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5 Reasons Why I Love Living Alone


In my book, living alone is freedom. Don’t get me wrong — I love spending time with my friends and the several guys I’m dating at any one time. But similar to a guy’s bachelor pad where he can live like a dude in all his manly glory, a gal’s homey hideaway is a liberating lair. It’s freedom from someone else’s living habits, expectations or limitations. A gal can make her own decisions on her own terms, from purchasing a living room couch to relaxing after a long workday in silence.

5 Reasons Why I Love Living Alone

Unfortunately, the term “alone” often seems to imply “loneliness.” And sometimes there’s reason for that. Yet, with the right attitude (and decor) living alone is empowering, and not lonely at all. It fosters independence and the affinity to take ownership of a home as a strong, confident woman. Once I adjusted my perspective (and redecorated), I found that living without roommates was fun, relaxing and helped me to grow. Instead of arguing with or picking up after my roommate, I get to snuggle into my very own safe haven and read a book or watch whatever movie I damnwell please.

Here are five ways that helped me (and could help you!) make living alone super awesome:

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  1. Jodi Thil

    Yes, for me, It’s freedom too. After all, we’re all adults. We are required to stand on our own and be independent.

  2. Robert Patel

    Every woman should try to live alone, because when they get married. Us, guys are the one in charge to provide them shelter.

  3. One of my dreams, when I live alone, is a refrigerator that is full of beers! All my friends are welcome to play Xbox with me. Isn’t that exciting?

  4. Carol Joyner

    A friend of mine always invites me to come over to her apartment. I asked her, why is she even doing that, hosting a party is quite expensive. She said that she’s tired of being alone.

  5. Olive Williams

    Isn’t it more fun if you have a housemate? You have someone to talk to, and you can still do those things even if you have a housemate, right?

  6. Carrie Bleau

    Omg! I love cats. They make my heart flutter. Those little tiny creatures, I going to get kittens!

  7. Sherry Manust

    I’m planning to adopt kittens, any idea where can I adopt? Which is better? Kitten or puppies?

  8. Wilma Moore

    Having a pet at home makes you feel that you’re not alone. Please, do not buy pets, as much as possible adopt them.

  9. Kelly Gonzales

    Living alone is an advantage for writers. Writers tend to be alone once they start working, and being alone at home means you have more time to work.

  10. Evelyn Harris

    The perk of living alone is that you can bring a guy without being judged. There are no eyes to you whenever you want to bring a date at your apartment.

  11. Dawn Katz

    I will follow your tips, Sarah. I’m going to move out next week. I don’t know how to start because I don’t have any idea about living alone. Thank God I found this article. 🙂

  12. Paul Daiz

    I like living alone. There’s no pressure, and I can invite my friends to come over and do some stuff. You can do whatever you want to do when you live alone, that’s the beauty of it.

  13. There are times that you can feel that you are alone. The saddest part of living alone is that you have no one to talk to at your home.

  14. Kimberly Holder

    I am living alone in NYC for several years until now. It was not easy at first. I cried every night for almost a year. The struggle is real, but then I conquered the fear of being alone.

  15. Ani Hoker

    I don’t think I’m ready for living alone. Whenever I’m thinking of moving out in my parent’s house, I feel like I’m all alone in this world.

  16. Eloisa Clay

    Just a friendly advice. If you’re planning to live alone, you must prepare yourself. Being independent is not easy, it may sound and look fun, but it’s not that easy.

  17. Katherine Donnelly

    I love the idea of decorating your home all by yourself. Isn’t it more fun, right? You are all by yourself in every decision that you’re going to make. It’s called maturity.

  18. George Sumanta

    It’s true, there’s a lot of advantages when you live alone, but there are also some disadvantages. Always look on both sides before living alone and prepare you. Ask yourself as well if you’re ready to face the world all alone.

  19. Britni Baynes

    I can’t see myself living alone. I’m too dependent on my parents, living alone is not in my plans. I’m not ready yet on the adulthood.

  20. Jeweli Prater

    Having a housemate is more fun. I can’t stand being alone for a day. I feel like, no one loves me that’s why I’m alone. Lol

  21. Jenifer Jeni

    I’m planning to move out and live on my own. Any suggestions where can I find a great place to stay in NYC?

  22. Jeni Morgan

    I agree with you. Living alone is more fun that having a housemate. You are free to do anything in your apartment, that’s the fun part of being alone.

  23. Aimee Marks

    To each his/ her own. Some things work for others, some don’t. In my case, living alone or living with others work all the time.

    I loved being with my family. They are the world to me. Waking up to fresh baked goodies and hot choco, and having to spend every waking time with the people who matter the most is heaven. These are the people I had to live with since I was a born, and it wouldn’t be too much of an effort to adjust with them each time. I mean, my parents had to adjust with all of us kids, how hard would it be for me to do it? I actually wouldn’t mind living with my parents, but they kicked me out. Apparently, it’s them who wanted the freedom. 😀

    I loved living with friends (who were strangers at first), as well. I get to experience that when I was in the university. There were occasional disagreements and some quarrels, just like in a family, but nothing huge. In the end, I would say I had a grand time living with wonderful people all with different personalities. That somehow made me a much sociable being.

