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4 Reasons Why Men (& Women) Cheat

…plus, how to prevent your lover from cheating.


Have you ever cheated? Been cheated on? Though to my knowledge I haven’t, I did strongly suspect cheating once, and let me tell you, that was the moment that defined the outer limits of my personal crazy! With such strong emotional consequences, it begs the question: why does cheating happen?

4 Reasons Why Men (& Women) Cheat

Are We Still Cave Men?

Infidelity happens for a multitude of reasons, but the most commonly cited are our cave-man instincts. You know, evolution. Because subconscious biological incentives to cheat exist.

When you get down to our barest subconscious motives, men have an incentive to cheat because it means leaving behind more offspring, and women benefit from cheating by pursuing what evolutionary psychologists call a dual-mating strategy. Basically this means that when a woman is able to get a man to settle down and invest resources in her (but still get action on the side), she is able to maximize both ends of her reproductive strategy (great genes for future babies, plus more resources to help look after them). Not to mention that this strategy also helps her secure a backup in case suitor #1 decides to run off with someone else.

Another fun fact: a literal sperm war (yeah, those little swimmers duke it out!) takes place when a woman has more than one man’s sperm in her uterus. I am not even kidding about this; there are whole books on it.

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Reader Discussion: 48 Comments

  1. Osana Smith

    How can some people manage on cheating the person that they love? For me, it was a cruel thing to do.

  2. Jodi Thil

    You shouldn’t cheat when your not happy anymore. Have morals with yourself!

  3. Candis Melton

    Yes, it’s true. It’s better to broke up than to cheat. Cheating is such a wrong solution to be! Never right.

  4. Kathryn Gibson

    Honesty should come right next after getting into a relationship. Relationship nowadays just broken up after getting into a problem. They don’t resolve it. They just cheat to get out of their partner.

  5. Mildred Davis

    A cheater in a relationship is a relationshit.

  6. Debra Whaley

    Cheating because the “sparks” are gone? That’s is a full of joke. You just need to try new things with your partner to help fuel up the fire in your relationship.

  7. Jeni Morgan

    Why cheat when you can just simply leave the relationship. Talk to your partner and have an open conversation about what’s happening between the both of you. Then evaluate! I know, easily said than done, but this is really helpful.

  8. IMO, cheating is a choice, I don’t think it’s really from those genetics or whatsoever. that person, whether it’s a man or a woman, would really think twice in that situation on what their significant other would feel.

  9. Arlen Given

    Cheating won’t happen and will never happen if the person truly loves their partner. Loyalty will automatically be a part of them once they love that person.

  10. Susan Rice

    Well, not all women are like that! They would rather be single and stress-free than to cheat and be called a slut!

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