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Influencer Marketing Sponsorships – Advertise With Us!

Why do a multi-post deal with one influencer?

Influencer Marketing - Hilary Rowland and Gerard ButlerThis quote from Huff Post says it best:
“If I had you guess how many information sources, on average that a buyer engages with prior to making a purchase what would you guess? Would you say two or three or perhaps four or five? What if I told you the number were 11.4?

In a study performed by Google (zero moment of truth), they found that buyers on average engage with more than 11 pieces of content prior to making a purchase decision and according to a study by Forrester Research that number has doubled year over year.

Furthermore, we have entered a day where the consumer really doesn’t trust advertisements. Instead, the new consumer seeks to make purchase decisions through word of mouth and brand engagement via social platforms and native advertising (content marketing). In fact, 90% of consumers trust a recommendation from their network and 81% of those go online to get those recommendations.”

Hence, the traditional advertising model of brands picking specific TV shows and then repeating the same commercial over and over to the same viewers throughout the season.


Businesses make an average of $23 for every dollar invested in influencer marketing. (Nielsen)

We know how much harder it is to get funding as a female founder, so we give large discounts for businesses run and founded by women!


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Examples of Urbanette sponsorships

Pricing is updated monthly, depending on the previous month’s traffic. Pricing within the ‘price range’ mostly depends on how naturally the brand fits with Urbanette’s content and what the sponsor requires. Please note that we do not accept affiliate marketing partnerships, as it would be too difficult for our small team to keep track of multiple partnerships like this.

We give discounts to brands who:

  • are founded and run by a woman
  • have an ethical mission and donate a large % of profits to charity
  • purchase multiple posts and pay upfront

Profits from sponsorships are used to help women in developing countries become entrepreneurs (details)

Types of Sponsored Articles Available, with Approximate Pricing:

(Includes promotion of the article on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Tumblr @urbanette. Note that because our company is not based in a jurisdiction with FTC or similar oversight, we are not required to specify that paid posts are sponsored.)

Available Add-ons:

Mini-movies starring Hilary Rowland can be inserted into the article, or shared on social media. Price range: $1,250 per movie, as an add-on to a social media push or sponsored article. Examples:

More Sponsorship Options:

  • Live Q&A on Facebook or Twitter, with your brand ambassador or CEO.
  • Contest or giveaway.
  • Dedicated email blast to our 300k+ subscribers via our monthly newsletter.
  • Adding a link into one of Urbanette’s existing articles (economically priced at $550).
  • Film you produce, starring Hilary. Example:
    • Creating a 50’s Glamour Look (scroll down for video, for LVMH)
    • A Day in the Life of Hilary Rowland / an Influencer (where Hilary could be using your products or service throughout the day).
  • Submit an article with your link in it. Pricing depends on the quality of the article, the topic and focus, number of links, what (if any) photos we need to add/take, if you want a mini-movie starring Hilary included, and how much editing needs to be done. You’ll need to agree that the article can’t be used elsewhere online. Contact for more info and pricing.

Social Media Only ~ Options:

Contact us for social-media-only pricing

  • Twitter and/or Facebook (we post 4x/week in the summer and 5x/week otherwise):
  • Instagram (we post 2 times per week) + Facebook + Twitter:
    • Instagram ‘Stories’ photos and videos.
    • Permanent collection Instagram photos (examples: fashion photo post and curated product post) are also posted on Facebook and Twitter.
    • Mini-movies created and permanently shared on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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