    I loved living with a partner, too. And what I mostly miss about it is the cuddles in the morning. Again, there were times of conflicts, and at some point things just couldn’t work out anymore, and suddenly I was forced to live alone. Loneliness sinks in at first, then everything goes fine again. Everyone goes through a period like that, so it’s a perfectly normal phase to go through with.

    Then, there’s me living alone. And that’s me now. I love living alone in my chaotic little world with all the mess I create, and nobody would try to check up on me. I totally love the freedom. I love spending time with myself. I don’t a bit mind the loneliness because there isn’t any, until I start watching some heavy drama or horror movies, or I start missing the cuddles, or the baked goodies my mom bakes for me, or the late night talks with my friends, etc. Those are moments when I would start remembering the people in my life and how they have contributed to my happiness. And though I am alone, I feel their presence.

    There’s something good in living alone, but there are things you would miss as well. And if I can have a piece of everyone at the same time while I live a life of liberty, then life would be a paradise.

  24. Leslie Williams

    There are a lot of perks, but one I haven’t seen mentioned is having control over your social time. As an introvert, I have to “rest” (i.e. have alone time) at the end of a long day of socializing or else I can start feeling very exhausted and irritated. When I had a bunch of roommates, that was nearly impossible to do, and it made me want to hang out with people less. Now I am generally more eager to go out and do things with friends because I’ve had time to adequately recuperate.

  25. Pearl Nguyen

    IT’S ALL MINE!!! Seriously though, I like that every decision is mine. If I want the whole place neat and perfectly tidy, no one leaves as much as a coffee cup on the table.If I decide its ok to not clean up this weekend, no one will be upset about it. The bathroom is mine alone. I know for a fact that no one has touched the towel I rub on my face. I won’t bother anyone by being awake late, nor will anyone bother me while I’m trying to sleep. A lot of stuff like that.

  26. Nicky Bryan

    Doing what you want. You can decorate however you want. Watch tv in peace. Not worry about hogging the bathroom. Don’t need to shower on weekends. Can be a bit messy and not have to worry about cleaning up right away. Can sleep in without being disturbed. Don’t have to worry about roommates eating your food or using your shampoo. Don’t have to wear pants.

    I’d have a hard time coming up with perks of having a roommate.

  27. Nicky Bryan

    Doing what you want. You can decorate however you want. Watch tv in peace. Not worry about hogging the bathroom. Don’t need to shower on weekends. Can be a bit messy and not have to worry about cleaning up right away. Can sleep in without being disturbed. Don’t have to worry about roommates eating your food or using your shampoo. Don’t have to wear pants.

    I’d have a hard time coming up with perks of having a roommate.

  28. Catherine White

    Literally everything except that it’s lonely sometimes, and everything costs twice as much.

  29. Emma Blackwood

    You don’t have to negotiate or communicate about stuff like paying the rent or doing housework, you just do it. toilet paper lasts for forever. You’re alone! Walk around naked. Cook whatever you want. Watch what you want. Have guests whenever you want. No noise or drama. It’s quiet!

  30. Kimberly Thompson

    I love it. I’m responsible for me. Chips for dinner? Okay! Sleep in undies and a tee-shirt? Okay! Don’t clean for a week? It’s okay, nobody is there to see it!

  31. Amanda Roberts

    Everything in your apartment is where it is because YOU put it there. You never have to pick up after anyone else and any mess is your own.

    I love my room mate and I know I’m irrational but she leaves her beeeping!!!! coffee cup next to the sink instead of putting it in the dishwasher every.single.morning and it drives me insane.

  32. Frances Seifert

    I clean when i feel like it is the number one.

    Number two is i sit in whatever state of undress i feel like being in at that moment.

    Number three is that other than my trashy neighbors, i decide the noise level. If i want to stay up, i do so as normal, if i want to go to bed there is not another person who wants to stay up ruining my vibe. 🙂

  33. Roberta Bennett

    My space is just that: mine. I decide the layout, the contents, and the use. For awhile I had my bed in the living room, and the bedroom as an office. I can watch absolute shit horror movies while cooking dinner. I can take hours long soaks in the tub. I can move about the apartment without consideration of another human. The chores are my responsibility, but because the mess is all mine, I don’t resent doing the tidying up. It’s awesome.

    But. You have to make peace with solitude. Or else have a sufficient social life outside of the apartment to make up any interaction deficits you might have. I have three pets, and the work of their care takes up a lot of time in a way that makes me happy; I don’t know how I would fill those hours without them. And just as there is no one else to pick up after, there’s no one to pick up after or care for you. I happen to think that living alone is great, but the challenges do require foresight and care.

  34. Lynn Hayes

    Complete and utter comfort in your own home. You don’t have to worry about other people making a mess, or leaving a bit of a mess if you don’t feel like cleaning it up right away. You can have people over without worrying about inconveniencing anybody. Nobody eats your food. Plus you can decorate however you like!

  35. Diana Hewitt

    I cannot describe the sense of utter privacy that washes over me when I get home and turn the deadbolt. That deadbolt makes my 2nd floor studio apartment feel like a medieval fortress.

