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“There is one area where advertisers are clearly winning:
so-called ‘influencers’ on social media.” – Vanity Fair

Hi, and thanks for your interest in developing an influencer marketing relationship with Urbanette ® and #HilaryRowland! We appreciate the support, especially since profits from all sponsorships are used to help women in developing countries become entrepreneurs.

In the following pages, you will learn what to expect when working with Urbanette, why we’re radically different and more effective than other outlets, our pricing, and examples of article and promotion types.


BTW – Did you know? Influencer marketing is far more effective than any other form of advertising, with incredible ROI: $23 per $1 spent and $285 per 1000 views:

Influencer Marketing Blogger Magazine

Influencer Marketing Blogger Magazine


If your company isn’t utilizing influencer marketing yet, you are missing out. It’s only going to become more popular, more profitable, and truthfully, more competitive. Handing a popular celebrity your shaker cup and asking them to tell their friends to buy it isn’t enough. You’re going to have to get more creative if you want to keep the attention of your consumers.” – Inc. magazine article: “In 2017 Influencer Marketing Is About To Go Through The Roof – What’s your influencer marketing strategy?”


84% of marketers are planning an influencer marketing campaign


Ad agency Rhythm One found that average earned media value for every dollar spent on influencer marketing was $9.60 – a 960% return on investment. This was 1.4 times higher than recorded in H1 2015, when the RoI was 685%. Every $1 spent on influencer marketing returned $12.54 in the “Tourism Destinations & Travel” sector, $12.21 in the “Bath, Body and Beauty” and $4.50 in “Retailers & Apparel”.


Influencer Marketing Blogger Magazine


Why Work With Urbanette?

Hilary Rowland, Influencer Marketing Blogger Magazine

Hilary is an established influencer

All of our sponsored posts are created by tastemaker and influencer Hilary Rowland (hashtag #HilaryRowland). Unlike other blogs/influencers, our followers (check out our readership numbers) are not over-marketed to. Our newsletter is monthly, and we post to our permanent Instagram feed twice weekly, on a schedule (Instagram “stories” are posted frequently). When our loyal readers see something recommended by Urbanette, they pay attention.


Urbanette’s readers listen — and convert.
ROI is off the charts.


More value for your money

So that each post has maximum and lasting impact, we focus on quality over quantity.

Once per week: we publish one long-form article on All new articles are promoted on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Articles written by Hilary are also shared on her Facebook page, Love, Hilary Rowland.

We spend the an entire week actively promoting, sharing, and optimizing each article.

Three times per week: we publish a social media photo post, or short video, with description, published to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TumblrLinkedIn (and, occasionally, YouTube).


Influencer Marketing Sponsorships - Advertise With Us! - influencer marketing top bloggers

5 ways our unique posting schedule benefits brands:

  1. Because we only publish to our permanent Instagram collection/feed eight times per month (instead of eight times per day, like some other publications/blogs), your Instagram post won’t get lost in a pile of posts, and will stay visible near the top of our feed for many months. In addition, we use the ‘Stories’ feature frequently, to draw our followers back to our feed throughout each day, therefore getting your post more eyeballs than even feeds with 20x the followers.
    • Similarly, since we only make three Twitter and three Facebook posts per week, your post will stay near the top of our feed for months.
  2. Urbanette is totally unlike other blogs, which post many times per day, thereby watering down and distracting their followers with tens of (potentially conflicting) recommendations each day.
    • This means that while the domain name may get less traffic overall than sites like Refinery29, each individual article gets read more times than articles on even the most extremely high-traffic websites.
  3. Our readers eagerly anticipate our next post, as they know we focus on quality instead of quantity. Our readers don’t miss posts or get burnt-out by the volume of posts.
  4. Our readers know that each and every recommendation comes with a lot of weight and thought, since we recommend so few products.
  5. Instead of throwing up multiple low-quality posts per day, we spend an entire week working on promoting each new article. On average, we spend a combined 90 hours promoting each article.

Click to the next page to view a detailed list of our prices and the past sponsorships we’ve worked on. We’re completely transparent and publish our complete list. Please keep in mind that some of the sponsorships listed old, as we do not over-market to our readers and make sure to space out sponsored posts at least a month apart.


View Our Pricing & Examples of Influencer Marketing Campaigns We’ve Completed

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