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Influencer Marketing Case Study

Audible’s Membership and Free Trial Drive

“Audible has worked with hundreds of influencers and publishers, many with larger social following than Urbanette, but none have come close to having a signup ROI like this.” – marketing rep from Audible

Audible (owned by Amazon) found Urbanette through an influencer marketing platform that boasts these features:

  • Actionable Analytics: Monitor real-time performance of your content with analytics that show you reach, views, and engagement across social channels.
  • Real-time ROI: Automatically analyze real dollar return on influencer investment and customize how much each channel is worth to you.
  • Tracking: Delivers multi-channel tracking beyond blogs – Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter – and analytics that make quantifying true engagement, Total Media Value, and ROI easy.

Through that platform, and through their own membership signup analytics, they were able to measure an outstandingly high ROI for each article we published for them. That’s why they’ve continued to work with Urbanette, on a monthly basis, to continue to publish more articles about Audible, and continue to get new membership signups.

They’ve allowed us to use complete creative freedom, which has resulted in increased engagement for Urbanette Audible articles versus brand-created articles, which may not sound as natural and authentic.

Influencer Marketing Blogger Magazine

Posts for Audible: (Membership signup goals and ROI exceeded every time, with exceptional return on investment.)

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