  36. Sabrina Grattidge

    My favorite part is not having to deal with anyone else’s mess. I keep my apartment at the level of cleanliness I’m happy with. 🙂

  37. Jennifer McSween

    It can be nice every once in a while. I miss living with my friends though. It gets very lonely sometimes.

  38. Sasha Rosswell

    It’s not so much that living alone is better, it just beats living/being in a relationship with the wrong person, which I think most of us see. love living alone as well. I do get occasional rude comments as to being single and living alone. Honestly, all I ever hear is drama from people that are married or living with someone.

  39. Kim Hartford

    Alone is best. I have tried marriage, and cohabitation, failures, tho I will say perhaps my fault somewhat. Currently with an argumentative, obsessive-compulsive, perfectionist. Everything I do or say is usually wrong. Soooo, I am mostly non-communicative apparently lol

  40. Amelia Beckons

    I’m all about that peace and quite. 🙂

  41. Evelyn Sandler

    Not having to compromise on how you want to decorate your place. The dancing rabbi that no one else really considers worth having out? On display for all to see, because I said so. 😀

  42. Ayla Pennington

    Just took a shower and the clothes I want to wear are across the house in the laundry room? No need to put on another set of clothes for the trip. Waltz through my house as is- because no one can REALLY see that much detail through the windows, right? Yes. I’ll go with yes. 😉 haha

  43. Molly Twain

    There is thousands of reasons… Like no roommate judging me when I spend the entire weekend marathoning a show. 😉

  44. Sabrina Wellington

    You don’t have to explain why you’re eating gummy bears for breakfast. Also, 3am is the best time to shower while listening Eurythmics, and no one will judge by either.

  45. Melissa Princeton

    You can go without deodorant, then just shower if you get a bit sweaty and not have to worry about waking a roommate up from shower noises. LOL

  46. Susanna Milton

    ah, yes. I have lived both alone and with roommates. roommates make living cheaper, but you can’t really put a price on sitting at your kitchen table, eating cereal out of a soup tureen in your underwear at 2am. now I have a roommate that’s only home 3 days a week – best of both worlds. 🙂

  47. Kimberley Foulkes

    Hmmmm you can choose not to have a tv in your bedroom, because bedrooms are meant for sleep – and then sleep on the couch every night, because you like to fall asleep watching tv. LOL

  48. Lana Urie

    One good thing about living alone is no one will ask where you’re going. I can come and go as I please.

  49. Anna Kaplan

    There are so many perks to living alone! Like you never have to wait for anyone to get out of the bathroom to pee or shower. 🙂

  50. Brooke Tyre

    I live alone, but I am never lonely. There’s just so many things in life that I can enjoy, why would I spend it brooding on being alone? I’m not ever gonna say that singles are happier than married ones or with those still living with their parents/family. I’m pretty sure there’s certain degree of happiness and satisfaction derived from living with loved ones and significant others. But there’s also something really liberating with the idea of being able to do whatever I want in my home without having to consider other people.

  51. Jessica Carlson

    I have both experienced living alone, and living with a husband and a daughter. I loved my life when I was a single. And I wasn’t a bit lonely being alone. All the points raised in this article about the good things with staying alone is completely true.

    But when I got married and had a daughter, it became a totally different situation compared to when I was a single. And though I gave up some of my freedom, space, and time, I wasn’t in a bit regretful… because I gained a lot, and that compensated for what I had given up.

    I was happy then, but I am happy now, too. Everything was great back when I was living a life of singlehood, but I would never give up what I have now to go back to what I had before.

    My point is that no one could ever really totally compare what it’s like to be living alone and to live with someone. These are two heterogeneous circumstances with different sets of parameters. Further, there may also be a lot of different circumstances surrounding a person living alone, as may be the case with a person who lives with someone. In any case, the circumstances are highly differentiated, that it would be quite unfair to compare. Both situations has its advantages and disadvantages, and in the end, it’s about how we perceive our situation that matters.

  52. Ashley Moore

    Wow! I’ve read the perks of living alone and there are so many. I’ve always wanted to live by myself but my mom wouldn’t allow me because i’m still studying, She’s like an old-fashioned woman. Maybe she will let me live alone after graduating and when i have found a job, i hope that time will come sooner. I want to live alone, petting a cat while watching my favorite TV show. If that time comes i will be very very happy. 😀

  53. Cornelia Green

    I’m also living alone because i am a designer and i think it is required in my opinion. Having a peaceful environment for me will help me become more productive. You can also seriously think when making decisions and it’s less stress. You have all the time for yourself and you can do whatever you wanted to do when you’re alone. If you do not want to shower and feel like smelling a bit stinky you can also that when you’re alone. haha!

  54. Grace Stirling

    SO TRUE! I’m also living by myself and even managing my own business. i am living alone because i don’t want to live on my parents house forever and you are also right, you wouldn’t feel lonely but you will have peace. i want to feel that i can do a thing without asking any help from them. I want to be independent and i want to decide on my own. i love my parents that’s why i’m living alone because i do not want to depend on them.

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