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A Visual Tour of Belgium

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When booking our trip to Belgium, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I’d done my research, and learned that Belgium was a tiny country, about one fifth the size of Florida. I also knew that since it was small and easy to occupy during wars, it had never been bombed; therefore, the architecture is especially beautiful, with lots of medieval castles and forts, coupled with old farmhouses and estates lining the streets. What I didn’t realize is that there are so many beautiful rivers running through the cities and countryside. Or that a good part of Belgium is mountainous (or, at least, filled with extremely tall hills).

A Visual Tour of Belgium

Checking out the city of Namur

Take a road trip through Belgium and you will be amazed by the lush mountains, gardens and rivers. The drive from Namur to Brussels made my jaw drop. The topography reminded me of Lord of the Rings. I felt as if I was in an ancient version of New Zealand, with wild yet peaceful rivers flowing through succulent mountains, and castles that have incredible views nestled amongst the greenery.

Despite its small size, Belgium is home to many incredible cities. Here’s a visual tour of five charming cities in Belgium that should be on the top of your travel bucket list:

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  1. Samantha Adams

    I’ve been here before. The view is really picturesque. Looking at it again, still takes my breath away. Would love to visit that place when I get the time again. Really beautiful!

  2. Hilary, you’ve done it again. Your travel pieces are really inspiring.

  3. Sarah Evanston

    I’m just imagining being surrounded by all those medieval castles.

  4. Thankfully I am on my way to Belgium in a couple of months.

  5. I loved Belgium when I was there. It was only brief but I gotta say, it’s one of Europe’s best kept secret.

  6. Belgium has beaches! This is the first thing that I’m considering when I go on a vacation. Thanks for the info!

  7. Can I just say Ghent is AMAZING?!

  8. Namur has the old city charms. Love your photos, they’re all gorgeous. Makes me want to hop on a plane right now.

  9. Hannah Mayers

    If Belgium will also make me remember The Lord of the Rings then by all means, I’m going. Nice way to describe the place, Hilary. 😀

  10. Francis Woods

    Impressive as always!!! 😀

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