10 Things I Learned by Listening to Scarlett Johansson

Ten empowering lessons to remember, and one serious #GirlCrush.


If you’re anything like me, you have a big girl-crush on Scarlett Johansson. It’s hard not to — not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, but this classic-glam beauty has truly delivered some of the best and most diverse performances in all of Hollywood.

10 Things I Learned by Listening to Scarlett Johansson

Whether she was slaying the Amazon as she played Kaa (the snake) in The Jungle Book, or was kicking some major arse in Captain America as Black Widow, or using her superhuman brain power in Lucy, Scarlett is not only one of the great actresses of our time, but of all time.

But what you may not know about this young and sassy vixen is that she also recently gave a solo audiobook performance of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” playing not only Alice, but every character from the famed tale. That’s right, every character.

10 Things I Learned by Listening to Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett puts her unusually delicious voiceover abilities to work in a way that brings wonder, humor and charm to the role of the curious and mischievous Alice, sounding like a tween who has just discovered the meaning of life. She delivers a truly divine and creepy performance of the twisted Mad Hatter, and sounds equally as terrifying as the Queen of Hearts.

As you listen to and indulge in her performance on Audible –and you simply must, it is too entertaining and fun to pass up– you’ll fall back in love with the story you read as a child and feel like you’re walking right alongside Scarlett in her unforgettable adventure. You’ll discover that you’re not just listening to an audiobook; you’ll find that you’re really listening to a movie being sung to your imagination.

Since listening to it on Audible, Alice in Wonderland has become one of my favorite stories.

Here are 10 things I learned from this #girlpower story:

  1. Don’t be afraid to “take a moment.” Magical things will happen if you wait to make a decision.
  2. Don’t be afraid to dream. Dreams take you on colorful adventures that reality can rarely provide.
  3. Mad people are often the most successful. Creativity sprouts from madness, and let’s admit it — we’re all a little bit mad. So embrace your madness and shine!
  4. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Stand out, it’s always going to work in your favor.
  5. Flaunt your inner warrior. The battles you win are never insignificant. Every obstacle that you overcome is an evidence of how brave and strong you are.
  6. Embrace your capabilities, or as The Mad Hatter would say, your “muchness.” We’re all unique and we’re all capable of making this world much more beautiful in our own special ways.
  7. Make your own path. Be ferocious. Lead your dream, lead your world. Alice had been constantly told what to do; or as she said it, “From the minute I’ve jumped into the rabbit hole I had been told what to do, where to go, who to be. I have been accused of being Alice and of not being Alice.” So she finally decided to take things in her own hands and ended up saving Wonderland. Which bring me to…
  8. “You cannot live your life to please others,” as told by the White Queen. You have to realize that you will never be enough for everyone, but you have to be enough for yourself.
  9. It’s impossible only if you believe it. Everything you think is impossible, is only impossible because you think that it is. If you believe in yourself and if you believe that everything is possible, you’ll be able to reach the greatest of heights.
  10. You can slay anything! As cheesy as it sounds, if you believe in yourself, you can do anything.

After I indulged in Scarlett’s Emmy-worthy performance in an audio-binge marathon, I began to search around for other audio books that could capture my ADD-like attention span. And I was not disappointed. I used the 1 month free trial that Audible is offering right now and became obsessed with what I found.

I discovered that my secret celebrity crush, Jake Gyllenhaal (don’t tell my hubby), narrated one of my fav books ever, “The Great Gatsby,” about the rich and mysterious Gatsby who throws wild 1920s parties at his gothic mansion every week. I discovered that Kate Winslet narrated “Matilda,” one of the best books from my childhood about a young and gifted girl being terrorized by her evil principal. And I even discovered that Jesse Eisenberg has an audiobook, “Bream Gives Me Hiccups,” about social misfits and outcasts. I only wish I’d found out about all of this fun sooner!

Needless to say, I’ve been pretty hooked on getting lost in my new audiobook fantasies in my spare time and on-the-go. I encourage you to, too: Scarlett’s Mad Hatter is waiting for you. Nab your free trial today!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Audible. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Reader Discussion: 41 Comments

  1. Avatar of Tasha Daniel

    Tasha Daniel

    The only Alice in Wonderland that I know is the one from Disney, which is a rip off tbh. It was plain weird and it wasn’t really for kids. I decided to give this a chance though and I must say that I really loved it. I guess it’s because it’s not in an 80’s old cartoon. Scarlett Johansson just made it all very interesting and new. Kind of like a better re-make of the old one.

  2. Avatar of Violet Perkins

    Violet Perkins

    I never thought that it was Scarlett who would do it all. At first I thought that she would just have a lead role in the voices but she did it all!

  3. Avatar of Judith Estrada

    Judith Estrada

    Always a classic but never dull! ❤️

  4. Avatar of Brooke Barnett

    Brooke Barnett

    Alice in Wonderland is a really great book. I really learned a lot from an old story that’s told in a new voice. Alice in W. isn’t something I would read over and over again, but it’s a classic full of wisdom and knowledge. This isn’t a bad read though! One of my favorite books no matter what I I’m in. Also, I’m really a fan of Scarlett Johansson. ? Who doesn’t love Black Widow?!

  5. Avatar of Hattie Simpson

    Hattie Simpson

    I’m really stunned about the interpretations here. I didn’t even think of that the first time I came across this story.

  6. Avatar of Ada Rodriquez

    Ada Rodriquez

    It was an incredible experience to read this wonderful classic once again.?

  7. Avatar of Mary Garcia

    Mary Garcia

    I never thought that Alice in Wonderland can be this exciting!

  8. Avatar of Mattie Beck

    Mattie Beck

    I knew Scarlett was talented but not like this. Her vocals were perfection in this audiobook. Can’t say it was perfect because there are characters that were a bit hard to justify the vocal tones and stuff. But her overall performance was really great. I really loved her as Mad Hatter though! He’s also my favorite character of all time. Scarlett made him sound real mad and just–AWESOME! Such a talented woman. She’s really super if you ask me!

  9. Avatar of Joanne Moran

    Joanne Moran

    Yep, embrace the madness! Life is all about madness and that’s what’s makes it fun.

  10. Avatar of Dawn Gonzales

    Dawn Gonzales

    Scarlett should do another audiobook with the Through The Looking Glass. Might be a little hard though since that’s not exactly a book, but a movie!

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