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5 Signs He’s Lying To You

How to know what you’re really getting from him.


After being lied to by countless feckless boyfriends, I decided to get smarter. I was sick of learning about their dishonesty way after the fact. In a relationship, it’s unfortunately quite normal for our partners to lie here and there. That doesn’t mean you should just sit back and take it!

5 Signs He’s Lying To You

Though they may sound convincing, their bodies can give us clues as to whether they’re being truthful. Here’s how the subtle aspects of their body language reveal clues for us to get a clearer picture of what the truth is:

He Keeps on Moving

When people are lying, they usually touch their ears, chin, or some other parts of their bodies. They will fidget restlessly and might have their hands clasped behind their backs or make slight swaying movements, as if they are ready to bolt. These are unconscious gestures that are not caused by some outward precedent — more likely, these actions are a manifestation of an internal battle on how to get out of the “interrogation.”

He Looks Like He’s in a Sauna

If your partner was just caught lying then they he will likely start to break into sweat. Sometimes guilty liars turn red when confronted. Look for small beads of perspiration on their forehead or neck. Also, try to observe their emotional responses, either through facial expression or the eyes. Usually, a liar’s expression won’t match the expected emotion linked with the dishonest words coming out of his mouth.

5 Signs He’s Lying To You

Don’t Break Eye Contact

When you think that your partner is lying to you, then this is the perfect time to maintain eye contact while he’s talking. A guilty person will either awkwardly avert his eyes when you stare straight into them, or will be so conscious of trying to convince you that they won’t break eye contact at all. Either way, it’ll seem slightly unnatural. This is a clear indication that your partner is not telling you everything.

Catch the Defensive Stance

Liars can’t seem to stay in one place for a few seconds. They start puttering around, leafing through pages from magazines or books, without really paying attention to the content. This simply means that they are thinking very hard about what to do or say next in case their alibi doesn’t work.

5 Signs He’s Lying To You

Keep Your Voice Down

Liars usually start to become defensive when asked certain questions that they don’t plan to answer truthfully. Often, the volume goes up and the tone become sarcastic, or he tries to sound offended, as he tries to evade the questions you keep on pressing on him. There are also times when your partner will “act” angry just to show that you have just insulted him by calling him a liar. If this does happen, try to look at his nose and see if it flares up or not. If it flares up then they really are angry, and if it doesn’t, then it’s likely he is just putting on an act.

If you know your partner well, then all your need is to observe if there is something different about the way they talk, move or act. These body language clues will tell you if there is something off. That said, remember that that honesty and trust are the basic foundations of a healthy romantic relationship and so you and your partner must be clear on these expectations from the start. Listen to your gut. If you sense that your partner is acting weird and that something is amiss; don’t just dismiss it as nothing. Communicate with your concerns with your partner — and if in the process you find that things are not going they way you want in your relationship, then perhaps it’s best to split up. You owe it yourself to be happy, with or without him.

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Reader Discussion: 361 Comments

  1. Julianne Dreyfus

    I think my date lied to me this weekend. He said he loved Hillary Clinton. But I think he said it because this is NYC, and that’s how most people think here.

  2. Heidi Newman

    Wow… THANK YOU! Talking with a low ego guy for months online. Compliments galore and “love”… its all been a lie! Ugh!… haha

  3. Lucy Brennen

    Be careful some men aren’t narcissists. Narcs have no empathy or compassion for you. They lie to just use you and get what they want from you. They through everything back in your face when you try to get them to take accountability for their wrongs. They can’t take responsibility for anything. They don’t love you.

  4. Well if I could meet a guy who doesn’t lie. I might just date him. That would be so simple. Lol

  5. Sherilyn Tolley

    My husband is a DISCUSTING lier, he lies about EVERYTHING!!! I’m slowly saving money to get away from him!

  6. Kelsey Herrington

    This was so spot on! I’m in a rocky relationship right now.. found out lies, upon lies, upon lies… We thought we can start over but, he just kept lying to me… I know what to do, but I don’t want to! :(

  7. so you’re saying men have no conscience and are all sociopaths… 😭😭 Agreed! it’s sad, but true.

  8. The brain underestimates the brains of others too! So disgusting and cowardly! So unattractive! Trying to distort your sense of reality! It also show us women how unintelligent he really is!

  9. Melinda Brixton

    Once i detect one lie out of his mouth he’s dropped like a hot potato! zero trust from there on in! i ain’t dealing with that! Us women can be logical too & its the biggest insult to our intelligence if he thinks we can be duped that easily! You really have to hate somebody to lie to them! The End!

  10. hit the nail on the head for me in my current relationship, annnnd, he will like try to confuse the hell out of me, I’m so sick of it I call him out he won’t admit to it, then gets angry at me for not believing him…..so frustrating!

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