My Bare Selfie

Now I’m ready for my #BareSelfie.


Everyone has something about their appearance that they want to fix. Blame it on all the models on billboards, your ex who commented on it (obviously right before you dumped him), or the endless magazine articles about how to look perfect. Whatever the reason, you’d like to change it, right?

My Bare SelfieWhile a certain amount of effort to change your appearance can be healthy (like healthy eating habits, or trying a new cream), dwelling on, or feeling like you need to cover up or hide your perceived ‘flaws’ isn’t. That’s why I’m so impressed with Lancôme for being brave enough to start a campaign to encourage women to “be proud of the skin you’re in”. No, they’re not telling us to cover our skin in foundation — they’re telling us to bare our natural skin. In fact, they want women to be confident and secure enough to post a #BareSelfie on social media. Yup, that’s right — that means a no-concealer, no-foundation selfie.

No, they’re not telling us to cover our skin in foundation — they’re telling us to bare our natural skin.

I’ll say it right now: I hate foundation. I’ve always loved the natural look, and it’s hard to look (or feel) natural with a mask of foundation on. But I can’t leave the house without some concealer. There you have it — that’s my “want to fix it” appearance thing: the redness around my nose. Don’t know why it’s there…. it just always has been. That and super-straight and sparse eyelashes. Oh, and super fine hair. Ok, so I guess I have a few “wish I could fix it” items. (Sigh.)

I’m so impressed with Lancôme for being brave enough to start a campaign to encourage women to “be proud of the skin you’re in”.

I always wished I could skip the concealer. I always hated how cakey it was, and it never did look very natural anyway. Which bring me back around to Lancôme. About a month ago I got a gorgeous silver box in the mail. Inside was a really beautiful purple bottle full of Lancôme’s latest creation: Dreamtone; and the answer to at least one of my “want to fix it’s”.

Lancôme did a large scientific study and figured out what issues each skin tone (fair, medium and dark) has. Things like redness (yes!), sun spots (hopefully not for a while), and dullness (etc, etc.) With that info in hand, they spent years developing a truly revolutionary beauty product — one that noticeably* diminishes all these things, so that you can feel confident in your own skin. Because, after all, that should be the bottom line with beauty, right?

I’ve diligently applied (it wasn’t exactly a chore, mind you – it goes on like silk and smells like roses, literally!) the serum twice daily for the past month. Whenever my hubby kisses me within a few hours of application he almost always comments “Wow – you smell so good!”. But that wasn’t the biggest benefit. The best part is that the redness I had around my nose has finally faded. It’s at the point where I don’t need coverup, which feels really good.

Now I’m ready for my #BareSelfie.

Here’s my first step in the right direction:

My Bare Selfie

8am #BareSelfie on Instagram – post Dreamtone: no more redness!!!

*Lancôme’s study showed that 74% immediately saw glowing skin, 70% noticed a more even skin tone after one week, 69% saw the appearance of dark spots reduced after a month, and 78% saw color imperfections reduced after two months. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lancôme.

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  1. Avatar of Alexis Stevenson

    Alexis Stevenson

    My husband and I actually love this Lancome DreamTone. I let him use it because he’s been telling me to help with a few of the imperfections on his face and he knows I’m very particular with the things I put on my face. I recommended this to him because he’s been telling me that he really did see improvements in a matter of weeks. I guess that’s what also made him curious about this product. It lightened the uneven tone on his face and he said his face looked glowing after a month’s use.

  2. Avatar of Lorena Tucci

    A couple of my friends have been raving about this but I still haven’t tried it!

  3. Avatar of Lorena Yoshi

    Lorena Yoshi

    Lancome has been around for a long time and they really have great products.

  4. Avatar of Lorena Rojas

    Lorena Rojas

    I haven’t really tried Lancome but this is very interesting. I wonder if there’s a smaller bottle so that we can try?

  5. Avatar of Kristina Beauty

    This is a great product. My mom uses it and she loves it. I gave it to her because I wasn’t a fan of it. I guess it depends on your preference.

    • Avatar of Darlene Bridges

      Darlene Bridges

      Yeah, products don’t always work for everyone.

  6. Avatar of Lorena Krizan

    Is this okay with sensitive skin? So far, my skin regimen doesn’t consist of brands that are more focused on cosmetics because I don’t think that’s their strength. I also have sensitive and acne prone skin so I’m scared that these brands might cause a breakout. I really trust Urbanette for a lot of product reviews, even sponsorships! I also know that Hilary won’t review a product that can harm the environment and our bodies, so it’s really great to take into consideration the products that they sponsor.

  7. Avatar of Caroline Kejbert

    This Lancome DreamTone made my skin look brighter but as for the spots, it was something that I barely noticed.

  8. Avatar of Caroline Deisler

    You look really beautiful with makeup on. I think we’re just so used to wearing makeup and we don’t know how our bare skin looks like anymore.

  9. Avatar of Linda LEAHY

    Linda LEAHY

    What I hate with bare selfies is not my skin, but my lack of eyebrows.?

  10. Avatar of Tammy Bar

    I also have redness around my nose but if you look closely, those are small veinings. I don’t think that’s going to fade, ever. They’re veins!

    • Avatar of Tammy Monsten

      Oh, now that you’ve mentioned it, I don’t think veins will fade either.

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