Guide to Austin's Best Festivals: SXSW, ACL, etc.


A Guide to Austin’s Best Festivals

Been-there tips to help you get the most out of Austin’s best festivals.


Kite Festival

The title says it all. At this festival in mid-March (extend your South-by trip?), you can buy a kite, make a kite, and of course, fly a kite. You can even enter a kite contest for smallest kite, largest kite, steadiest kite, or most unusual kite. (Who knew you could do so much with kites?!) Slip into that spring dress you’ve been dying to wear all winter and get ready to enjoy a beautiful spring day in Austin. This festival is free of charge.

A Guide to Austin’s Best Festivals

You’re not much of a kite enthusiast, you say? Me neither! Kite Festival for me is a time to relax. It’s nice to just sit back and gaze upon a sky speckled with odd shapes and bright colors. When I went last year, instead of purchasing food trailer eats (which are always surprisingly delicious, by the way), I decided to add another element of fun: I packed my own food and set up a quaint little picnic for me and my friends. Friends, food, and fresh air – if you like those three things, you’ll love the Kite Festival.


  • Bring some sort of quilt/blanket to sit on.
  • Wear sun glasses. Kite gazing is uncomfortable when you’re being blinded.
  • Getting pelted by a descending kite is part of the fun. Just keep smiling.
  • That being said, try not to fly your kite into another human being.
  • There are kids and panting dogs everywhere you turn. Embrace the chaos.

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Reader Discussion: 238 Comments

  1. Lillian Arnold

    Just the name Pecan Festival makes me want to eat LOL

  2. Brandy Warner

    Austin is so underrated. I lived there for 2 years and wish I never left…

  3. Margaret Palmer

    ACL is maybe my favorite concert EVER!

  4. Raquel Wilkerson

    The Kite Festival might have to be added to my bucket list. The photos are amazing 🙂

  5. Penny Hudson

    I’m so envious, ACL sounds awesome

  6. Jenny Gregory

    America has a lot to offer between the coasts. Austin is a great example 🙂

  7. Bobbie Lindsey

    I’m kind afraid of anywhere in the midwest. Is that silly?

  8. Darla Lynch

    I can’t believe how much is going on in that little city! I wish Austin was on the sea. I’d move there!

  9. Lorraine Montgomery

    SXSW sounds too corporate for Austin

  10. Sherry Sandoval

    The kite one sounds amazeballs!

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