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Influencer Marketing Sponsorships – Advertise With Us!

Lancome’s “Bare Selfie” Campaign

Lancome sponsored Hilary to write an article about their latest product (Dreamtone), with an empowering slant. Hilary encouraged women to publish pictures of themselves with no makeup on, with the hashtag #BareSelfie. The article was also picked up and linked to in Marie Claire, listing Urbanette / Hilary as a top beauty blogger.

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Photo of influencer Hilary Rowland, created for Lancome’s #BareSelfie campaign

The campaign was wildly successful. In the following two months, more than 500 pictures were posted using the #bareselfie hashtag. In addition, the campaign fostered 50% of the sales for Lancome’s recently launched DreamTone serum product line.

The influencer agency we worked with passed on their comments: “We especially liked working with Urbanette and saw BY FAR the most sales through their post via the tracking. We hope they will continue to work with L’Oreal and Lancome, as their posts are converting to sales at rates we haven’t seen with other bloggers.”

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