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5 Reasons Why I Love Living Alone

Five ways that helped me (and could help you!) make living alone super awesome.


In my book, living alone is freedom. Don’t get me wrong — I love spending time with my friends and the several guys I’m dating at any one time. But similar to a guy’s bachelor pad where he can live like a dude in all his manly glory, a gal’s homey hideaway is a liberating lair. It’s freedom from someone else’s living habits, expectations or limitations. A gal can make her own decisions on her own terms, from purchasing a living room couch to relaxing after a long workday in silence.

5 Reasons Why I Love Living Alone

Unfortunately, the term “alone” often seems to imply “loneliness.” And sometimes there’s reason for that. Yet, with the right attitude (and decor) living alone is empowering, and not lonely at all. It fosters independence and the affinity to take ownership of a home as a strong, confident woman. Once I adjusted my perspective (and redecorated), I found that living without roommates was fun, relaxing and helped me to grow. Instead of arguing with or picking up after my roommate, I get to snuggle into my very own safe haven and read a book or watch whatever movie I damnwell please.

Here are five ways that helped me (and could help you!) make living alone super awesome:

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  1. Jodi Thil

    Yes, for me, It’s freedom too. After all, we’re all adults. We are required to stand on our own and be independent.

  2. Robert Patel

    Every woman should try to live alone, because when they get married. Us, guys are the one in charge to provide them shelter.

  3. One of my dreams, when I live alone, is a refrigerator that is full of beers! All my friends are welcome to play Xbox with me. Isn’t that exciting?

  4. Carol Joyner

    A friend of mine always invites me to come over to her apartment. I asked her, why is she even doing that, hosting a party is quite expensive. She said that she’s tired of being alone.

  5. Olive Williams

    Isn’t it more fun if you have a housemate? You have someone to talk to, and you can still do those things even if you have a housemate, right?

  6. Carrie Bleau

    Omg! I love cats. They make my heart flutter. Those little tiny creatures, I going to get kittens!

  7. Sherry Manust

    I’m planning to adopt kittens, any idea where can I adopt? Which is better? Kitten or puppies?

  8. Wilma Moore

    Having a pet at home makes you feel that you’re not alone. Please, do not buy pets, as much as possible adopt them.

  9. Kelly Gonzales

    Living alone is an advantage for writers. Writers tend to be alone once they start working, and being alone at home means you have more time to work.

  10. Evelyn Harris

    The perk of living alone is that you can bring a guy without being judged. There are no eyes to you whenever you want to bring a date at your apartment.

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