 😀

  3. Same with writers… if you write for one publication a ton, it’s better than writing for a bunch but only a few articles at each. Employers assume if you haven’t written a ton for each publication you worked for, then your articles likely needed a lot of editing, and so the publication didn’t want to keep working with you.

  4. Francis Woods

    So true. If you skip around a lot it makes you much much less desirable to employers than someone who stuck with one or two companies for a long time.

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